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This is a great blog! I have some pictures of my wife attached and I hope that many bulls enjoy them. This started with us watching shows on TV and my wife and I saw peep shows, you know the ones where you put money in the slot the panel goes up and you get a strip show but you never got to see anything. We wondered if there were any in Australia or even in our town. We both thought that we would like to see a live show like that. We looked around and visited a couple of adult bookshops until we saw an ad on the wall for an adult erotic show right here in our town tucked away in a little backstreet. We have a few sexual experiences we want to try but have never had the chance. I think everyone has one of those, and one of ours was visiting a live peep show. Saturday night was advertised as the best night and the shows started at 9 o'clock.

Saturday evening came and we were ready to go. We dressed up a little but didn't go over board. I just wore slacks and a shirt while the wife wore a nice summer dress, after all it was summer.

There was a door, nothing fancy with some lights around them and a sign that said, "adult book store and live show." We walked in and it looked like any other adult book shop with all the usual sex aids and movies for sale so we walked over to the counter and asked about the live show. She pointed to a door to one side of the shop and just said, "room booth four." After that friendly greeting we went to look for room four.

We walked down a hallway till we got to the booth and went inside.

It was a booth with just enough room for two chairs and a roller screen on the rear wall and a slot next to the screen which took coins or notes. We locked the door behind us and sat down in the chairs. I put a $5 note in the slot the screen went up and there was a girl wearing almost nothing sitting on a wooden chair on the other side of a glass panel. She started her strip show, not that there was much to take off so she was naked in no time except for long silk gloves and a pearl necklace.

It wasn't her getting naked that was so good it was the show she did after it. She started to run her hands over her tits and down just short of her shaven pussy. Just as she was putting her hand near her pussy the light on the coin slot started to blink it was time to put more money in and so this time I put in twenty dollars to give us plenty of time.

The show continued, she was removing the gloves and running her hand across her pussy and putting the tips of her fingers in and then licking them. I looked at my wife and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as me. I could see her nipples were erect because she didn't like to wear a bra. I reached over and touched her nipple and it was as hard as a rock so I put my hand in her top and started to play with them. As the show continued behind the glass my wife reached across and unzipped my trousers and got my cock out. She slowly started to wank my cock while she watched the show. I got my hand and started to rub it up her leg and across her pussy. Her pants were already wet just from watching another woman playing with herself. She let go of my cock and lifted herself up and removed her pants to make it easier for me to play with her pussy which was very wet.

As she sat down again she noticed a round hole in the wall, we weren't that silly, we knew it was a glory hole and there was a dim light coming from the hole as someone was in the booth next to us. I had seen movies of glory holes before where men stuck their cocks through a hole and got it sucked. We hadn't noticed there was one on each side wall when we came in.

The girl on the other side of the glass had her legs wide open and was working on her pussy. By now my wife had the top of her dress down and had pulled the bottom up and I had a clear view of her tits and her pussy.

She pushed my hand out of the way and started to work on her own pussy. It was almost as if they were putting on a show for each other. She had one hand on my cock and the other on her pussy moving her hand up and down on both. The light started to blink again so she let go of my cock and said, "Put more money in," and with this show going who was I to argue. While I was up putting the money in the slot I took off my trousers before I sat down again.

I started to rub my cock, watching while my wife was doing the same as the other girl. There was a noise beside me so I looked around and someone had seen the light from our room and put his cock through the hole. I whispered to the wife to have a look so without stopping rubbing her hand on her pussy she looked across and saw the cock. She surprised me by saying, "Why don't you grab hold of it?" I had played with another guy when I was younger but that a long time ago. I was hoping she would, which was a fantasy of mine, a BIG fantasy. But having her be in control like this was so hot I figured, "what the hell," and so I grabbed it and started to squeeze it and play with it.

As soon as I did it started to stiffen up in my hand. The light blinked again but this time the wife said not to put more money in, a minute later the shutter came down. The wife was more interested in me wanking the stranger's cock than the other show. She was now watching me while still fingering her pussy. She grabbed my cock and started to wank me almost in time to me wanking the stranger. She leaned over and started to lick the head of my cock, she lifted her head and said, "Have you ever sucked a guys cock? I would love to see you suck his cock." It was almost a command more than it was a question.

That took me by surprise, she told me she had a dream of watching me suck another guy's cock. I had thought about it myself. Caroll had given me many head jobs and I wondered what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth because she seemed to love doing it to me. We moved our chairs a bit closer to the hole and I went back to wanking him. I looked at it for a minute just in front of my face then I licked the end of it, it tasted of salty pre cum it wasn't a bad taste so I licked it again.

The cock twitched as I licked it so I put just the head of it in my mouth and gave it a suck. Caroll was watching me starting to suck his cock putting just a little more in my mouth each time, she was getting to see her dream in real life and she was now fingering her pussy furiously. I think she was going to climax herself at any moment and I was right, it didn't take long. She let out a noise and her whole body shuddered as she climaxed. I was still sucking the cock and I was starting to enjoy it, Caroll had regained some composure and moved even closer she was almost as close as I was but she was still rubbing her pussy although lot gentler than before.

"Let him come in your mouth, that was what you did in my dream." she said. She had let me cum in her mouth and I had wondered what it tasted like. She loved to swallow and liked the taste of it.

She let go of her pussy and put one hand on my cock and the other on the base of his cock and wanked him slowly while I was sucking it. Then she did something that will remain burned in my mind forever. She took me off of him, lifted her ass to meet his cock, let it slide in her, pumped her pussy on it no more than 5 times before cumming on it, HARD and then had me continue what I was doing. At this point I would have done anything she wanted, she had made my fantasy come true and it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. A close up look at a cock going inside her and her cumming with it.

Well, before I knew it I was sucking him again under my wife's stern orders and he started to cum and it was all I could do to swallow it all. I just kept sucking and swallowing til there was nothing left to swallow. Caroll was right, it didn't taste bad at all. I wonder if he knew it was another man sucking his cock. The cock was pulled back through the hole. Caroll said that she enjoyed watching me give another man a head job and also said she wished she had brought the video camera to film it all. I told her I enjoyed what she did and wished we had the camera too. Then she got down and started to suck my cock, asking me if I wanted her to fuck other men, the way she just did in front of me. At that I came, in an instant. She kept sucking till she swallowed all I had.

We decided that was enough of the glory hole for the night we got ourselves dressed and left. That night we had more sex and then talked about some of the other things we would like to do. Caroll wants to go back to the glory hole next week to try something different but won't tell me what.




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