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Cum Eating Cuckold Husband - My name’s Roger and I've been living a fairly average life. I've had a girlfriend, Sarah, of 2 years. She's not a complete bombshell, or a possible model, or anything, but she's suitably attractive and she rocks my personal world on a daily basis. Sure I still look at porn and have my personal fantasies, but I'm happy and I make her happy. We’ve got a really solid relationship.

Then Sarah and I went on a double-date. I’m excited for several reasons. First, Sarah has mentioned to me in previous days that tonight was going to be a very special night for me. This has piqued my interest significantly, as I’ve had no idea what she’s got up her sleeve, but I’m certainly looking forward to it. Sarah’s made sure to hint around and tease to the fact that she’s got plans for me all week. I’ve been on edge for several days and she knows it. Also, maybe even more exciting, our double-date is with Sarah’s friend Tim and his girlfriend Jenn. Jenn is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever had drinks with, a smoking hot redhead with a great rack and a very firm ass. In short, Jenn’s a 10.

We have dinner and afterwards the drinks are flowing big time and everybody’s getting pretty drunk. The drunker I get the more I tend to check out Jenn. She’s wearing a low cut top tonight and I could swear she’s rubbing it in my face… to an extent anyways, but I shake it off and figure that my drunk ass is just imagining things. Sarah really can’t stand Jenn. Sarah loves to be the center of attention, but that’s a really hard mission when there’s someone in the room with the looks of Jenn.

What’s more is Sarah is certain that I think Jenn is attractive, I obviously deny it, but it’s probably easy to tell, especially the drunker that I get, that the redhead vixen has me completely bewitched. Eventually the four of us, quite liquored up, hail a taxi and head back to Sarah’s place. The alcohol continues to pour and in another hour we’re all feeling pretty rambunctious. Sarah excuses herself to make more drinks, Tim leaves to take a leak, and as Jenn gets up to help Sarah with drinks she slowly rises to her feet and gives me a major cleavage shot while she runs her hands over her tits and licks her lips. Holy shit, I didn’t imagine that. But Jenn quickly disappears into the kitchen and Tim reappears… wow… what shitty timing Tim. The girls return and quickly decide it’s time for a game. It’s a little weird that Sarah is acting so nice to Jenn, but honestly I’ve had too much to drink and am far too horny to think twice about it.

It’s now that Sarah chooses to explain the game. Sarah says, “Honey, all week I’ve been telling you that I’ve got a surprise for you and here it is. You deny it, but I know you think Jenn is sexy. Tonight you’ll get a chance to fuck her.” Honestly I should have known that something was up and that Tim was in on it when he didn’t immediately protest. Going on, Sarah explained, “We’re going to play a little game. Really the rules are simple. Both couples are going to strip down and have sex, right here, right now. Whichever guy cums first loses. Loser has to sit out and watch the winner fuck his girlfriend.” And with that simple explanation, both women started stripping off their, and their boyfriend’s clothes. I didn’t even have time to think if I wanted to give Tim a chance to bang Sarah or not, all I could think was that my stamina was great, and all I had to do was hold out and I’d have a chance to fuck Jenn… with my girlfriend’s blessing! Was I dreaming? This was amazing!

Things start out pretty slow. Both women are on top, but they’re not rushing. They’re slowly rocking back and forth, up and down on their boyfriend’s cocks. I’m doing pretty well and I can tell that Tim is straining a little bit, but before long, Sarah really starts to turn up the heat. Sarah’s going to town on my cock, and telling me, really hissing at me “Come on Frank, won’t you cum already?

As Sarah continues to talk dirty to me, begging for my cum, and begging for a hard fucking from Tim I start to have more and more trouble holding out. We’re about 15 minutes in, I can’t believe Tim is still holding on, and I’m starting to get a little worried, as Sarah gets wilder and wilder. Both couples are in the missionary position now, which seems like a chance for me to catch my breath a bit, but I’m having a lot of trouble holding on and I can really feel the cum boiling in my balls.

Sarah continues to whisper in my ear when suddenly the hot redhead next to me asks aloud, “What’s wrong Frank, don’t you want to fuck me??? Come on, I’ve seen the way you look at me. Mmmmmmmm… I really want you inside me tonight, don’t you want to feel my hot pussy lips wrapped around your cock?” As Jenn moans next to me I’m holding on with everything I’ve got, I can feel the cum building inside of me, but I can hold on, I know I can hold on… when suddenly Jenn sticks two curious fingers right into my ass, and says, “Come on Frank, I want your cum so badly!” Her fingers massage the inside of my ass as she says, “Come on big man, show me how much hot cum you have for me!” The combination of Jenn’s words and her fingers are all I can take, and I completely explode inside my girlfriend.

Both women laugh at me as I spasm for what seems like 2 minutes, unloading all of my cum. As I dismount, Jenn and Tim grab me and let me know that I’m not done yet. Tim says, “There’s no way I’m taking your sick-ass sloppy seconds. You get to lie down and lick your girlfriend clean before you get to watch me take her.” I try to protest but the hot naked redhead Jenn makes me forget what I’m saying and as I’m distracted by her hotness Tim grabs me and in all one motion he’s got me pinned down, and my girlfriend is sitting on my face. Jenn grabs my balls and let’s me know if I value my manhood, I need to lick.

My own jism slides down Sarah’s cunt back down my throat and I’m completely disgusted as I taste my own hot, salty, cum. I really wish that I hadn’t blown such a major load into Sarah. Both girls are giggling and Jenn finds it necessary to squeeze my balls every now and then, just to remind me that she means business. Sarah probably sits on my face for as long as I just spent fucking her, before she’s convinced that she’s clean enough to fuck Tim.

I know rules are rules, but I do not want to let Tim touch my girlfriend… let alone fuck her. As I begin to protest Jenn says she’ll take care of me. She sits on my lap and begins to kiss my neck, then moves her way up to my lips. Then suddenly *snap* the redhead vixen has handcuffed my hands behind my back to the headboard. I may have drained more cum than I ever had in my life about 30 minutes prior, but my cock was hard again as Tim slowly started to pound his dick into my girlfriend' pussy.

I struggled against my bonds but it was no use as Tim started to fuck Sarah harder and harder as she moaned and told him how much better he was as a lover than I was. Suddenly Tim pulled out of Sarah and announced that the sex she already had tonight was ruining this experience for him, and that he knew what he needed to do and was going to take her ass instead. Surely he had to be joking. Sarah did not do anal, we’d been dating for two years and I’d never even gotten close to putting it in her ass. Within seconds she was sticking her ass in the air, begging Tim to take her anal cherry, and he did.

The next few hours dragged on for me, but Tim took Sarah in many positions while Jenn completely toyed with me. Refused me any enjoyment of my own, and completely humiliated me while my girlfriend took a much bigger cock. The night ended with Tim cumming in Sarah’s ass and then forcing me on my back again… it wasn’t very difficult with my hands locked to the headboard… and before I knew it, Sarah’s ass was spread right over my mouth, as Jenn squeezed my balls coaxing me to suck her boyfriend’s cum out of my girlfriend’s previously virgin ass.

It was a horrible, terrible night. But it was also one of the best nights of my life. I’ll never forget it.


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