Wife went Missing at a Friend's Party



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I always look back fondly and with a massive (well I like to think so, lol) hard on at Cynthia, my now wife. We are no longer in the cuckold lifestyle but we did have fun times years ago. Cynthia was a dirty little birdy and would always try to make me jealous whenever we went out.

We had been going for about 3 months when her cuckolding took her. As we were only boyfriend and girlfriend, could that be classed as cuckolding?? Anyway we went to a friend's private party and his cousin was over on holiday. He was tall and built like a brick shithouse, but very quiet and gentle, but obviously a ladies man!

She talked and danced with him most of the night and when I looked at her, she sort of sneered and turned away. I tried to look as though it wasn't bothering me too much and drank and chatted with others, but they all knew I was gonna get cheated on and I could see some snickering going on. Anyway, the night was drawing to a close and everyone was getting ready to leave and they drifted off couple by couple.

As I was getting my coat I noticed Cynthia was missing, so was Dave (the big guy, in case you forgot) and my heart dropped when I thought they may have left together, but as I walked outside I saw her at the side of the garage with Dave and she was rubbing his cock through his pants. They were kissing really passionately and getting quite carried away.

His hand was in her panties and rubbing her pussy. All of a sudden she stiffened and cried quite loudly, but using her new lover's shoulder to muffle her cries. Eventually she calmed down and started kissing him again. She pulled away slightly and I saw her hand wrapped around his cock, pumping slowly. It wasn't massive, but certainly bigger than mine.

She turned her head and she saw me standing in the shadows, she smiled and dropped to her knees. I saw her lean forward and take another man's cock into her mouth and he began to rhythmically pump her head.

As I was watching, my heart in my mouth, I realized my cock had never been so hard and as he stiffened and nearly screamed out I saw her swallowing as fast as she could. However, she couldn't take it all and it dribbled, nay poured from her mouth down her chin and onto her cleavage through her open blouse. At that point I shot my cum in my pants and it felt like gallons.

Once she had finished sucking him his flaccid cock dropped from her lips and he walked off, zipping up. She stood up and walked slowly over to me with a real sneering smile on her face As she reached me she looked at the dark stain in my jeans and said, "Enjoy the show?" With that she reached forward and took hold of the back of my head and kissed me in a tongue twirling French kiss, where I could taste the cum in her mouth.

She broke the kiss and said "Lick my chin" I leaned in and gingerly licked her chin clean of the cum "lower" she commanded. I knew what she wanted and just thought "fuck it" and licked and nibbled all the way down to her tits, all the time licking Dave's cum from her.

I could feel her getting horny, so we made our way home, well back to her mum's house where she sat on my face in the living room, while her mum was upstairs sleeping and rode my face until she came buckets and then collapsed like a limp rag. She eventually lifted her head and said, "go on then have a wank, it's what you want isn't?" With that she wrapped her panties around my cock and pumped until I filled em with spunk.

After our marriage this lifestyle came to a halt but we plan on getting back into it once we free up some time.

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