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Cuckold Clean Up - My wife, Isabel, is Portuguese. She is beautiful is 5'2" and has a voracious sex drive.

When we were just married this meant having sex three or four times a night, plus first thing in the morning at least five times a week. But after the first year or so my sex drive faded slightly and hers picked up. I couldn't work out what to do. I just couldn't keep up with her and she needed constant care and attention.

At first we were both depressed, and after a while we talked about what to do and finally agreed on her trying to pick up someone for sex, to see if that would work for her without completely freaking me out. I was slightly worried, but I'd been involved in all sorts of multiple partner scenarios at university (Bristol) when I was younger, so I thought I'd be able to cope.

We went away for the weekend -- a place where we'd never been before or were likely to go again, Marlow -- and Isabel went out to find someone. I waited in the hotel bar, reading a weekend newspaper and waiting for Isabel to come back with a beau and take him to our room. If she could. Else, I was waiting for her to come back and take me to our room. In any case, I was waiting.

Three hours went by and Isabel came back and joined me in the bar. She looked like she'd had a few drinks and generally had a good night out. She gave me a look and headed out, so I followed her up to our room.

Once inside I asked her why she hadn't brought anyone back, why she hadn't gone through with it.

"But I did go through with it," she said "I've been fucked already." Then she shimmied out of her skirt and lay down on the bed in her white cotton knickers and bra set. She pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side and I could see that they were damp and she was leaking. She'd taken a load in her pussy. My cock went from semi-hard to tungsten-carbide rigid in nothing flat and my face was between her thighs, with my tongue between her lips. She was wet with pussy cum and a big dose of thick, white, tangy sperm. Oh My God! I was entranced by the fragrance and the flavour. I was in love with the concept. I was licking another man's seed from my wife's vagina!

Later that night -- after we'd fucked once and made love twice -- I asked Isabel what happened. She explained that she'd gone to a pub and found a nice looking chap, Martin, who was on his own and got chatting. After a while she was getting horny and started stroking his leg. She started rubbing her bare legs and moving his big hands under her skirt. The lump in his trousers showed he was interested and the damp fabric between her legs let her know that she was ready, too.

"We went out to the car park and got into his SUV", she said, "he put the seats back and we just went at it. I didn't need any foreplay and nor did he. He just pulled his jeans down, pushed my knickers to one side and pushed it into me. I was so excited at the thought of having bareback sex with someone I didn't know, while my husband was waiting for me that I came and came and came. When he came inside me I nearly passed out."

That was the first of many occasions and many creampies. For the last three years Isabel has been very much into sex with strangers. We've regularly visited dogging sites in our local area as well as picking up strangers for Isabel to fuck in Estoril, when we visit Portugal.

We recently moved to Germany and we have found it fantastic. The Germans tend to have very long, thick cocks, and we've had an excellent time including them in our sex life. At first, Isabel fell back to picking up young lads in bars, as there doesn't seem to be much of a dogging culture over here. But we've also needed to have our apartment redecorated and so there's been a ready supply of glaziers, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, builders, decorators and even a threesome with the lady from the local council who had to sign off on the building work!

Last week I had an excellent afternoon waiting in the spare room while Isabel seduced the chap who delivered our new bed. She got him to help her unpack it put it in position in the main bedroom. Then she told him that she'd "really like to try it out before my husband gets home from work." She was sucking his thick, uncut 9" cock in seconds flat and it was pistoning in and out of her very wet pussy just a few minutes later. He had good control and took almost 20 minutes before he filled her womb with his thick, fertile sperm.

"You'd better go now." She told him as he put his overalls on, again. "But, please don't tell my husband."

I heard the front door click shut and ran through to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. Isabel lifted herself and sat on my face, so the viscous and delicious cum inside her slowly oozed onto my tongue and down my throat. I like these German boys. They sure know how to give a woman and good time, and that gives me a good time.

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