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So my wife and I have been in the cuckold lifestyle for about 2 years now and she has been with over a dozen other guys so far, but this is about her first guy with a really big cock.

We found the guy online over the weekend, big thing was he is almost 15 years younger than us and has a big dick so she was really looking forward to this!

He came over less than an hour ago, we sat on the couch together, talked for a bit. We were talking sports and she just starts undoing his pants, takes his dick out and starts blowing him. He was a little surprised, but I thought it was hot as fuck, this was the first time I saw her this impatient to suck cock.

I took my dick out, started stroking while she's going up and down on this guy, completely sloppy, all kinds of spit noises. My view wasn't the best, because I was on the other side of her and she was leaning over, but just seeing the contrast of my wife blowing this younger very attractive guy was driving me nuts.

She sucked him for close to five minutes and then got up and took him back to our bedroom. I'm laying on the couch, I've already jacked off, I'm just listening to our bed squeaking back and forth. Her moans are intermittent and muffled, sounds like she's been biting on a pillow. From what I saw, the dude was big. I'm almost 6" around and he was much thicker and a bit longer.

She loves doggy, I'm thinking she immediately got on all fours and he is fucking the shit out of her from behind. I wish I could watch, but she wanted me to stay out here and listen for the first round. I'm excited to get my sloppy seconds, I love fucking her after she's been used and getting my dick wet in some other guy's cum.

They ended up fucking for over half-an-hour, she was yelling towards the end, I heard about how great he felt, she kept telling him to fuck her pussy harder. After they stopped, it was quiet for a few minutes and then I heard the door open. They both came out into the living room, naked and sweaty.

I sat up on the couch, she came over to me, gave me a big kiss and then knelt down between my legs and started sucking my dick. I had already come once, but I was still hard from listening to them in the other room. He was standing next to her, stroking his cock and watching her blow me. I'm not considered small by any means, but this guy's dick was just so much bigger, it was mind-blowing to me to think about him fucking my wife with that thing. It was definitely the biggest she's had since we started getting into this lifestyle.

She sucked me for a few minutes, but stopped abruptly and told our guest to sit on the couch next to me; he complied and she scooted over between his legs and started sucking him. I had a clear view this time and it was so hot to watch his huge cock almost disappear down her throat. I watched and stroked myself as he grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting into her face, causing her to gag a couple times. She stood up, lifted her knees up onto the couch to straddle him and lowered herself down onto his cock. I honestly loved how we didn't really exchange any words, we just had this understanding that she was going to use this amazing cock as she pleased and I was going to watch her do it.

He spread his arms out and leaned back as she rode him up and down. She kept looking over at me and telling me how she felt, his cock filled her pussy up just right and that she had never been fucked so deep before. He reached his arms around, grabbed her ass and started thrusting hard and fast, I could hear the slapping of skin on skin; I was hard as a rock at this point and trying to resist cumming. She had stopped talking and just began yelling uncontrollably. It only took a few moments of this, her legs started to shake and I could tell she was cumming. After her orgasm had subsided, she grabbed the back of his head and kept grinding slowly back and forth. She said it was still so hard and big, she loved having her pussy "ruined" by it; her word choice was hot!

I was still stroking myself, just kind of still processing what I had just watched when my wife leaned over and whispered something into the guy's ear. He nodded, smiled a little, said, "Yeah, I'm down." She lifted herself off of him and stood up; I watched his cock slide out of her pussy as she got off and he was still at full mast. I looked between both of them wondering what she had said to him, but before I could say anything, she looked straight at me and told me she wanted me to suck his dick!

FOR REAL! Up until this point in my life, I have NEVER had a dick in my mouth, not even a fake one. I wasn't necessarily against it, but it was just not something that came up or that I had a particular urge to try. The way she said it, though, it was like a command, not a request. She is usually very quiet and reserved, not very assertive so seeing her like this was such a huge turn on. I don't know if it was the situation or how horny I was or what, but I didn't question her or protest. I didn't think about it, I just leaned over and put my mouth over this big cock that had been fucking my wife's pussy.

It was an interesting taste, it was mostly the taste of my wife's pussy, but there was definitely something foreign about it I had never experienced before. I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and started bobbing up and down, probably only really taking a little more than his head. I must not have been doing it right because my wife made a sound of disapproval, leaned over to grab the back of my head and pushed me down further onto his cock. She told me to use my tongue and lick it while it was close to going into my throat so I tried my best and could feel his cock pulsing as I got it wet with my tongue and spit. She said I would need more practice to get better, he laughed and said something like "Yeah, that wasn't very good, I like the way you suck it." Holy shit, that turned me on hearing another guy talk about my wife sucking his dick.

She lifted my head up and his cock fell out of my mouth soaked with my spit. She said it was her turn again, she wanted him to fuck her again. I moved back against the arm of the couch as they got positioned; she laid on her back across the couch and he sat up between her legs facing me. She reached an arm out behind her head, found my cock and started stroking it. She thanked me for getting his cock hard and wet to fuck her again. He started sliding his cock into her pussy again, she gasped and squeezed my dick. She told him to fuck her hard, so he pulled her legs apart and started pounding her with slow, deliberate thrusts. She squealed every time he pushed in and I watched his cock slide in and out of her.

I loved watching her tits bounce up and down as he fucked her. He started thrusting at a faster pace, so she let go of my dick and propped herself up on her elbows. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, come on, fuck me" she kept saying. At this point, he had his hands under her ass and lifting her up so he could pound her harder. He had been quiet this whole time, but even he was grunting at this point. She leaned her head back onto my lap and started moaning loudly. She said she loved the way he fucked her, she had never been fucked like this before, his cock was unbelievable. This turned me on more than anything else that had happened last night, I started stroking my cock again.

She lifted her head, looked right at him and told him to cum inside her, she wanted to feel her pussy fill up with his load. That was the first time she had said that, every time before this one, she would have them pull out and blow on her chest or ass. He kept his pace up, fucking her hard, his balls were slapping against her ass and she was moaning uncontrollably. Her legs started shaking again and she yelled "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" as she came again. This must have pushed him over the edge because he started saying he was going to cum, he was going to fill her up. He let out a loud grunt, reached up to grab her tits and pushed his entire cock deep into her pussy. He was frozen like that for several seconds so I still wonder how many pumps he must've had, must've been a huge load.

After he was done, he pulled out and stood up. His dick was finally soft for the first time last night. My wife sat up, immediately pulled him closer to her and started sucking his cock again. She said how it tasted so good and she couldn't get enough of how big it was, even when it was soft. She sucked his cock for another few minutes and only stopped when he said he should get going. He got dressed and left. My wife and I talked about the experience, sshe said that his cock was the best she had ever had and thought it was super hot to watch me suck a one for "my first time" (uh oh).

We went back into our bedroom and I got to fuck her. Her pussy was still recovering, a little stretched out still and filled with the other guy's cum, but I loved it, love getting sloppy seconds. Every time I pushed in, I could feel my dick getting wet with his load. We fucked until I came in her. We took a shower together, cuddled up and went to bed.

So far, this was the shortest experience we've had, but it was absolutely the best (except me sucking his dick - it was hot because she MADE ME, but just neutral apart from that). Sorry for the big wall of text, but I wanted to recount the whole evening here. Thanks to anyone on this blog who read the whole thing!

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