She wants to Lock me up for 9 Months!

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Hi there! My gf said it's time to start putting our stories out there, since we've been having so much fun seeing what's going on here. We are a poly couple, together for three years and playing with cuckolding for about 2.5 and fantasizing since day one. We'll both be posting this together. I am C (30 M) and she is the beautiful queen B (30 F). She has another bf P (27 M) who has been with her for four years, was our first bull and is a best friend and best meta one could ask for.

There's a lot of amazing stories which we will cover if people are interested in this, but right now I'm flipping out so excited about what happened last night and I want to tell y'all!

I went to my parents home on the 23rd for a visit, but because of her work schedule, B stayed in the city. Before I left, we had been talking more and more about how we wanted to start digging back into our cucking and chastity activities. About two nights before I left she was jacking me off telling me how hot it would be if/when she eventually gets pregnant, she would lock me up for the whole pregnancy, and only let other men fuck her. She's really going in telling me about how powerful she would feel, walking all over our relationship, letting other men cum inside her, while I'm desperate and unable to fuck her or anyone else for the nine months she's carrying our child.

Needless to say, I came like crazy... She then told me that she wanted me to edge every night while I was away on this holiday trip, and that she was looking forward to some possible dates she might have while I was gone.

Flash forward to the 27th of May ... and B texts me that she's got a date that night with a brand new guy. I know first hand how much she LOVES fucking someone new, so I'm excited and going crazy when she tells me they're going to meet at the bar that's across the street from our apt. By the time the date comes, I shoot her a loving "have fun" text. About two hours later I get a text back from her "Dates going great!!! moving to the bedroom now "

Now when B fucks, she really fucks like crazy. She gives her all to whoever she's with, and when I can't be there I've learned not to expect pics or videos. She gets caught up in the moment, too busy rocking the other guy's world to stop and get a camera out. It turns me on like crazy, knowing how it must be for this guy getting to experience her for the first time... her unmatchable blowjobs, her amazing ass and pussy, and to feel like such a king as she works to please them with energy and focus that is out of this world.

So you can imagine how my head must've flipped when I received a picture of her sucking this guy's cock late that night. Its taken from his POV, which is both a little humiliating and completely amazing knowing that this guy must have had the idea to take it to send to me. I text her back like a madman (I've been edging for six days now and she just blew my mind hard) She says nothing until the next morning when she sends me a clip of the cum shot and starts texting me about how much she loved his cock.

I've been going nuts ever since, and can't wait to get back tomorrow, though I know she will be having a date with her other bf P that night. Now that she's tasted this new guy, we're feeling our cucking fantasies pulling us in hard. She's had a DP fantasy that she's been waiting to fulfill for a long time ( which she has long been determined to exclude me from for her first time ?????? ?? ) and I could hear the excitement in her voice when she told me that the new guy is more than happy to help her fulfill it.

I couldn't be happier for her!


UPDATE: Just got a text from B at 3 am... Seems like the new guy took her up on her offer to come over again tonight. So 2 nights in a row with this stranger in our bed.

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Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking ...


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