Canadian Wife is Shy but Found Cheating



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First time posting here. This is kinda a long story as everything happened over a month's time.

My wife and I are both 26. Both born and raised in Canada and we live in Toronto. Both of us are kind of open minded. We've been married for about a year now. She's very shy, pretty open again but not sure how to get herself to actually play but with baby steps we have been talking and getting nervous and talking and feeling good.

My wife works at a big law office. Someone I know recently got a job at the same office but she doesn't know that I know him. I kind of jokingly asked him to keep tabs on her and for a while, according to him at least, it was a pretty normal work environment (normal ppl interactions etc). Then he noticed my wife and this new guy would always seem to hang out together (like have lunch, talk a lot etc) nothing out of the ordinary. Still I was curious so I got my friend to chat him up and the the New Dude revealed that he was working her and trying to get something going with her despite knowing she was married.

He told me from what he could see they seemed kind of flirty and he asked me if I wanted him to step in but I said no let them do their thing and told him because I wanted clear evidence she was cheating so I could divorce her (even though that wasn't my intention). This goes one for about a couple weeks of flirting and he asks him (the new guy) how the pussy hunt with that funky chick is going.

He said that they were talking about their work outs and stuff and when she was talking about her squats, he squeezed her ass to see her progress. According to him she didn't stop him or anything just kind of went with it. This was a couple weeks ago and he hadn't been able to chat with the new guy until today.

My friend and I met up at second cup (coffee place in Toronto) and he asked me if I was ready to hear what he had to tell me. I was like yeah go ahead and he said that he spoke to the guy and he told him that a day ago they took their lunch to my wife's car because the lunch room was too noisy.

They had it in her back seat. He told my friend that she was wearing this low cut shirt and that her clevage was popping out and that had had to get in there. So he said he put his arm around her and got closer then just started to massage her tits. She didn't stop him so he pulled her shirt down and took them out of the bra and starting squeezing and sucking them, playing with nipples etc. She was into it, so he said he put his hand up her skirt and pulled down her panties and started fingering her pussy while they made out.

According to him she was "wet as fuck" and her pussy tasted pretty good but there was no way they could go further because my wife's car is a bit small (BMW 3 series) and that she def wants his cock inside her.

I was kinda dumbfounded but a bit turned on. My wife has been acting normally at home. I told my friend to keep asking the guy for updates and let it like that. I always sort of suspected that my wife was into other guys. She's a very shy person when we watch porn but still looks intensly, especially when they have big dicks. And when I jokingly asked her how she would react if her sister married a hung guy she said "that would be so cool!"

I don't want to tell her I'm sort of into cuckolding just yet I really want to see how this plays out.

Not sure how I feel about her getting fully fucked by him though but whatever happens happens I guess haha.





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