Cheating Girlfriend Has Sex with Another Guy


Cheating Girlfriend Has Sex with Another Guy - We were in a very lively bar, drinks all around and lost of singing and dancing. When the bar was closing my gf and I left the bar together with a group of guys and one girl. They were asking us (they were from out of town) whether we new any good places to go to next.

We said we knew just the place and that it would about ten minutes walk. Along the way to the club we chatted (the girl talked to me) and the guys to my gf. We were laughing and just generally having a good time. When we arrived at the bar. I bought some drinks and only about three guys (they were all from the same football team) went in with us.

One guy, who already had been talking to my wife on the way over, asked her to dance. I stayed at the bar chatting with the girl and she kept talking and talking. When I finally got a second to see what my gf was up to she pulled me back and asked whether I wanted to dance. So we did.

We gradually moved closer and I saw that my gf and the guy where french kissing in a very passionate way. I immediately got a hard on and went to the toilet. I did not know what to do. I was surprised by my own now wet cock and could not believe I was not jealous. When I came out the girl asked me if I knew of a place where we could get something to eat. We left the bar, I had not seen my girlfriend. Having finally found a place to eat something, we came back after about an hour and my gf was nowhere to be seen.

All of a sudden she comes rushing in, by this time it is very late and the place is almost empty (the girl has left) and she asks me where I have been been. I tell her the full story and she tells me lets go home.

This is only a short walk and very 100 yards or so she snogs me like she has never done beforel. She is really horny. When we get home she takes of my clothes and we get into the bed. I immediateley notice that she has what I now no is creampie and ask howcome you are so horny what happened. It turns out that in the bar they danced, kissed and she touched his crotch and noticed he had a very large cock which got her even more excited. He touched her a bit but because she is shy asked him if he wanted to go outside. In a dark and isolated alley, she played with his cock and he fingered her to several orgasms not forgetting to really play with her clit (she told me that she never had been touched so good in her life and until now has not let me finger her) to make her come even harder. She made him come by jerking him off but after some more snogging he was ready to ride. First she refused, claiming diseases and baby risks but she admidmitted that she wanted him so badly he fucked her hard against the wall and when he came hard for the second time (you have never managed this she said) he came partly in her pussy. Whilst telling me this I came very fast and with the ultimate satisfaction possible.

She has been unfaithful to me to more men but refuses to share details other than kissing and dancing. Thats part of her pleasures.


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