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In Her Words - This is an email I received from my wife while she was away at work as a nurse. She had been flirting with a co-worker for a couple of days until something finally happened. I'll copy and paste it here:

This guy already knew I got a tattoo because I said something when he was around...and he had said "cool"...So today I went into the exercise room where PT is done and went up and said I would show him...that I just didn't want to before when there were lots of people around. So I had my lace up thong on and low waist jeans.... pulled up my lace top and pushed down the jeans and thong a bit...so he could see.

We got to talking about how that is a sexy place to get a tattoo and how did I want more and all that.... and it's a turn on. I brought up that I was into doing stuff on my list of "to do before I die" and that the tattoo was on that list... along with something I had heard of ..."that warm tea in the mouth while going down on a guy makes a guy come hard"..... but that I had yet to find a guy who would let me try it. He said 'hell I will" and I called his bluff if it was one and said...well go get the tea from the cafateria and bring it on.

He got the tea..we went to one of the dressing rooms...and as I took a drink of tea he pulled his cock out. I got on my knees and with that warm tea in my mouth went down on his cock . I swished the liquid around his cock and then swallowed the tea while taking a long suck on his cock. His cock was thick and nice...about as long as yours .....his balls were swelled up too..cause they were huge looking. He had nice brown hair around it all.

I kept sucking and using my tongue to make twerllies over the head/tip..I would take him deep then pull almost off then plunge my mouth back down . He moaned the whole time...said 'yeah' and 'mmmmm" I kept a pretty fast pace with my mouth cause I figured he would not take long to cum. His thickness really filled my mouth...kinda streatched the corners so that they felt like they would crack. He did grab my head when he was about to cum...and he shook as I kept sucking. I did touch his balls once... just to hold them as I did a hard long suck. That was about all it took...he started to cum...and I pulled off so that it hit the side of my mouth/face and went under my chin.

He grabbed a towel from the shelf in there and handed it to me.... and while I wiped off the cum he said that the "tea" thing was awesome...but that just getting head was pretty cool. I got up off my knees..he zipped up and we just walked out of the room like nothing had happened... talked a few minutes about weekend stuff...like what we were off to do...and that was that.

By the way... he came alot!! it was thick and white and globby...and after he came he quit shaking..lol It was really HOT HOT feeling against my skin...hotter than I have felt cum be before.... maybe cause it was so thick... I don't know. But anyways... that is what happened.... it was pretty easy because the tattoo and my "list to do before death" gave a pretty good opening...and hell teenage guys are horny anyways.

Ok this is my wife's full account the guy was maybe 19 or twenty, she later meets him a again for a fuck, then again him and a freind of his for a two some, I have not changed any of the details they are as she wrote and sent to me, This was her/our first type of cuckolding sex and when she gets home from her 4 day shift (she works 2 hours away) we'll talk about it in detail again and have the best sex of our lives. Cuckolding is awesome...I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and thanks for taking the time to read......


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