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Hey everyone. This is about me and my wife Sandra. I started questioning whether I wanted to be a cuckold. Part of me started wondering whether it was just that I wasn't happy with where I was at but, as my wife says, I get turned on by it all. Today I am feeling like it probably is a sexual preference or part of my sexuality. Good thing I have a slutty wife to put me in my place.

About 4 days ago she teased me while we were fucking and said she wanted bigger, and it turned me on at the time. She was riding me and I was grabbing her beautiful ass while she bounced up and down and I just remember thinking that it is so perfect and juicy and that I am super lucky because anyone would love to fuck her. I played along and asked questions like 'have you had bigger cocks in you babe?' And she loved it haha, she moaned and said 'mmm yeah.' I asked her if she liked it and she was also enthusiastic. We talked like that for a while as we made out passionately and she playfully bit my lip, and she came so fucking hard. The fact that she came that hard was undeniable haha, she was really turned on by it and that right there made me realize a few things.

Last night we went out, and she definitely got tipsy. She was all over me at the bar... Her sister recently moved here and has been with us a lot, but it was just her and I last night. When we got home, she immediately wanted to fuck. I got turned on by how horny she was and I got on my back and she started riding my face as I felt all over her legs and ass. She was almost hilariously excited haha and she excitedly rode my face moaning. Then all of a sudden, while still on my face, she said 'baby, fuck me with the strapon.'

I'll admit my heart dropped haha. The strapon has definitely come to mean 'something bigger than you' and we really haven't been playing with it. As I said, she was drunk and didn't realize I felt unsure (I'm not positive how to describe it, I've just felt less turned on by it and I guess at that moment I was disappointed). But, she didn't notice haha and she laid down by me and started stroking my cock. She said 'please baby, I'll suck your dick.'

That right there is what got me haha. When we were actively cuckolding, no blowjobs for the cuck was a rule. Since we haven't been, I still haven't gotten much for blowjobs. A bit during foreplay but definitely not the long ones she'd give her bulls. I guess something about her offering it to let her get filled up just really turned me on. It put me back in my place. Like she elaborated before, it's really not so much looking different as it is feeling like I overcame goals, but the realization just shot through me. The few days before I took it as playfulness, but I really realized she wants a big cock in her and that I don't have one. For a second I almost felt selfish for keeping her from it.

She could tell I got turned on by it and she started stroking me hard and saying 'please baby' so I went with it. I asked her if she wants a bigger cock and she bit my ear and didn't answer. I asked again while she stroked me and she drunken-ashamedly put her head in my chest and bit me and said 'yes I do, okay?' I moaned hard when she said it and she laughed and slid on me and slid my cock in her. While she started riding she said 'I want a big cock in me baby' teasingly. I'm not sure what came over me haha but I was into it. I pulled her over and forcefully flipped her around and fucked her doggy style as hard as I could for about 30 seconds and she loved it. I pulled out and just said 'call your bull' (it wasn't late haha, she got drunk pretty early last night).

She thought I was mad at her, I really wasn't and I was rockhard. I guess it was my way of saving face after saying I wasn't sure if I wanted to be cucked. So we talked for a little bit (I'll spare the details) and I told her I wasn't mad at her and that I was super horny and that if she wanted bigger to get bigger. There was definitely some reassurance involved and promising I wouldn't get mad but long story short she agreed.

She told me to lay by her as she got on her phone. She put her arm around me and kissed my neck and started stroking my cock. Ben answered and she kept stroking, and it was a hot conversation. He had been respectful that we said we didn't want him to fuck her for now, but I think he loved that we came back. Hearing her ask was so hot. When he answered she just said 'fuck me' haha, while stroking me really good. I moaned and she put her hand on my mouth and said 'shhhh' and then told Ben 'yes, I'm serious.' She told him she wanted his cock.

Honestly I wasn't too focused on the details from his end because she was really focusing attention on my cock but she gave the phone to me. I said hello and he said 'cuck, your girlfriend says you want me to fuck her.' I could tell he was in public too haha, fuck. Sandra curled into me and started nibbling on my chest too and I just pretty much said yes. He said she doesn't want to fuck you tonight? And I said no. He said put me on speakerphone so I did. He said he wanted to hear us beg for it. Haha both of us were pretty embarrassed and felt out of place with it, but I was so turned on now. I think it was his way of reesestablishing dominance and he asked again.

Sandra looked at me in a questioning way and I nodded that it was ok. I awkwardly said please fuck my wife. She came in and said 'please fuck me' too and we both did it for about 30 seconds. Finally he said alright, I'll fuck your slut of a wife. Give me an hour. Sandra actually protested haha, she said she can't stay awake that long. He told her she's going to have to and told me to keep her awake and that he'd be over.

So, we hung up. There was a lot more reassurance and cuddling and Sandra being afraid I was going to get mad. I promised her I wouldn't and that she deserved bigger. She giggled and just said 'so unfair' and started stroking me again, fuck. She started giggling about it again and I asked what and she just said nothing, I love you. She edged me for at least a half hour haha, and was really focused the whole time. Finally she got up and said 'fuck, hurry up!' She came and laid back down with a vibrator and started running it on her clit and stopped touching me.

She only got about 5-10 minutes before he knocked. She kissed me and told me to let him in, so I got dressed quick and went to do it. I let him in and we went into the bedroom where Sandra was laying on her back, rubbing herself with the vibrator now completely naked. Ben laughed and said 'are you horny, slut?' Sandra moaned and said 'oh my god yes.' He asked 'is your husband not doing the trick tonight?' And she only replied 'fuck me.'

He went over and sat on the bed and started grabbing her tits and she moaned. He said she's looking good and she said thank you. He asked 'you need a big cock, is that it?' And she said 'yes please.' He laughed and stood up and undressed, his thick cock hanging low, and Sandra just fucking watched him and kept masturbating. He went to her side and stroked his cock in her face and she took the cue and leaned over and opened her mouth. He gently fucked her face as I stood in the doorway and watched and I could honestly tell she missed it. She looked so content with her eyes closed, sucking a fat cock and masturbating. She was anxious though. After a few minutes she sat up and said 'you took forever, just fuck me.' Ben laughed and turned to me and said 'hear your wife talking?'

At that moment haha the humiliation really came over me. I thought I wasn't going to be cucked anymore but the truth is she wanted it, and that just sunk in. He said 'keep sucking me.' She sighed but obediently did. I went to the edge of the bed and started licking her while she sucked and she moaned hard. We only did it for about a minute before she said again 'fuck me.' He turned to me again and said 'see how she wants it?' I agreed, and he said 'alright slut, I'll fuck you.' She shuddered just from him saying it and I really learned my place. he said 'tell your husband to get on the floor.' Sandra looked down at me and pointed at the floor and said almost impatiently 'babe, floor.' (She apologized later haha, she wanted some cock).

I went and sat on the floor and he said 'no, tell him to lay down.' I laid on the floor without her repeating it, but he told me to sit up and then told her to tell me. She laughed and put her head in her hands and then said 'baby, lay down.' I laid down and she said 'put your hand up though, I want to hold your hand.'

So I laid on the floor with my hand up and held hers, and I could hear them begin and feel her hand clasp down and squeeze mine as she started moaning. Fuck, she wanted it. He made her say all kinds of stuff like that he fucks her better, that I have a small cock, that I don't make her cum as hard, and I just sat there and listened to her comply. Her hand got pulled away from mine eventually and I heard her say 'babe?' I sat up and holy fuck. He was fucking her sideways, his back and ass facing me and I could see her face over his shoulder. Her hand was still sprawled out underneath his body and it apparently just got pulled away while they changed positions.

Her face was just full of pleasure and I sat up and watched him drive into her and started holding her hand again. Pretty soon she was riding him and just loving it. I watched from the floor the whole rest of the time. He fucked her so long haha. Probably 20-25 when I was laying on the floor and then another 20-25 while I was sitting up. Fuck she came so god damn much and was so energetic from not getting real cock recently. Above all else I'd say it put me in my place. She came 5 times, maybe 6. I asked her this morning if she actually came on one of them and she wasn't sure. They were back in missionary with him on top and he pulled out and came all over her tits and stomach and she was just in bliss.

We have to get going in a few so I'm going to hurry and finish. He ended up leaving and Sandra fell asleep after I helped clean her off. I never got my blowjob haha. She was pretty worried this morning that she fucked up but I promised her I liked it and it really showed me my place. She could fuck anyone, I can't tell her she can't have a bigger cock.

We played around with it a lot this morning and she talked about how good he fucked her and said she needed it. I ended up fucking her this morning and doing my best, but it again made me realize her bull is better. We have been sitting close all day and it really didn't disrupt anything.

I'm not sure where we are going to go with it, but she did end up caging me again after we fucked this morning.





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