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Turned on Watching - Hi everyone at the blog. This is a true story. It started for me about 3 years ago. My wife is a strong dominate woman who knows what she wants. One day in the Summer of 2007, I got home to find her brazenly being fucked by another man on our couch. They didn't even stop, and when he pulled out to cum on her hot ass, I could see why. I thought my 7" dick was big, but he outsized me by at least two inches, and I swear it was the size of a small coffee can. He put his clothes as she was still sweaty and in ecstasy, told me "that's how you fuck your wife" and left. I just stood there frozen with a MASSIVE erection not knowing what just happened and confused and jealous and horny.

She then went to shower without saying a word. About an hour later, she told me to lay down the bed, and proceeded to squat over me. I told her I didn't want to taste him on her. She said, "why not? You've been tasting him for months." That again brought me right back into a state of shock and I licked every bit of her, just going through the motions til she collapsed from another orgasm. Then nothing, no talk at all.

About a week later, she declared that from now on there were going to be new rules. First, I would never penetrate her again. I was to clean her up with my tongue after every time she was with her bull. And that I was free to masturbate as much as I wanted, provided that I eat her out first every single time. She emphasized the final point by having me jerk off across her chest and then spend hours between her legs while she thought of 'him'.

It wasn't long before she started taking mulitple men to the bedroom. She made sure they were disease free with the paperwork to back it up. Her master proceeded to declare that I was to be in the room while he and his friends took turns on my bride. This was happening FAST and I had no control whatsoever.

They humiliated me by calling me names and telling me I was nothing but a sissy. Then one afternoon, Gary (the master), told me that my wife shouldn't have to blow them to get them going, that would be my job. I was now a fluffer? At that point, my wife and her men started calling me their sissy fluffer. They would pull their dicks out of her and make me make them hard.

After about 6 months, my wife made me start doing chores and getting her clothes and make-up ready for her dates. With work it was almost too hard to complete. I must say I have learned to like it, even love it and have never had a more arousing time sexually in my life. I know she loves me as she is tender to me at times but fucking is for the master and licking is for me. Who knows where we'll go next which is what makes it so much fun.


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Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking ...


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