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My 26yo girlfriend and I live in Europe. We have always had this fantasy for years, about her having sex with another guy, but there was never a real opportunity. So lately, she had to go on a job-related trip to the USA, and I was to join her after her official affairs were completed for some weeks of holiday. A few days after she had gone, she texted me that she had met this cute guy at work, but I didn't give it much thought since she also told me that she was on her period, and in any case things like that don't happen in real life, after all, don't they.

Anyhow, fast forward to my arrival at the airport, I picked up a rental car and went to the hotel where she picked me up at the reception. She immediately said she had to tell me something, and that she had had slept with that guy. (I was later to learn that she omitted "...three times"). I was initially shocked but also immediately aroused as you can imagine.

I reassured her that I wasn't mad at her (which she knew since we have a very tolerant relationship) and she promised to tell me all the details. After a quick shower we jumped into the bed naked and the fun began. She stroked my dick and rubbed her hot body against me while telling me about her adventures.

So the night before my arrival, they were out in a club with some colleagues. She told me that the guy had openly flirted with her the whole evening and that she had deliberately made it easy for him. So after a while, he took her to some hidden part of the bar to get her a drink and they had started kissing. At that time, they both knew he would get to fuck her, so they continued the party for a while and then took a taxi to the hotel. She told me she had followed him to his room without further invitation which I took as a sign that she was really horny, because she is not usually so bold.

In the room, they immediately started kissing again, then got rid of their clothes, and had sex. At that point I had become really horny as well so I asked about his dick, and she told me it was larger than mine, but mainly girth not length. That made me even hornier because I totally get off on the thought of her tight pussy getting stretched by a big dick. (We often play with large dildos in bed and although she says, it hurts her when it's too big and my size is sufficient - sometimes she cums really hard on the huge ones and whispers that it makes her more horny).

She told me that the guy had fucked her in various positions, fucked her from the back while she was on the floor, had grabbed her ass while she was riding him, and more. He had told her to finish him off by blowing him. She told me that she hadn't cum, but also said "...this time", so I knew there was more to come. By then it was 3 or 4 in the morning and she stayed in his room and they slept 3-4 hours. In the morning they made out again and he had fingered her to orgasm.

They had spent the day (the one I was to arrive) at the beach with colleagues, and when it got late, they went to his room again. That was when I had already landed and she had texted me to tell her when I would be at the hotel. So while I was queuing at the airport for immigration and stuff, she was letting a guy she just met with a thick penis fuck her! She isn't usually such a naughty girl but I love it when she is!

She told me, the third time was the best. He had told her he liked dirty talk, so she had told him how she loved his big dick, which I would have never expected from her. They had fucked again for an hour or so and she had finally cum on his dick while riding him (her favorite position).

At that point I was becoming so aroused at the thought of a big fat dick sliding in and out of my cute horny girlfriend's wet pussy that I couldn't hold it much longer and attempted to have sex with her. Which was also what she wanted, only that she told me to be careful because she was so sore from the guy fucking her. She also asked me if it turned me on to know, that just one hour ago there was another dick inside her, which gave me the rest.

Guys, there we go, my hot girlfriend has officially been taken, and is up for more, and we both love it. She told me she loves that she can do these things without feeling bad and I love having such a naughty girlfriend. I swear every single word of this story is 100% true, and I have a hard-on again from the memories while writing this down (she is still asleep). Best holiday ever!

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