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Current Wife's Fantasy - My wife and I have a mutual fantasy about her fucking and sucking a man she meets on a business trip. First a little background.

Many years ago when I was a college student I was making love to my first wife and I jokingly suggested she have sex with another man. She told me she really wanted to do it. I got an incredible sexual rush. I didn't know what a cuckold was, but I was converted that night. I told her to do it, but I wanted her to tell me all about it when she got home. She agreed. She fucked a star athlete, and when she got home I pressed her to tell me everything. How big was his cock? Did she suck it? How did he fuck her? How did it feel? She did. I didn't even know what a creampie was then, but when I went down on her I realized I was licking his cum out of her pussy. You can imagine what a turn on that was. She fucked several other guys, but she decided it was perverted to tell me all the details, so I missed out on that.

I encouraged my second wife to fuck other guys, but she thought that was perverted. She did, however, really get off on it when I told her in great detail my fantasies about her fucking other men.

My current wife was from the start very into telling me the intimate details about sucking and fucking other guys before we got together. In 2006, a friend of hers hit up on her at a convention. They got drunk, and he rubbed her pussy and she stroked his cock in the hotel swimming pool. For some reason they didn't do it that night. I got there the next night and she was incredibly aroused and gave me the blow job of my life. At the time, I didn't know why. She saw him at a party that night and told him she just gave her husband what he could have had the previous night. She continued to carry on an intense flirtation with him, but promised me she would not have sex with him. Months later she confessed to me that she sucked him off in her office and later fucked him on her desk. It was a huge problem in our marriage because she lied to me, but we got over it. Recently she told me he had a small cock, which was disappointing to her as she likes really like them big and hard. He never licked her pussy and she never came when she was with him. If a guy is going to fuck your wife, the least he can can do is give her incredible multiple orgams.

Now for our business trip fantasy. She told me recently that she fantasizes about meeting a man in a hotel bar and having hot sex with him. I told her I had the same fantasy and told her she should go for it. We agreed that she would tell me all the details when she gets home and show me her cum-stained panties.It was a huge problem in our marriage because she lied Here is her fantasy. She's sitting alone at a hotel bar and a guy comes and sits beside her and starts hitting up on her. He puts his hand on her knee and begins to move it up her thigh. Before you know it, he's rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. He invites her to his room and she accepts.It was a huge problem in our marriage because she lied In his room, they kiss passionately. She rubs his cock though his pants and it's big and hard. She unzips his fly and takes his cock out. She kneels in front of him and sucks his big, hard cock. She stops before he comes in her mouth. They take off their clothes and get into bed. He licks her pussy and she has incredible, multiple orgasms. She lies down and he sticks his big hard cock into her pussy. He fucks her long and hard. She get on top of him and rides his big cock. He gets back on and top of her and fucks her hard until they both cum. He leaves, and she puts her panties on so they will be full on cum stains when she get home. The next night she comes home and tells me all about her business trip sex in every intimate detail. She shows me her cum-stained panties, and I sniff and lick them. We have amazing sex, the kind of hot sex that only cuckolds whose wives have fucked another guy can have.It was a huge problem in our marriage because she lied My wife will be in Washington for a business meeting on May 18. If you see a middle-aged woman drinking alone at a hotel bar, hit up on her. You just might be rewarded with some of the best sucking and fucking you will ever get. And when she gets home this happy cuckold will be rewarded with all of the juicy details and the opportunity to sniff and lick her cum-stained panties.



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