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The first experience is one filled with anxiety and excitement, one that flows through the mind over and over long after it has happened and for me, it was well worth it.

My wife and I have a tossed with the idea of her and another man over and over, yet acting upon it was always problematic, more so on my part as I was always the hesitant one, the person who's nervousness kept pushing back that which I was unsure of having in my life.

All that changed on September 1st last year when the day before while at work, my wife was checking her new online dating ad, and was bombarded with messages upon messages, all of which needed to be sifted out that Friday evening into Saturday morning, finally leading to a selection we were both comfortable with, a handsome gentleman who she was attracted for and one whom I felt comfortable with.

The seconds, minutes and few hours leading to a 3:00pm meeting at the local park was mind wrenching, the feeling of excitement and her preparing herself for meeting with him alongside myself.

Arrival at the park was short, not much time to walk around as the gentleman arrived promptly and meeting him on the way back midway along the bridge was calm, we were all collected and walked back to a bench, chatting, light conversations to better break the ice and establish comfort with one another.

Not too long after, it was back to our place in two separate vehicles, him following us from the park and across the highway, a couple of minutes to our home.

Upon arrival, we came into the living room and engaged in more conversation having that same comfort from the park carried into this room, it was all going well, no issues at all.

Talking led it's way to the bedroom where my wife and him quickly eased their way into physical contact of hands, lips being pressed against each other as I relinquished myself to being seated into the corner, quiet and letting them lead one another to that which they desired, physical and sexual longing of each other's bodies.

Little by little clothes came off, kissing along her body continued as her hands coursed it's way along his back, with him taking of his shirt and then her top, revealing her bra which quickly came off and sucking off her nipples pleasured her to reach into his pants where his moan of pleasure had him quickly to remove it and hers as well, panties and all, off. Both naked and him moving her up and more onto the bed as his mouth began licking and sucking her pussy, much to her delight.

Anxiousness between them led to the side draw beside the bed being open with hands excitedly reaching for a condom. For once in his hands, teared open and slipped onto his penis which my wife assisted with her tongue, his cock a visual feast of acceptance for her eyes and her pussy wet from the beginning eager for penetration.

Watching for the sideline, there it was, they both motioned themselves to comfort on the bed where his cock slipped into her pussy smoothly as if meant for hers all this time.

Moaning filled the room, that sounds of ecstasy and his cock pumped it's way into her lubricated pussy over and over as they both kissed and enjoyed themselves.

A feast for my eyes as I kept my hands from reaching downwards for the sight was visually sensation that made me gaze upon two persons utterly enjoying themselves.

It went on and on, both of them going at it in ever changing positions, a wonder for my eyes as I gazed upon my wife with another man who's attitude and physical appearance drove her wild all over the bedroom, being fucked so enjoyably, wanting more and more, and me sitting there quietly wanting more and more as well, and he delivered that to her, they both kept going and going, filling each other with sexually longing for each other, the beastly craving being satisfied.

As I write this, my wife is constantly horny and as I pleasure her, it continues to escalate driving it's way to what is inevitable, this other man, a man I gladly accepted as one who will continue to satisfy my wife over and over.

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