The Fantasy Built Up Over Time



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When I began dating, almost 20 years ago, my wife talked about the reasons her 1st marriage didn't work. She was married at 21 to a man 18 years older than herself. He was pursuing a career and she was just learning to drink. She went to bars with her girlfriends and her husband would sit home and encourage her to have fun. Her fun eventually led to infidelity that ultimately ended her marriage.

My fantasy started when my wife would mention little facts about how she got away with cheating on her husband. I asked a lot of questions to get all the juicy details and found it to be a huge turn on. Questions like how did she select her men, when did she decide she would let them have sex with her, would she make them wear condoms and where did she want them to cum. I got all the dirt and it really made good foreplay for some great sex.

By the way, she said they had to be great dancers, they had to be gentlemen and not too full of themselves. They had to be single and they all had to wear condoms until she felt comfortable with them. After that, condoms were not mentioned and she always preferred them to cum inside of her. She was never on the pill and how she never got pregnant is beyond me. A couple of times a week she was late and worried but really, it was unbelievable.

Finally one night over a few beers in a pub, I pointed out a few guys to her and asked her if they were her type. I would have her walk me through how she would pick them up. Eventually this role-play led to my confession of how erotic this was and my desire to watch her become sexually satisfied by another man. I told her that I wanted to watch the entire process and sit at the bedside while another man had his way with her.

So we made some ground rules and some code words and had a little fun. Believe me, it's not just as easy as asking some guy if he would like to come home with you and have your 6'4" husband watch you fuck his wife. We went to the clubs, she made eye contact with some suitors, they danced and if they hit it off, she would leave with them. I would go home and wait for the details.

This went on for a long time and continued to fuel my desire.

She would come home with her hair in a mess, her makeup was uneven and her clothes looked disheveled. She would tell the complete story, showing hickies on her breasts and tummy. She would lift her skirt and display her sex soaked panties, eventually she would allow my close inspection of her pussy. It was always wet, and as we progressed, it would finally look swollen, red and traumatized.

On a few occasions she would surprise me by telling me that the wetness I felt was another man's seed; that she had allowed him to go bareback and cum inside of her. It didn't take very long for me to be able to tell when she allowed another man to ejaculate inside of her. The odor is recognizable; I found myself looking forward to those nights.

Eventually she would convince her lovers that I was not a threat to them and she would introduce us. They became comfortable with me in the room and allowed me to watch. After they were done, he would leave and I would have my way with her used body.





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