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It happened but it's hard for me to recall this completely with much detail as I was drunk as a skunk, but here goes:

After years of fantasizing about this, and two years in a relationship with a woman who knew about it, it finally happened. But not the way we expected. I posted an ad online looking for a Bull, but we ended up responding to an email from a couple visiting our town. They seemed cool and legit. We made a plan and emailed details throughout the day.

We were to meet at the bar in their hotel lobby at 10:30 pm. She and I showed up an hour early to get settled and drink to calm our nerves. 10:30 came and there they were. They looked hot in their pictures. They were even hotter in person. I mean she was wayyyyy out of my league. He was much taller and much more fit than me.

We chatted it up. Everyone was cool. We seemed to get along well. Nothing weird. And when the subject of what was about to happen came up, things remained cool.

I'll get to the good part. After two more drinks we headed up to their room. Once there, we drank some wine and chatted more about our sexuality. They were just two kinky sexy people. They asked if we were ready for this. Yup. I told them, "just to warn you, I'm wearing panties."

"Good," he said. "Strip down to them and go over to that chair.". I did. His girl came and pulled up a chair next to me. He told my girl to get on her knees. He took out his cock and told her to suck it. He was about eight inches, average thickness. She went to town, her nerves quickly slipping away.

Meanwhile, his girl asked me if her man's cock was bigger than mine. "Yes." "Aw, let me see it." I took all four inches of it out my pink panties. Of course I was hard as can be. She looked at me with pity. "Poor guy. It's so small. She obviously needs more, right?" "Yes, yes she does."

It was all done in good taste, and I knew it. It was play, but it also wasn't. I was feeling good, as was my girl, who was trying to deep throat him, but only getting half way. He asked her to try harder. She tried, but didn't get very far, choking on his length. He told his girl to come over and show her how it's done. She walked over, got on her knees, and took all of him into her throat without gagging. "I trained her to do that," he said.

In all honesty, I don't remember all of it. Next time I do this, I plan on being less drunk. But here are a few things.

When he bent my girl over and started fucking her, his girl came back to me. We held hands much of the time, her whispering sweetly sadistic and supportive things to me, like, "He's hitting parts you never will," and "what a good boyfriend you are letting her get what she needs. A real man."

He had my girlfriend say how she was feeling a few times. She said, "It hurts," a few times. I asked if she was ok. "Oh my god, yes," she replied. "It's a good hurt."

He eventually took her over to the kitchen counter and bent her over. He called his girl over and she took off her dress and panties. She sat over my girl's face, while he pounded away. At one point he had his girl guide his cock back into my girl's pussy. Soon after, his girl was licking his ass as he continued to thrust.

I sat there in awe, feeling the awesome jealousy of a skilled and adequate man pleasuring and being pleasured by two hot women, one of them my own, and the other one who I'd never get to go beyond holding hands with.

Eventually he came on her face and told her to go to me and kiss me. We made out and I licked the cum off of her face.

By the way, that was all agreed upon beforehand.

We ended up staying another hour or so, drinking more wine, and chatting. I was in my panties and he sat with his big soft cock hanging out. It was oddly comfortable. Then we thanked them, and went on our merry way.

We awoke the next morning to a text of his cock sent to her. "Something for you to think about." Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet with them again and they left town.

She and I chatted about the experience the next few days. Some of the above details I only know because she repeated them while jerking me off. We both can't believe how well it went. She felt no guilt. I felt no jealousy or negativity. I was only thankful she was able to give me this, and she was only thankful I'm cool enough to allow her to try this for the first time.

She got a taste of big cock, and let me know that it hurt the next few days. "I think he bruised my cervix," she said. Clearly, she's ok with this pain, as she was quick to ask if we could find someone else to do this again. Just a Bull this time.

So I reposted the ad. We met with a guy at a bar the other night. He's 15 years my junior. Also not what we'd planned on, but at the end of the night, he asked how I'd feel calling a younger man "Sir." Had never thought of that, but wow, it's pretty hot. He was clearly attracted to her, rubbing his hand on her leg for quite some time, showing her pics of his huge cock (same length as the first guy but thicker). Her eyes bulged when she saw it, and he told her what he'd do to her.

She's into it. He'll be away for several months though but we'll meet up when he gets back.

I'll finish with this: After fantasizing about this in one way or another for 10 years or so, I'm pretty calm considering it happened. Of course the reality is never as perfect as the fantasy, but it was still pretty darned awesome. We did it the right way, taking it slowly, talking it all over, being sure we felt ready. And so far, so good. So all you dudes who want this but think you'll never get it, I once felt the same.

Cuckold dreams can come true. It can happen to you, too. Be open. Be patient.

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