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I'd like to start off by saying I love this blog and that I'd like to share our experience. So for my wife's Bday our casino host offered us a free trip to stay at Harrah's New Orleans. We had never been so we made plans to go. The week before my wife started telling me what items of clothing to pack (I always prep all the clothing she wears, even on a daily basis), based on what she asked me to pack I knew she was keeping her options open for finding someone to play with.

The morning we were leaving she said she was going to take the lock off my chastity so it didn't go off on the metal detector, I assumed she was going to let me take it off but instead she replaced it with a serialized plastic tag. We arrived in New Orleans about 4 pm local time and checked in, we went up to our room and my wife said she was going to change so we could go down to the casino for a bit and then get some food, we only had lunch during our layover.

She changed into a sexy short dress with no bra some kind of nylons and 5" heels. I was hoping this meant she wanted to play. We went down and sat down at a slot machine and ordered drinks and 2 shots. By hour number two we had had 3 drinks and 3 shots, I could tell my wife was drunk. She looked over at me and said why don't you go find us a friend, that was my queue to find a guy for her to take up to the room. I quickly got up and started to walk the casino floor and in no time found a hot guy playing a slot. I sat next to him and made small talk and came out and asked him if he would do me a favor and fuck my wife. He was hesitant but after showing him a few pictures of my wife having sex he knew I was for real.

I told him how it would work and he agreed and not knowing his stamina I offered him a Cialis to make sure he would give my wife a good time. We returned to where my wife was sitting, he sat next to her I sat next to him. I got us more drinks, they chatted and flirted and within 30 minutes my wife said she was going to go up to the room, I got up and asked the guy if he wanted to come up for a drink. When we got to the room I opened the door and as soon as we walked in he grabbed her and started kissing her and had his hands all over her.

In no time he had her dress off and she stood in crotchless sheer suntan nylons with a pink thong over them and her heels. He was fingering her and kissing her, she moaned and fought to take his cock out of his pants. He pushed her to her knees and undid his pants and his semi hard cock slapped on her face. She took it and started sucking the tip, shaft, and balls. She tried to take it deep but he was very thick and about 8". She sucked as much as she could and he moaned with pleasure. He positioned her on the edge of the bed on her knees with her legs spread wide open and went down on her. He licked her clit, pussy, and ass while fingering both holes till she orgasm.

He looked over at me and said let me see what kind of sissy you are, undress and cum over and get under your wife's legs so you can get a better view (I discussed this kind of thing with him, about how I did this with previous partners). When I talked to David he noticed I was wearing nylons because I wasn't wearing socks. He informed me he had been in a few bull relationships already and had even had a few sissy CDs. I quickly undressed, stayed in my chastity, thong, nylons, slipped on a corset, sheer black tight mini dress and platform heels.

I slipped under my wife and he had already entered her pussy and was working his huge cock. It was amazing to see up close his super thick cock attempting to enter my wife and seeing her pussy lips tightly wrapped around his shaft. He worked his cock and in no time he was pumping it in and out and the sound of his balls slapping on her was amazing. My wife was moaning and screaming uncontrollably but at the same time, I realized she was pushing back at him and meeting his body with every thrust.

He would slip his cock out every so often and I could see my wife's pussy stay wide open, this gave me an understanding of how thick he really was. One of the times he pulled out of her he lowered his thick long shaft and it hit my forehead, he looked down and I knew what he wanted and I quickly opened up and he sticks his thick cock in my mouth. I tried to relax my throat but I caged as soon as he stuck like 4" in. I licked and sucked all my wife's pussy juices off his shaft and licked his balls. His balls had a mixture of sweat and sex juice and I couldn't get enough. He then moved to her ass and I knew he was going to hurt her, he lubed is a cock and started to enter her.

She was moaning and screaming and trying to fall forward and get of out it but he held her tight and was telling her to take it. He had been talking dirty to her and telling her how hot she was and what a good slutty wife she was. Being talked to dirty is a big turn on for my wife and for me to hear someone talk to her that way. He forced his way into her ass and soon again was fucking her ass and she was moaning and screaming. He would pull out and I could see her sphincter contract till it closed again, he would fuck her ass hard then her pussy. He fucked her in this position for at least 30 minutes before she came. I was thinking to myself I hope he cums soon for my wife's sake and then I remembered I gave him a Cialis.

He turned my wife around and put her on her back, as soon as she got on her back she opened her legs wide open and held them almost over her head. He got on top of her and started to kiss her pussy again and she was about to cum but he told her not to and stopped, then he slid his cock into her and she started to work her hips fucking his cock. He was impressed and told her how good her tight pussy felt. He started to fuck her harder and harder then I saw him put one hand on her neck and started telling her what a nice married slut she was. I could tell he was restricting her breathing, he would let go slightly and she would be able to take a few breaths and then he'd restrict hr breathing again.

All the while he was fucking her pussy and her ass. It was amazing seeing my wife being taken by such a strong controlling man. In no time he had her cumming, after she came he slipped his cock out and fed it to me again and his shaft tasted amazing. He then got on the bed and made her get on top of him reverse cowgirl style, this is my favorite position to see her in. I was hoping and he allowed me to get on the bed and told me to lick her clit, my face was sitting front row and I was licking from her clit to his balls as she bounced up and down on his massive shaft. In no time he was grunting and rolled her off him and stood over her and shot loads of cum on her face and tits.

He was a very big cummer and I loved the sight of all that cum on my wife. He took the first condom he came in and poured his first load of cum on her too. My wife was laying on her back and she had cum from her pussy to her hair. It was amazing site to see body glissading in sweet her in crotchless nylons and heels with cum on her. Dave got up told her he was leaving his number on the dresser, got dressed and left without saying another work. My wife passed out by the time the door closed behind dave. I stood and watched her in amazement and I got in bed and as always I ate and cleaned my wife's used pussy. Her pussy was so puffy and hot and lose.

Even as drunk as I was I laid next to my wife for hours, she smelled of sex and having all that cum on her felt and smelled amazing. Having my clitty locked in the chastity only added to the intensity I felt.

I have a part 2 to this and will post ehenever I get the time to write it up.

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