I'm a Closet Cuckold


Wife Was Groped in a Club - I'm more or less a closet cuckold. I'm a very aggressive, dominate male but giving in to the submissiveness of another man touching and having sex with my woman puts me in a sexual trance I really can't explain. I convinced her to go to a swingers club about a month ago.

We didn't know what to expect so I dressed somewhat conservative with some dress jeans and a crew neck sweater while Nikki wore her lil black dress. It's darkly lite and full of single men on friday nights (which is the only night there isn't a limit on single men) and really easy to blend in without being noticed. It went well enough when we got there, everyone was polite. There were other couples mingling with other couples while most of the singles walk around the club waiting for something to happen.

They have a voyeur room that is completely dark except for the light coming from the viewing glass which looks into an orgy room where couples only are permitted to have sex. Since we were new to the club we didn't really intend on having sex with anyone, just see how the club was and see how the lifestyle was.

After sitting around talking to other couples a while we decided to walk back to the Voyeur Room. When we walked in we could already sense a certain perversion about the room. It's a small room but it was full of people. You really couldn't tell who was who but you knew from the make of the club it was mostly men in the room with the occasional moaning of one or so women.

I asked my lady was she alright with going into the room and she said she was fine. As we made our way to the front of the room where the viewing glass was. We bumped into quit a few people trying to navigate thru the crowd and I could tell she was getting an occasional grope on her ass while we moved to the front to the viewing glass. Once we got to the front of the room where the viewing glass was, we saw several couples engaged in full intercourse with each other.

It was like something you would see in a porn movie or online but there it was for all to see. I could sense that it fueled the actions in the room we were in also. Since the viewing glass isn't that large (only wide enough for about four people to view at any one time) the people in the room would bunch up close together to view the action.

You could feel the people from behind pressing up against you and pure primal sexuality in the room. I started to feel a little uncomfortable so I asked my Nikki how was she doing. She said she was fine and mentioned that it was exciting to watch other couples have sex. So at one point I reach over and pulled her a lil closer to me. She has a fine ass that I love to rub which turns her on during foreplay. So I decided to reach down and give it a lil play.

When I did I was shocked to find a pair of hands already under her dress massaging her ass. I didn't quite know how to react because I didn't know the rules in the club about touching. I didn't want us to get kicked out by causing a load outburst. So I just kinda pull her away toward me and put my hand over her ass. That didn't help in fact it got worst. As you can see from the photos she also has a huge chest that really stands out in the dress she wore. The hands started to come from everywhere. They grabed her ass and started to massage her breasts and I felt like I should intervene but it wasn't rough and she didn't complain. Actually, she felt more relaxed to me in my arms and started to breathe harder. I felt her pussy and she was soaked and I mean really really wet. I was surprised how fast she was aroused at men touching her ass and breasts. I even heard a moan and saw her feeling up another man's dick on the outside of his pants. She was loving this and so was I.

It only got out of hand when someone pulled her breast out of her dress and started to suck her titties. As bad as I wanted to stop it, my dick was rock hard feeling what was going on. I pulled her close again to get some of the guys off her and someone grabbed my dick. At that point it was a wrap, I pulled her away and we left the room. Some of the guys followed us to our seat but I told them to step off that was enough for us for the night. We went home had a couple of drinks, talked about what happen and fucked for most of what was left of the night until morning. As we fucked she kept repeating that she wanted other cocks inside her. Louder and louder and making me harder and harder. It was as if she was possessed and could have had cock after cock and still not be satisfied. It was an intense night and it was something I hadn't ever experienced before but it was not the last time we went there.

I'll write about that next time.



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