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Well, here we go. When my now wife ("M") of nearly 15 years started dating, we were in a very LDR for about 3 years. This was before the days of skype or cellphones, in fact nearly 18 years ago now. We made several trips to meet each other as older teenagers – and at the time I remember distinctly being "in love" in a normal way; there was jealousy and trust issues from being so far away, and I expressly did not want her to be with anyone else.

The concept of cuckoldry would disgust me and I would fail to understand what any man would get out of sharing his GF or wife. We lost our virginities to each other... (this, I'm confident of) But, being late-teens and so far away from each other, eventually she strayed. I could tell of course – you can just sense these things; when your lover stops paying quite so much attention to you, it's usually because they're thinking of someone else, and you get that horrible feeling in your stomach that something is not right.

I learned over the months and years of our LDR that I really didn't trust her to be monogamous. There were times when she would want to break things off to pursue other guys and I was absolutely, helplessly, heartbroken and crushed, yet I still loved her and wanted to be with her, and after a few days or weeks, our relationship would come back around and we'd be back on track. I thought that when we would be finally 'together forever' she'd be mine 100%, as I would no longer be absent. I had no control when I was so far away (and pre-cellphones, too), and being quite a logical person I deduced that I'd rather be informed of any 'threat' to our relationship, such as a new love interest on her part, so that I could better head off the situation rather than wait for it to be too late and her too deeply attached to someone else for me to be able to control anything. And so that's how this started – with an honesty policy – that she could have an open relationship as long as I knew about everything.

I remember one particular time about three years into our LDR, she met a guy from work ("J") that was a particularly good lay. She was honest and talked in detail about his size and how well he could fuck her. In retrospect, this was her first proper fuck, I was always (and am to this day) too tender or robotic with her. I could tell she was excited about him – she had just gotten her own apartment and my mind would go wild imagining what was going on when he would stay the night with her. It got quite serious with "J" to the point where I think she had quite strong New Relationship Energy and wanted to sideline me entirely. I wanted to remain friends – and as a friend only, I suggested I make a trip to go see her and stay a few weeks in her apartment over the summer. She was fine with me coming as a friend but she said, on the telephone "I might be fucking someone else when you're here, you have to be ok with that". She was implying that she'd still be fucking "J" in her apartment even though I was going to visit her as just a friend on a vacation. And so this was the first time I had felt the feeling of her cucking me – it was an emotion of almost helplessness from being so far away yet juxtaposed with sweet horniness. Eventually I did make that trip – but not before making up with her, J was a distant memory and instead I was the one making love to her on that trip.

We did end up getting married and we did move in together – it was genuine and perfect and all you'd expect from young twenty-somethings in love. I never had sex with anyone else but her. Initially, after we were married, she did not have much interest in sleeping with anyone else, I suppose you could say we had a vanilla relationship. But, I still remembered the cuckold experiences with her during our pre-marriage LDR days, almost like a drug. I think once you start wanting it, that thrill of risk never goes away, like an addiction, always in the back of the mind, usually in my thoughts during masturbation or sex.

I read a lot of stories on this blog and have always wanted to answer in my own way on how to get your girl to cuckold you. Really it's a long, long wait. You cannot force it, and we have gone through drought periods of 2 or 3 years where she would sleep with no-one except me. My advice - don't bring up the subject too often, but wait for the right time. You can't make every sexual encounter or conversation about how you want your girl to get expertly fucked by someone else – you'll put her off it. For example, if you're doing groceries together, tell her that 'that guy was checking out your butt'. She'll like the attention, but you have to keep good spirited about it and not act jealous.

I think over the years this will show her that you are in fact, not jealous and that she is desired by other guys. Take things very slow and very patiently, otherwise the result will be that you piss her off, or make her feel that you want an excuse to ditch her. In the end, the result should be her pleasure – it's not about you. It's about seeing her happy and satisfied in all aspects of life, including sexually. We set some ground rules similar to those during our courtship – she could have sex with others (if she ever wanted to) but she should always be honest to me about it. We bought businesses, changed apartments, bought houses and cars and cats and dogs and lived as a normal married couple.

We had kids (they're for sure mine, too.) Over the years, M had probably in the region of 30 different guys, she is very good looking (her being out of my league probably precipitated our cuckold relationship). Her experiences were mostly one night stands or casual relationships that lasted a few weeks. I think something that facilitated this was that she has a circle of friends that know she is in an open relationship and it's not unusual for her to flirt at the bar without me, or have a different date for any given weekend. We have had MMF's, been to swinger's clubs, been somewhat immersed in 'the lifestyle', yet she would go for several months experiencing several guys, and then go for several months completely disinterested. There were arguments over the years where she said she would never do it again. I respected her wishes not for me to be with another woman – I never have been - she has made it very clear that she cannot tolerate me being with another woman.

From a cuckoldry perspective, for the last 15 years or so, I've felt pretty supreme – M always came back to me, I was still 'the best'. She could go through 30 guys and I'd still have her. In some way, it's a confidence booster for me too - my penis is an average length, but I don't last very long before coming. Yet she always came back to me. She had never, after all these experiences, had a vaginal orgasm, but I know her so well I can make her come with oral sex pretty easily. There were only a few occasions where I would feel slight jealousy when she'd spend the night with someone – and we joked that I could not feel jealousy and that there was something wrong with me.

Oh, how we were wrong. It took 15 years to feel emotions like a jealous teenager again, but I did this year.

Things changed this past fall. A week before Halloween, she found a guy on a dating website. "C". His dick is probably 3 inches longer than mine and twice as thick around. They messaged for literally a few hours before she was driving to his apartment. She fell completely Ga-Ga for him and his sex. She went over to his apartment about 5pm that first Saturday and didn't come back until Sunday morning. Experienced cucks may know, that you don't want to text her too often as she's meeting up with a guy – you don't want to appear too needy or distract them from hot sex… but after several hours from not hearing from her, I broke down and asked if everything was OK. It would be an hour before I received a few short messages explaining that "the sex is awesome" (a word she never uses) and that he is "really stretching her". M, although she has had a good many sexual encounters, has never, to me, fantasized about having her pussy stretched. C told her early in their encounters that he will stretch her pussy so that no-one else will want her (presumably, that would be me). I find this highly erotic.

I learned, partly through our honesty policy, that "M" and "C" completely click sexually. He is a fucking machine; they fuck for hours, a natural bull, single, her preferred body type, and a huge thick dick. It must be 9". That night when she did eventually come home, she was emotionally disconnected from me, but we did fuck, and her pussy had completely changed shape to fit him. She has become insatiable around him in ways I did not think she could ever become and is now a self-confessed size queen. Two weeks later and she was already buying toiletries to keep in his apartment – taking some personal affects over there so she would have them, and he gave her a key, something she's never come close to with other lovers. This was different. When she would get home from her fuck marathons with him (Which is sometimes 24 hours later, and I don't think there has been a period more than two days in which they have not fucked since Halloween), we would jump into bed together and I'd fuck her – and feel how stretched her pussy was becoming, but psychologically it has never felt so wonderful before.

This relationship was a fantastic, but conflicting emotion for me. I made it a point to be super attentive to her needs. For the first time in years I was being "cucked hard", but felt overwhelmed: – should I ask her to break it off and I risk losing the cuckold aspect of our relationship? Or would this push her away, towards him and risk losing her altogether? A different approach was get over the jealousy and reaffirm that it was about her and her happiness (which IS what's important), and encourage their relationship in hope that there was still room for me somewhere. I read her texts and they tell each other every day that they 'love you' – a fact that she didn't hide from me and admitted freely that she loves us both.

She has spent countless nights and weekends with him since Halloween… and all the experience I thought I had as a cuckold, and the stories I've read on this blog over the years came into play to help me emotionally and logically get through this. The New Relationship Energy she is feeling with C forced me to chase that drug-like emotion all the way down to a culmination of jealousy, remorse and uncertainly – yet fortunately, in the past few weeks we have communicated well and she has assured me that our long-term situation is unchanged, except she wants "C" in her life as an equal to me. This is very pleasant and gave me renewed confidence which and has enabled me to enjoy and encourage their relationship further. C has spent a half-dozen evenings and nights at our house. At first, this was a bit awkward as C and I found each other almost in competition. However, after witnessing my wife greet him at the door with the same tenderness and love towards him that she would me, and watching them snuggle and kiss on the couch together, seeing waves of content on her face, I again appreciate that this ultimately about M's happiness. And now, it feels so right; like a missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle that clicks into place.

Several times I've been fortunate enough to be invited into our bed with them. My wife loves to be sandwiched between us to sleep. We both have our hands all over her and she doesn't know who's touching what in the darkness. The first time I witnessed them fuck was an incredible and humbling experience. I was laying in the bed as an equal to C, but observed how they had developed their sexual relationship together and confidence in each other during those long nights at his apartment. I felt humiliated at his ability to pound her in multiple positions for literally an hour or more without stopping – hearing my wife moan, scratch, bite and call his name in ways she never did for me in 20 years. They are primal together, and most of the time she can't look at me when they're doing this. I presume that she either feels too guilty or is too wrapped up in C to think about me. I told her afterwards that I can never fuck her like that, and she knew it too. We just have to accept that.

This weekend they took a road trip out of town a couple of days, although there was a lot of driving, M described how much sex they were having (marathon sessions as usual), and how she was sucking C and getting fingered by him during the journey. When they came back into town, they went straight to his apartment for another three hours. "Something New Happened" she texted me. I was inquisitive, but she wanted to tell me face to face. When she came home late Sunday after the trip, she bent over and let me see how gaped her pussy was after the weekend away. I started to fuck her (which felt In-cred-ible) and asked her to tell me what new had happened: Her first vaginal orgasm, ever, and C made it happen.

I came I think in less than a minute. I almost cried I was so emotional (in a good way) with my dick in her. She wants C to move in or for us to perhaps move to a bigger place to accommodate us all. As strange as it sounds, I'd be heartbroken and frustrated at this point if she left C. It took 15-20 years to finally reach this point where M appears truly happy and satisfied, and where I can be integrated as full-time cuck in my own house.

This is very exciting and I think this is what we've been missing from the beginning, and it took a lot of experience and years find exactly what we both wanted.






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