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My name's Martin, I'm 31 and from the south coast of the UK and my missus has literally just left our flat to get picked up by a guy and go back to his to get fucked.

So a little backstory; I have been with my gf for 5 years (we were apart for for nearly a year in the middle of this, more on that later). When we first got together I was already pretty sexually mature, I knew the things I liked and a lot of it was a bit freaky. My gf on the other hand had had a series of bf's and encounters that were pretty much just her waiting for it to be over. However, she also had a deliciously depraved side that was untapped. Over the period of the first few years we explored and played with our sexual boundaries, each time her being more and more willing to delve further, it was like she's always had these sexual depravities she just hadn't known about it until I came along.

In our exploration of our sexual exploits I came across cuckold porn on the web and was instantly hooked. I'd never known I wanted this before, never known it was even a thing, but the second I watched it I knew it was something I wanted. I broached it to her and she liked the idea, it has been a staple of our sexual fantasies for a long time. I feel this is a good point to go back to where we split for a short time as our relationship before and after was very different.

I'll be honest here, I cheated on her. On more than one occasion I cheated on her. I was always completely honest with her afterwards and it was never more than kissing but it still happened. One night it was more than she could handle and she ended it (who can blame her). We were apart for close to a year, I hard a hard time not being with her and she with me, the difference was she fucked a few guys while we were apart were as I didn't fuck anyone. In any case, we both got our shit together, realised that we were both meant to be together and got back together, that was two years ago, since that moment, I shit you not, it has been bliss.

OK, back to the sexy shit. After we got back together and things were solid again I brought up the whole cuckolding thing. She liked it and we had sex many times imagining I was some other guy(s), but it always stayed a fantasy. We went through the usual shit I imagine any couple has to go through trying to make this a reality; talking about our feelings with taking this from fantasy to reality, how we truly feel about making this transition, people not understanding our lifestyle choice etc. For one reason or another, for two years nothing ever happened, it just stayed a fantasy.

Now, almost out of nowhere, some guy she fucked while we were apart got in contact with her yesterday on text, they got all flirty and (with my encouragement) organised for him to pick her up, go back to his place and fuck. She wants him cos he's got a massive cock (mine's not tiny but it's not huge either) and she does love a big cock lol.

So here's kind of the reason I'm posting, I've never done this before. I'm sitting here on the precipice of the greatest moment of my sexual life and I have no one to talk to about it., none of my friends know or understand. I'm sitting her and I've got all kinds of emotions running through me and chief among them is excitement, I want to share this with people. I want people to know, people who understand. I am not, in the slightest, concerned, upset or angry about this, though I am slightly nervous (though it's like a nervous excitement, the same kind you get when at the peak of a drop on a roller coaster).

I know we have a relationship that can handle this, we have been talking about it for several years, I just wanted to share my story with like minded people.




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