Cheating Wife


Caught My Spouse in the Shower - We are not new to the cuckold lifestyle and I've gotten used to a lot over the years, but every now and then I have to just tell somebody about it. Being that I'm at work again this will be more of a recalling of the facts rather than a full detailed story. Anyway, I'm not sure how to catorgorize our marriage, but my wife is hot and I like to watch (if she'll let me) or definitely like hearing about it.

So I guess that makes me cucky in a sense, not the submissive sissy kind but realizing that my wife needs more sexually. Now that's out of the way, Jen's activity has been on the rise so to speak and has increased to 2x just this month alone and that is all that she's told me; always the fear that there could be more that she hides from me. So here are the true events which recently happened.

*** I came home early from a business trip a few weeks ago. It was a Sunday b4 noon and she was expecting me in the evening around dinner time. I walked in our bedroom to find her clothing sprawled all over the room w/ her being in the shower- immediately noticing that she was obviously dressed very provocatively/sexy wherever she's been and b4 stepping into that shower. Like I already said, I've been through a lot w/ her and this was nothing new; however, that gut wrenching feeling that you get when you know your wife is fucking around on you behind your back was present in a big way and for me it seems to intensify as we continue down this path of her infidelity.

I remember thinking that there was someone in the shower w/ her at that very moment, but that wasn't the case- and yes I did put my ear up to the bathroom door to listen. LOL Her skirt was on the floor by the foot of our bed, there was a strappy heel kicked off in both directions, her blouse top and bra thrown on top of the bed (which I noticed was made up and confirmed later that was not slept in last night), then there was her hand bag on the edge of the bed as well. All this was scanned by me in a period of like 7 seconds and was just enough time to send my mind into overdrive realizing that my pretty wife had probably just returned from having her cheat sex and was probably washing out her cheating cunt right now as this was unflolding before my eyes. In a nervous panicing state of arousal (you real cucks know what I'm talking about) I began to inspect her clothing for any evidence of an affair.

Then there was her hand bag right to the side of me, so I did what any other poor cucked husband would do- I snooped thru that mother fucker- LOL. =And BAMMM there it was... ---- her shredded/ripped pantyhose which had obviously been ripped off of her ass and I had the pulled elastic waiste band part dangling right infront of my eyes. Along with the shredded nylons was a bottle of KY lube which still had that greasy oily feeling when I touched it, no doubt it had been used earlier that morning, that and a hand full of fucking extra large condoms...

Well, in all this mess that my brain was still trying to process I thought, at least my wife was protecting herself and us from STD's, but only the ones having the sex would know if they were used at all. Anyway, all this was happening so fast and had only been like a minute or so since I walked through our front door. I didn't know how long she had been in the shower, but heard the soap and water splashing in the tub so I figured I had more time being that she was most likely washing her hair I thought. Looking at the contents of her purse, I put the rubbers back in the bottom of her bag and honestly I was soo excited and nervous that I felt my dick starting to leak pre-cum in my underwear and felt my little cock hardening very fast trying to bust right through my pants.

I'm close to 40 yrs old now and it's not very often that my dick has that much life to it on it's own w/out me touching it at all- if that tells you anything... So, down came my pants and underware in one fail swoop down to my ankles and my small cock twitching with hardness and no more room to grow. I took hold of my prick and started to sniff out my cheating whore wife's mangled pantyhose. The scent (as you can imagine) was fucking intoxicating as it first passed through my nostrils : sorry but this is turning me on to recall it as I am even jerking off right now here in my office thinking of it for you.

The smell of her tainted hose was like an instant adreneline shot for me. Hard to describe, but I'm sure you guys can try to comprehend what I'm trying to relate. It smelled like smoke, girlie fragrance (lotion/perfume), and lust- yes you can smell lust Lol all rolled up into one unique scent. It was just so fucking sexy. Then there were "area specific" scents to get lost in- the pussy part, the asshole area, and the Godly aroma of her nylon toes which had just the right mix of her presperation. I remember clearly looking into our big bedroom mirror and viewing myself as this pathetic cuckold which I no doubt had become and feeling humiliated as I actually was watching myself jerking off to my wife's clothing and thinking about what may have happened during her affair- how she was fucked, were her legs up high, did he eat my wife's pussy the way she likes it, and had she gotten that big cock to cum on...etc.

I felt like I was even degrading myself, but let's face it= that's why we're cucky coz we know that we don't satisfy the wife fully when it counts sexually. I get off knowing that my wife wants that big dick and is gonna go out and get it secretly if she can. It's not really a secret between us anymore but I still love/hate knowing that she's gonna cheat me to get that quality orgasm(s) which she considers pure intense pleasure. So anyway, I grabbed for her lube that she fucking carries around with her for convience (fucking slut lol) and used it to stroke with. It still had been probably less then 3 maybe 4 minutes since I got in the front door but seemed like forever and I was in a heavenly state of feeling inadequate if that makes any sense; you cucks know what I mean. As I stroked I was sniffing, licking and poking my dripping slippery cock in different parts of her pantyhose leaving my own dotted pre-cum trails onto them.

It ended for me as I envisioned what she must have looked like all dressed up in her full slut wife attire, hair done up and brushed out, the anklet I bought her- yes she did wear it. I picked up one of her nearby heels and began to suck on the thin blk straps, then hanging the shoe from my pointing hard as hell penis as I went in for a deep inhalation smell of the toe part of her nylons while wondering if her hung lover knew that she likes them sucked on while she fucks. I thought of my pretty wife on her back with her legs up high in the air moaning for that big cock to fuck her deep then him sucking on her pretty white toes as he delievers her first of many deep orgasms. Well that did it for me, my tiny pud spit out a boiling hot power stream of cum which forcefully shot right into my hand and fell to the floor into the rug, then shot another which clearly shot over my hand and onto the bed, no bs. It felt like I couldn't stop cumming. I've even watched her have sex b4 and I didn't cum like this. I guess it was the thrill of her cheat fucking me behind my back and thinking she could get away with it?

I just finished up by sending the remaining cum jets right onto our bed. I came like I was 20 again and on my best day too. Then that awkward shamefull feeling of reality set in as I took notice of the mess I had made and the pathetic image of me in that mirror with my small dick softening fast with my wife's cheating slut clothes laid out on the bed like a trophy. You guys know that feeling lol, but it passes quickly. Jen was probably in a cream rinse or something coz it sounded like she was still doing her hair. The whole thing took only 5 or 6 minutes since walking through the front door. Long story short, I kept the pantyhose and the lube for myself to remind me of what she is still very capable of going out to do. I currently keep it under my drivers seat and have been smelling it when I drive to and from work.

When Jen got out of the shower I shocked the crap out of her and she even screamed. I started the argument with "where the fuck were you last night?" She knew she was busted and it got nasty for 20 min or so, but we ended up having great sex, or scratch that; I did anyway and she drove more cuckold nails into my coffin box by telling me what had happened on her date and how they fucked, how big his fucking dick is, etc. She even told me that she could barely feel me inside of her which made me cum again and made her laugh at how useless I was to her in terms of personal satisfaction. I even told her that I had jacked off to her already just minutes ago while she was in the shower, her reply was "Sad, but I love you". Then she said "Can I go to sleep now, I didn't get any last night". ahhh fuck. - you guys know what I'm saying, or do you? Turned out that she met him online. He took her out and romanced her for dinner over some wine and Italian food. Then they went to the club for dancing and many drinks, ending up at the fuck spot hotel which I ended up paying for being charged to my card- bitch. In a nutshell that was her cheat fuck, and her details were beyond hot, but I just couldn't last and she's not talking much about it lately, says they'll be others if i'm good...

God she confusses the fuck out of me, but I fucking need her. Hope you guys enjoyed this recall, I think I was more descriptive then I planned and even came here in my office like 15 minutes ago. Btw she did something similiar this month to me, just can't tell about it now. next time, ok.


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