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I've been living life on the straight and narrow for the past 2 or 3 years or so, but before that I had a hottie girlfriend with an appitite for big cocks. Pretty much every girlfriend I've ever had, I've turned into a big cock freak, but that's another story.

Anyway, this particular hottie in the picture here was long term, but it was only in the last three or four years of our relationship that we actually started to play around with other people, either together in groups, or her going off on her own and coming home and telling me what a bad girl she had been.

I have a friend with a really big cock that we had our first 'experience' with. He is pretty much allways single, but fucks alot of chicks and he has a 'stable' of hotties that he hangs out with on kind of a regular basis. He had recently told me that my ex-hottie had called him up about a year ago and she is now kind of a regular thing with him.

I'm married, and I'm cool with that. He tells me that she is still really hot and that he has some recent videos that I can take a look at if I want. Of course I wanted to, we used to make alot of videos so he made me a 4 DVD compalation set. I take the home and hide them from the wife and wait for an opportunity when I can watch them and spank my monkey.

Tonight was the night.

I started with the fourth DVD because I figured it would have the most recent stuff, and I was right. There she was, still hot and beautiful with her tight little body and fabulous ass. She can still suck a cock like a pro, and she's still very proud of her ability to do so. She also still cums all over his 10 inch cock and he is still able to fuck her to the tune of 6 or 7 intense orgasms in ten minutes.

I have a 6 inch cock, and I would have to lick her and then try real hard not to cum in that hot pussy for as long as I could, and I was only ever able to give her the odd 'mild' orgasm with my cock. Lucky for her, I love to eat pussy. She always admitted that she liked big cocks as she had an old boyfriend that was well hung, and I was always trying to create situations between us and my friend.

Anyway, I had a good wank session and blew my load watching her fuck and suck both my friend and some other guy I don't know on the DVD.

Then I start putting in the other DVDs and re-lived some old times. Blew my load again, and started getting kind of sore. When I got to the second DVD, I was a little suprised as it started with the first time I could remember ever video taping our little sessions - still good stuff and I skimmed through the whole thing.

I put in DVD 1, and this is all stuff I've never seen before. Some of it is prior to our first arranged threesome, and some of it is just stuff that I never knew about. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this as she had been fucking our friend to the point where they would video tape it at least a year or two before I ever knew about it. My policy on the whole open relationship thing was that she had to tell me about her experiences and as long as she did, she knew I never got upset, hurt or angry with her - not that it matters anymore, but she even talks about me on the tapes and did a little interview type session that would have made a nice little suprise gift for me or something.

Anyway, the videos are probably the hottest of them all. Not only do she go nuts on his 10 inch cock, but she sucked off 3 other guys in a park and let them cum all over her. There is video of her doing girl-girl stuff, that she would never do with me in the room, so it's my first time seeing her with her face burried in a pussy.

One video on the tape has her blind folded and sucking three cocks and she is rating them based on how they taste, feel and throb in her mouth. She lets all three of them blow their juice in her mouth and she picks her favorite, which is of course the biggest.

There is footage in my apartment, my parking garage, my car, the balcony of our older apartment and her mother's house.

The one that made me blow my load one more time is the one where there is my friend, her another really hot chick we knew and her old boyfriend - well hung is an undersatement. He has to be 11 inches with a fair girth as well. He was definately the favorite cock that night as both girls were all over him and man did he ever give it to my ex. She came so hard that at one point she actually started to cry. It was something to see her take that whole monster inside of her and I swear she didn't stop cumming from the time he got the head in until he took it out a came all over her tits.

She had a look of total satisfaction in her eyes as he watched him do the same to the other chick.

I'm sure my friend put all of this in there as a way to come clean, and I'm kind of glad he did. After watching this I am itching for my wife to get involved in the lifestyle but it will be a long slow process as I slowly introduce her to the idea first, then fatasies etc...

Oh well, I still have my DVDs until then. Here are pics of my ex.


Chris + F




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