Dominant Wife Cucks her Man


We are Not Yet Cuckolding - First about the pictures. I feel if it's about a true cuckold, I should be covered and my husband should be exposed. If I get great feed back I might post my pictures and make my husband see that the world gets to see his wife naked.

We are not cuckolds yet... I have my husband locked when ever I want. I love it. When he gets horny I tell him, "lock it up!" I love it he locks it in to his cage. I make him massage me all over for about an hour or two. Then I love making him rub my pussy. I love how his cock tries to get up and can't. I make him get the vibrator and get me off and he does that with his face about an inch from my pussy. The best part is he can't do anything about it. Last night (I apologize I did not get a picture) I told him he would be allowed to cum so I made him cum in his face. I'll try to get a picture of that next time.

These are things I have done to him. I make him get naked and I lock him out of the house, because I like to ,sometimes, treat him like a dog. Dogs are naked and in the back yard, right?? So naked dogs out back and at night I like my protection from my dog so I lock him to the end of my bed on the floor and he sleeps there at night. Good puppy.

Twice I had a couple of my girlfriends over for drinks and great conversation. I tied my husband to a chair in the guest room I left the door opened about two inches. Just passed the room is the bathroom that my friends used all night. My husbands naked little dick was hard went I tied him to the chair naked with out his cage. Then when I got back to the room it was still jumping with excitement ha ha. But when he heard the knock at the door and I left his door cracked and the women coming in the house, I checked on him and his little dick was tiny, lol. He tried to softly say something but I walked off. I know at least four to five times different women walked by the room. I don't know if any of them saw my husband tied to the chair. But, just thinking about it turns me on.

Another time I told him he could "get off" but, he needed to stop the car. He pulled over just off the freeway in to a field about five miles from our house. Our house is a block in from the country. I told him to get naked, he did. I pointed to a tree and said , "jerk off over there!" He was so happy and walked off. I got in the drivers seat and drove home. You should have seen his little dick jumping about while running toward the car and then as another car started to drive by he dove behind a tree. That was the last I saw of him until about seven hours later. Even walking, five miles should have only taken about an hour and a half. But, I guess he said he had to hide numouris times and when he was a block away from the house, he said he sat for about three hours waiting for the right time to run through the neighborhood and try not to get caught. lol. I love playing with my husband.

So, I'm hesitant on trying to find anyone to see me naked. I have been with only my husband for many years now and I am wanting some feed back if you all think it's a good idea if I take the next step. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the random stories. But, I hope you enjoy them. I'm just very new at this and don't know and not sure what I'm doing. please help me with feed back and if something suggested sounds great I'll post my new story from your comment and give you credit for what your suggestion has done to my husband.

Help me decide if I should cuckold my husband.

Please enjoy these pictures of us.

we are at davemichelle @



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