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Cuckold Gets Cash - We are a young cuckold couple still in college. I know most here are a little older but hey, cucking is cucking. The first time she strayed was at a girl's night out in college. My now wife and her friends went to see dancer boys shake their dicks in their face for a few laughs and some girl fun. She and another girl got talked back to the dancer's hotel room. She didn't feel right about something so she took off. She didn't have a way home so she walked across the street to the bar that was just closing. One of her friends there pulled this guy Robert aside and told my wife Cindy he would drive her home - he was a good guy - nothing to fear.

On the way home, she talked about the dancer boys and he said something about he liked girls (guess her talking about guys sucked), but she told him, she liked girls, too. When they parked in front of the apt, they made out in his car. She mentioned that I was inside but I had a ton of naked pictures of her and that he could see some tonight if he was interested.

He followed her inside - I was on the couch studying. As soon as she brought some guy in at 2:30 in the morning, I knew she was a slut girlfriend and as it turned out became a slut-wife. Now we'd fantasized in bed before of her with another guy but never made any concrete plans.

She was shit-faced and standing there arm-in-arm with this guy she just met.

He sat down at the computer with her and they started sifting through them. They were chronological so the first ones were the tame ones - when we first started going out. The Playboy shots of her in bed, lingerie, just posing. Then the handheld pics of us together. Then the tripod shots, then friends taking our pictures of us two together. He only got to the tripod pics and noticed Cindy wasn't there.

She was naked, in bed. I walked in and saw her there and he was right behind me.

He immediately started convincing me we should fuck her together.

I don't know why but then he goes for the wallet and offered me $200.00. I was like no. I didn't need money for them to fuck and still being in shock was not completely in control of the situation. He took it another way altogether. He assumed I meant it wasn't enough money. Then he took every dollar outta his wallet $600 and handed it to me.

I was about to pimp out my girl for $600.

Still in shock I stood there and then I started by diving between her legs and she was soaking wet. She quickly started moaning and moving around. Robert had stripped and hopped into bed and started slapping her in the face with his hard cock.

I moved outta there and asked if he wanted face or no face in the pictures as I pulled out the camera. He was ok with face so I took a couple while he fucked her.

I let him have his fun with her. I left the light on and came and went while he rolled her this way and that. She was in that dreamy state between orgasms. Talking and moaning but very basic stuff.

When he couldn't fuck her anymore, he left.

I fucked her twice before falling asleep and told her the whole time she was now a whore and not just a slut anymore and I had the pictures to prove it. I took a picture of the money spread out on the table.

She loved the pictures. She wished I got more. She also got very wet knowing she got pimped out (she was kinda tipsy when we were negotiating). She was sex-crazy that way.

That pretty much started us off and we haven't slowed down one bit. Attached is a pic from our wedding day which seemed appropriate.

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