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I've been a bull for couple and so hopefully you like this. All true even though it sort of plays out like a porn.

One of my craziest experiences as a bull for a couple is tame by some standards. The husband was a successful banker in southern CT and actually not a meek person but in the bedroom he was very submissive and he got off on seeing the juxtaposition of his wholesome wife and mother of his kids turn into a sex slave for a more dominant man. She was definitely a total girl-next-door type in highschool and now she was a beautiful woman whose conservative dress covered up a hot bod. So often our encounters would involve her letting me do whatever I wanted to her - especially things that she would never let him do to her. This would involve anything from tying her up and toying with her for hours to fucking her ass (before me she was apparently an anal virgin) to pulling out and cumming on her face. She wasn't that vocal when we started, but once we got into it she was actually pretty great at it.

I specifically remember one instance where we were going at it and she was taking it doggystyle and staring at her husband and telling him how much better it was fucking me. She was saying things like, "His cock is hitting spots in me like you never could!" which wasn't technically true since I am only 7.25" but it was nice to hear anyway (I fully understood that it was sort of more of a role playing scenario). Anyway, as I am going at it with her, I am spreading her ass and watching her wet pussy lips grab the shaft of my cock and leaving a creamy white coating on it and her tight asshole above that. Her ass had always been off limits to other guys. Her husband had begged her in the past but she never gave it to him. She actually kept her ass covered up well and when she was wearing church clothes, you really wouldn't think anything of it. But I had her really show it off well by arching her back when she was on all fours for me.

So anyway, I'm going at it and getting more and more rough with her - pulling her hair, slapping her ass, grabbing her shoulders for leverage, and pinching her (now hard) nipples. And particularly when I squeeze her nipples, I can hear her sigh and I think she is rolling her eyes back a little bit (obviously I can't see this directly but when she sorta looks back at me, I can see them). I look down and her creamy frothy cum is coating the shaft of my cock. I can feel the warmth of her pussy juices leaking out of her and when I reach around to play with her clit, I can even feel her wetness leaking out of her pussy so much so that her thigh is wet with her juices.

And of course the idea is growing in my mind and I can tell it is growing in her mind. I take my fingers from around the front of her pussy and place my thumb at the entrance to her ass. She initially hunched her back to avoid it but slowly she lowered her chest and began arching again. She knew exactly what she was doing and looked back at me and bit the side of her upper lip and pushed back. And I could tell that once she adjusted, she really enjoyed it. She was now pushing back on my cock even more forcefully and whimpering and I continued to thumb her ass deeper using my spit as lube. So that's how it started - this wholesome wife getting turned on by pushing her boundaries. And then she dropped the bomb - "go ahead and fuck my ass."

Now he was shocked and I was shocked and I frankly think she was shocked as well. Then to really hit home the cuckold aspect of the scenario, she looked in his eye and said forcefully, "That's right honey. I don't want you in my ass but he gets me so turned on that I'm willing to give it up for him . . . and all you can do is watch as he spreads me apart." He was bright red and it looked almost like his eyes were going to bulge out of his head but he was obviously turned on (although he couldn't do anything about it). As if this wasn't enough of an invitation, she then reached back with both her hands, spread her ass, arched her back and looked back at me directly in the eyes and in a slightly lower voice moaned "Go ahead and fuck my ass good." Now I know this sounds like a bad porn movie and I think a lot of our sexuality becomes molded by porn so perhaps that is why some people talk this way, but as contrived as it sounds, it turned me on like crazy.

I knew this was the exact scenario that we were all hoping for so I looked over at her husband and said to him, "That's right Tom. Not only is your trophy wife going to take my cock - She is going to take it deep up her ass where you've never been." I had to contort my body a bit to get at the lube on the bedside table while staying buried in her pussy since I wanted the transition to be smooth. And I took my cock out of her pussy and covered it in lube. I also put a good dollop on her asshole and lined myself up. Pushing in it felt like anal always feels initially which is like pushing into a firm wall of flesh but fortunately I had opened her up a bit with my thumb to give me a bit of purchase. And this is the moment that I love the most - the head popped in and she sighed and I held it there. I looked down to see just the head nestled there framed by her round ass. And even though I am a bit of a sadist, I wasn't about to just go for it for fear of hurting her or turning her off to anal.

And I'm just holding it there in her ass partially for what seems like a couple of minutes. It's quite a sight too. And I'm in this sort of hyperaware state and I look around the room and I see pictures of her and her husband and their kids and all the trappings of domestic life and the contrast is very hot to me. And eventually I can feel her ass adjusting and her hands are still on either side of her ass obscenely spreading it for me. And I am ever so slowly working it in. I learned a technique when I was younger whereby I would hold my cock and when the girl pushed back, I would push forward and when she withdrew, I would withdraw. This would be a way to allow her to control the depth of it.

But this perfect wife was also determined to engulf my cock with her asshole and slowly over the next minute or two I am buried completely in her until my balls are pressed against her pussy. And it's at this point that I realized that she might not have ever given her ass to her husband, but I think she might have had a little bit of experience with this before they met. And at this point I look over at the husband and tell him what a good sex slave his wife is being right now. Then I really start to take charge and every time I push balls deep into his wife's ass, I hear her grunt a little bit. And now I see her hands start to work her clit back and forth and I can hear almost the impending crescendo of her moans as she gets close.

I myself have been holding off for a while waiting for just the right time so that we can both cum at the same time. And when I hear her screams get even louder, I pick up my pace and it's a crazy feedback loop and she is pushing back into me with all her might and I am pushing forward. And my dick is pointing almost straight down because her ass is raised as high as possible so that the head of my cock is actually pressing on her G spot through her asshole. I'm not sure if the image is obvious but it was pretty clear that I was hitting the right spots. And as I'm doing this, she's intermittently telling her husband how good it feels to be fucked in the ass by a real man.

Then I hear and feel and see the crescendo build and she pushes back into me as hard as she can and she buries her face in the pillow and screams out and claws at the sheets. And I give her a few more forceful pumps and unload my cum inside of her. Now I was wearing a condom of course but my real fantasy would be to cum inside her ass without a condom. But I'm not about to take that risk. And as I'm cumming she's screaming a drawn out, "fuuuuuuck!"

Now I use a ton of lube when I fuck a girl in the ass but this wasn't all lube on the sheets at the end of this. There was a huge puddle of her pussy juices on the sheets and the image of my cock sliding out of her used asshole while her pussy leaked her juices was one that I won't forget. I look over at her husband and smile and say to him, "Your wife is amazing."

Here are just a few of the pictures she has sent me over time.






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