My Wife & My Roomate


My Wife & My Roomate - My name is Dan. When I was 20 years old in the air force I had a room mate that was very good with the girls. My room mate was 22 years old and very athletic. His name was Tom and he was 6 foot, 185 pounds with black hair and blue eyes. Tom was a great guy and everyone loved to be around him, especially the girls. We shared a dorm type room in the enlisted baracks. This is not the usual story you see on cuckolding sites but if you bear with me you'll see how I felt like a cuckold even to this day (I am 26 now).

Tom and I were really good friends, he kind of took me under his wing, I was only 20 and hadn't really expereinced much in life yet. Any time there were any parties or get togethers Tom would bring me along. Well Tom met a girl named Tonya at one of these get togethers, her friend was going out with one of Tom's friends. Tonya was 18 years old. She was a knock out. Tonya was wearing a little black top and a matching little black skirt.

Tom and Tonya started talking right away. Tom started pouring Tonya shots and the more she drank the more she was hanging on Tom. When the party ended Tom asked me to drive becasue he was too drunk. Tom and Tonya got into the back seat together as I drove us back to the base. While driving I heard a zipper get unzipped, then I could hear sucking comming from the back seat. I glanced back and Tonya was sucking Toms dick right in the back seat, I couldn't beleive it. When we got to the base Tom zipped up and we all went to our room.

I went to my bed and Tom and Tonya went to his. I could hear Tom telling Tonya, "ok now, take your panties off and turn around". I looked over and saw Tonya face down on Toms bed. Tom got on top of her and began fucking her, I could hear Tonya moaning while Tom fucked her. After about 20 minutes Tom stopped and flipped Tonya over onto her back. I then saw Tom straddle Tonya's chest and he told her "open your mouth", then I saw Tom cum on her face. He was holding his cock in one hand and her head with the other. Tom told her "that's right, lick it". Tonya licked his cock clean then he got off her and went to the bathroom. Tonya glanced over at me with a guilty smile on her face, she still had cum on her chin and chest and she was wiping it off.

I went to sleep with the biggest erection I had ever had. Then halfway through the night I woke up and could hear them again. I heard Tonya saying "no, I don't like it like that", then I heard Tom say "just relax it won't hurt. You will like it". Then I heard Tonya wineing like she was in pain and Tom saying "your doing good, just lay still". Tom was fucking her in the ass. I could hear him grunting as he fucked her and could hear her wimpering as he did.

The next morning when I woke up both Tom and Tonya were gone. Tom works day's and I work mids (3-11). I went through my normal routine, then went to work as usual but all I was really thinking about was what I had heard the night before.

That night when I got home Tom and Tonya were in our room drinking, a lot. There were a lot of empty beer bottles in the room and both of them were very drunk. I got into the shower like I always do after work and while in the shower, Tonya came in and took a piss while I was showering.

Tonya said "I'm sorry but if I don't pee now, I'm going to pee in my panties!" I told her it was no problem. When I got out of the shower I started drinking with them. The three of us were drinking and watching a movie when Tom began kissing Tonya and then slid his hand up her skirt. It was like they didn't even notice I was there. I could see Tom was fingering Tonya under her skirt and Tonya was moaning while he was.

Then Tom unzipped his pants and took his cock out, he then guided Tonya down to his stiff cock and she began sucking his dick. Tom then told me "take her panties off". I wasn't sure if I should at first but I was so hard I went ahead and began sliding Tonya's panties off. When they were off Tom said "lick her pussy for me, get it wet so I can fuck her." At that point I had already started to pre-cum in my boxers. I then started to lick Tonya while she was sucking Tom's cock.

After a few minutes Tom stood up and bent Tonya over the couch and started fucking her. He said "you did good Dan, she's dripping wet". Then he asked Tonya "You liked that didn't you? Dan got your pussy all wet didn't he?" Tonya half moaned "yes". Tom fucked her hard while I just watched for about 20 minutes then I saw him stiffen up and I could tell he was cumming in her.

Tom pulled out and Tonya laid down on his bed still shaking from being fucked. Tom saw me staring at Tonya's pussy as his cum started to drip out of her. Then Tom smiled and said "you want to clean her up for me Dan?" I just nodded. Then Tom said "alright, go ahead. lick her clean for me".

I then went over to Toms bed and got in between Tonya's legs and started to lick his cum from her pussy. Tonya looked down and said "what are you doing?" She hadn't been paying attention up to what we were saying until then. Then Tom said "just lay back, Dan is going to clean you up for me." Tonya said "alright" then started giggling as I licked her pussy.

I felt so hard and humilated at the same time. I came in my boxers while licking Tonya and when I was done cleaning her I went back to my bed without saying anything. Tonya half said and half laughed "thanks Dan, that felt great". I went to sleep in my boxers that were dripping in my cum.

After that encounter Tom met another girl and I didn't see Tonya until 3 months later. We started talking and eventually started going out together. Our sex life started out by talking about the past with Tom and he has always been in our bed in this way ever since. I fuck her and she thinks about what Tom did to her. She always calls out his name and talks about him throughout the day. I am very happy like this and get as hard as she does wet. Eventually we were married and now we are trying to find Tom again through the internet or past friends. So far no luck but she is determined. I know she will find him and when she does he'll be staying over once per month if he wants.

I did some digging and found this picture of her from when we first dated. It reminds us both so much of that time.


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