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Swinger Wife Turns Into a Cuckold Wife - We are a married couple. I am 31, my wife R is 28. We were never into the swinging scene until about a year ago. We went out for a meal and my wife ended up fucking a man in a hotel in Leeds. This changed the way we are about sex and has lead to my wife having 10 new partners in the last 12 months. The most recent was also on our second wedding anniversary. Must be coming a tradition. We sometimes advertise online and sometimes we just live our normal life and see what happens and what opportunities present themselves. R finds the mix of the 2 this much more of a turn on. This brings me to our latest encounter last week.

I travel alot with work at the moment and I had to go to a meeting on the south coast. R decided it would be nice to come with me. We would travel down for the meeting which was only scheduled for an hour or so, R said we should go shopping and meet up later that day. We could stay over and have a meal together before heading home the following day. I agreed as with 2 young children it's often difficult to get time together. R made the plans for the children to stay at grandparents. I booked into a hotel which I use on many occasions as I spend a lot of time down there. We arrived at the hotel early morning. We checked in as we had arranged early check in due to my schedule. I kissed R and left for the meeting.

I arrived back at the hotel, I went to our room and R was not there. I assumed she was still shopping. I called her cell, she was actually in the hotel bar having a drink and reading. She'd only been back half hour or so. I ordered a drink and joined her. She had many shopping bags with her. To my delight I saw a La Senza bag, this meant she had bought new undies for me. After a while we decided to go book a table in the restaurant for that evening. It gets quite busy, been on the south coast you get both tourists and business travellers. We went upstairs to change.

R showered and dressed, she had a shortish black skirt, black blouse and a pair of heeled sandals. It was quite warm so she wore no tights. Her curvy tanned figure looked stunning in the skirt as it clung to the right places. She had her hair down and looked stunning. She actually looked like she was there on business herself. Sexy but very smart. We went down into the bar for a quick drink. It was as expected very busy. We had a drink then we were seated for our meal. During the meal R asked me how the meeting had gone, I give her a brief run down. A man in a suit walked past us out of the restaurant. He smiled at R as he walked by. She smiled back, nothing more was said. We both obviously thought he was just been polite. After the meal we went through into the bar. R found a table, I went for the drinks. The man was at the bar and we ended up talking. He told me I was very lucky to have a colleague like that. He had overheard us talking about the meeting and assumed we simply worked together. I didn't correct him, I left the bar letting him think just that. After a while I saw him looking over, he was obviously very attracted to my wife. I told R what he'd said and told her he was watching her. She just laughed. I told her she had to go to the bar for the drinks next time, she smiled and said ok. We both knew what was on each others minds.

I love her fucking other men, she loves it too. I asked her if she liked the idea of fucking him, "We'll see", was all I got. Soon our glasses were empty. She looked at me, unbuttoned another button on her blouse. She stood up and walked off to the bar. She stood next to him, she waited for him to speak to her first. Didn't take too long. They chatted for a while, R then returned to our table. She too had not told him we were married. She admitted she was, but he thought she meant to someone else. Turned out he was married too but spent a lot of time travelling. After a while I went to the toilet. On my return the man was sat in my seat. I kept my distance and watched. He was chatting her up for all he was worth, he put his hand on her thigh and she did nothing to remove it. After a while I went back over. The man started chatting to me. Openly touching and flirting with R. God if he'd have known the truth. R smiled at me. He whispered in her ear, she smiled and said yes, I better call it a night too, early start. They both stood up, she smiled at me and they left the bar together. I went back to our room and waited.

I was shaking with excitement at what might be happening. I laid in bed. The clock on the TV showed 11.30pm. She had been gone over an hour. I knew she must be fucking him. I wanked at the thought of it. After I had cum I drifted off to sleep.

I was woken to a knock on the door, I looked at the clock. 1.45am. I got up and looked through the viewing hole on the door. I could see R out in the corridor. I opened the door. R came in. Nobody said anything. I climbed back into bed. I saw in the darkness R remove her Blouse, then her Bra. Skirt and Thong quickly followed. She climbed in bed beside me. She kissed me hard, I responded. She pushed me so I was laid on my back. She straddled me and grabbed my rock hard cock. Rubbed it against her wet lips. She lowered herself and took me in to the balls in one go. She was absolutely soaking and felt quite loose. She fucked me hard. I sucked and bit her tits and nipples whilst she went hard and fast. I warned her I was cuming. She kept going but I was concerned as she wasn't on the pill. I tried to hold back but she was fucking me like mad. I felt my orgasm approaching and I groaned as I filled her with my spunk. She cried out as I shot my load into her. Once her orgasm had subsided she lowered herself down and we started kissing. My now soft cock slipped from her hole. I felt my spunk run from her onto my pubes. We kissed a while longer then she rolled off me and went to sleep.

The following day we chatted about what had happened. The guy turned out to be called Dan. They had gone back to his room, the obvious had happened. She sucked him off, he licked her out. They fucked numerous times. After been somewhat careless and after taking various morning after pills over the past 12 months she had indeed fucked him using a condom. Well for the 2 shags anyway. He had a three pack with him. They fucked twice and had used 2 of them. They ended up getting a shower together and they started again in the bathroom. When he shoved his cock up her for the third time the condom split. He rolled it off his cock and dropped it in the bin. R never objected when he got back between her legs and started to fuck her. After a while she told him to pull out but he ignored her and continued to fuck her. She admitted her attempt to stop him was poor. The fact he was fucking her bareback seemed to excite him even more. Her too, he fucked her hard and she gripped him tightly. She screamed when he filled her with spunk. He fucked her for a second time. Again bareback. She dressed and came back to our room. She had been fucked 5 times in total by us both and she had loved it. She slept quite a lot on the way home. I asked her if she wanted to stop at a chemist. She surprised me by declining as she had taken quite a few in a short period of time and was concerned what the effects may be. We are just hoping her next period comes on time.


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