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I've never had anything like this happen before and I had to share. My 22yr old fiance of 3 years, Amy (pics from last year) and I have been openly discussing my cuckold fetish ever since the Caribbean cruise we took last summer. We were partying pretty hard, when a very tall, very built, very handsome young fellow we'd met was really forward about asking us back to his room to give her "the time of her life", as he put it.

We'd never had anything like this happen before, so we awkwardly but politely declined, and returned to our cabin to have sex. It was really obvious that we were both turned on by what happened, and we've been talking dirty about "Cruise boy" ever since. Flash forward over a year, and she's telling me about her classmate, Toby. This guy is 6'3", and on the University soccer team with the lean muscular body that goes along with all that.

He also has a massive cock that he likes rub on her shoulders when he comes up behind her at her desk to ask her for something, or on her ass when he walks behind her (which happens several times a week). She says he's always coming on really strong and trying to get her to cheat on me, promising her that it would be worth it and I'd never have to find out. She started to fantasize about his massive cock and cut body out loud while she touched herself to get her pussy ready for me, and I loved it.

So after a couple of weeks of feeling how wet she gets talking about him, and me jerking off thinking about he two of them together - she's three fingers deep in herself talking dirty and I just blurted out "You can really fuck him if you want to." She stopped and asked if I was serious, and when I said "I insist", she squealed with delight. A few days later, she and I are texting while she's out shopping and she sends me this changing room nude. I said "I bet Toby would LOVE" to see this, and she responded that she'd already sent it to him!

They'd been texting all day about a project and he kept making it sexual, so she finally took the bait. They had already made plans for her to come by his apartment tomorrow afternoon (presently today) after she got out of class. Then it finally happened, and she came right home to tell me about it. She said she was really nervous but really aroused when she got to his place, but when he opened the door wearing nothing but basketball shorts, showing off his 8 pack with his heavy dick swinging visibly underneath she knew she wasn't going to regret it.

Apparently his body was even better than she expected, and she came in side and immediately started making out with him, reminding him not to leave any marks so I didn't get suspicious. His cock was "fucking massive" when she slid down his shorts and it came flopping out. I'm no slouch with 6.5 in, but she said he was at least 3in longer and "waaaaay thicker" with balls that also apparently dwarfed my own. She said he had her totally naked before she knew it, and that everything was like an intoxicating blur.

He jumped onto the bed, and pulled her into a 69 (she's a tall girl at 5'9" so it worked) sitting her perfect backsideon his face. As he was fingering and eating her perfect hairless pussy, his cock kept getting bigger she was actually worried they wouldn't be able to fuck. When he finally got rock hard (which took a lot of work and made her jaw ache) she asked him to put a condom on and he threw a little fit, insisting that they were uncomfortable and he had just tested clean and could prove it.

At this point, as she's stroking my cock, and I'm rock hard and oozing precum, she stopped talking for a moment. I already knew the answer, because I know my girl, and asked "So what did you say?" "I laid on my back and told him I needed him, and I didn't care as long as he pulled out." She replied, coyly biting her lip. This made me cum so hard I almost passed out. I told her before that her going "bareback" would be a huge turn on, but she said repeatedly that she'd only do it with protection.

I guess being faced with a huge throbbing cock attached to an athlete's washboard changed her mind. She said it felt like it took forever to get all of him inside her and they needed a ton of lube even though she was sopping wet, and that once he started thrusting she basically blacked out having what she described as "one continuous orgasm that just kept getting more intense" until she had to tap out from overstimulation.

"I didn't know dick could feel that good!" she laughed, blushing as I cleaned the cum off myself. I asked her where he came and she said she sucked him to completion and couldn't swallow all of it so it kind of went everywhere. She then said, "I hope this 'permission' thing still stands, because I don't know if I can help myself around him now." Part of me thinks this was a mistake, the other part is so horned up it doesn't care.

So, wish me luck guys. I'm a fucking cuck for life now.

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