First Cuckolded in College


My First Cuckold Experience - This is my first time posting on this blog but it is a story others have read before. It was my first time with my girlfriend at the time Jenny while we were in college 10 years ago.

While in college I had fallen deeply in love with Jenny in my first year. Living with her grandmother in our small Ohio town, she was originally from Pasadena. She was blonde, beautiful, and so much fun to be around. Jenny dated Kevin who was an oil field worker with lots of money, attitude and weed. Jenny was really into him. I don't think anyone noticed, but I was really into her. I was smaller in frame and younger in appearance than Kevin. I wasn't surprised that his ruggedness attracted a beautiful girl like Jenny.

But sometime during that year Kevin dumped her sending her back to Pasadena to live with her parents in a rush. Quietly I was crushed. I waited and wanted and finally she was through with Kevin. But instead of having the opportunity to make her mine, I lost her to the west coast. I was truly heart-broken.

Sometime during the following summer, she came back to Ohio. Apparently over the break-up she moved back in with her grandmother. I wasted no time making my move. I let her know immediately how I felt. She told me she thought that she might be in love with me too, and we were off to the races. I don't even remember when or where we first had sex but I know I felt that I was making love to a goddess. Her naturally blonde pussy, her nice breasts, pretty smile and blue eyes made me insane with hormone-driven lust. Her full (but fit) figure made me feel as though I was with a woman for the first time in my life. This was my first adult love affair.

When I wasn't working that summer, I was with Jenny. We made love often and went everywhere together. I had found my soul mate. I just knew it.

We were both in our last year that fall and everyone knew that we were in love. I was on top of the world.

Then one Friday night, after getting off work at a local restaurant I went to Jenny's grandmother's house to pick her up. She wasn't there. Looking back, I see that her grandmother knew more than she was telling me. She knew that Kevin had stopped by to take Jenny out. She knew that I was being betrayed. I, on the other hand, was too naive. I was only worried about her safety.

I spent the whole night driving around town. Going from hangout to hangout, looking for any clue that would tell me where she was. Every hour or so I would return to her grandmother's house only to have my hopes dashed when I didn't find her there.

The following morning I caught up with her at the apartment of one of her friends'. Immediately I knew something was up. Her eyes had never looked at me like that. Then she said it. 'I was with Kevin last night and yes, I slept with him.' She was obviously embarrassed but not ashamed. She said she was sorry for making me worry about her but there was no apology for spreading her legs, for letting another guy - an older more masculine guy put his cock inside her. There was no apology for letting him cum inside her, as I later learned he did.

I remember very little dialogue after that point. I felt a blow to my gut. My head was spinning, and I was so angry! I wanted to smack her, or cry or something. But I don't think I did anything really. I yelled. Big deal. We continued dating for a few more weeks, maybe a month. But I no longer loved her. I was an ass to her for the remaining time we were together and even cheated on her in retaliation for the pain I felt. But in the end all the passion was gone and it was over.

I didn't know whom I was going to grow up to be then. I didn't know then that I would, one day actually want my wife to be unfaithful to me, ask her to be. I couldn't imagine that I would ask my wife someday to suck her boss' cock. But I did. I didn't know that I would someday spend hours talking my wife into spreading her legs for my best friend. But I did. I didn't know enough when I was younger to enjoy the raw and deep sexuality that caused Jenny to spread her legs for Kevin, even though I know she loved me when she did it. I was too young.

Now, ten years later, standing in the darkened kitchen of my own home while stroking my stiff and aching cock, watching my wife give oral sex to her boss in our driveway I started to make the association. At that electric moment I remembered the agony and euphoria I experienced back in college, in my bed at night, imagining Jenny sitting atop Kevin's cock. Although she never really described anything they had done to me in any detail, in my mind I saw her slowly fucking him, her beautiful breasts in his hands. I imagined them cumming over and over again, together. He pumped endless amounts of his cum into my sweet Jenny's pussy in those replays that I imagined.

My wife now does the same thing to me and I get all sensations at once. The pain, the agony and the sexual charge that is addictive. My wife knows of Jenny and of all of this that I just wrote. She uses it to excite me in bed and now is into the whole cuck lifestyle. I didn't see it coming.



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