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This is my first time sharing on this blog, or in general. I've been following this blog for a while and after having an amazing weekend, I thought I'd share it with everyone. My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years. She has an absolutely amazing body as you can see and has been very open sexually since we first met.

We've talked for a few months about my desire to share her and last weekend it finally happened. We met up in Chicago for the weekend and a friend of mine happened to be traveling with me. He knew that we wanted to do this, and in the days leading up to the weekend she had added him on on her phone messenger and sent him some pretty sexy pictures and exchanged some pretty heated text messages. On Friday afternoon we all got together in our hotel room for drinks.

We were all pretty nervous and I think all knew what we wanted to happen. Finally I started kissing her and sat her on my lap, with her facing him. I pulled her shirt off and layed her back on me, pulling her bra up to show off her perfect tits. We kissed some more and then she asked him if this was all ok. He was more than eager to say yes. I led her through the doors and into the bedroom, put a blindfold on her, and pulled her pants off so I could let him see me eating her pussy.

I finally turned around and asked him if he wanted to join. He came into the room and dove head first into her pussy. Seeing him taste her drove me wild. He buried a couple of fingers deep inside her and started fucking her with them. She wanted my cock in her mouth so I was kind enough to let her blow me while he licked her pussy. I knew he had to be rock hard so I asked her to suck his dick. His dick was a little bit larger than mine and I was anxious to watch her suck it.

She pulled his pants off and sucked that cock down her throat as fast as she could. I got behind her and ate her pussy while she was up on all fours. I buried a couple of fingers inside of her to get her nice and wet for him. I finally told her I wanted her to fuck him and he came around to my side of the bed. We both shoved some of our fingers inside of her at once and she loved it. He finally pushed his cock into her while she was bent over.

Watching him fuck her was amazing. She was so horny and loved having both of us taking control of her body. I positioned myself so I could see him fucking her and she could continue to suck my dick. He kept grabbing her hips and slamming her pussy onto his dick. She finally layed him on the bed and cleaned all of her juices off. I just layed there and watched. She climbed on top of him and rode that cock like there was no tomorrow.

We had originally planned for him to wear a condom, but in the heat of the moment we could care less. He said he was going to cum and asked me where...I told her to tell him where. She said cum in my pussy. She continued to ride him until every drop of him was deep inside her. She immediately climbed on top of me after he came. The feeling was unimaginable. Knowing that he had just fucked her and feeling his hot cum inside of her was mind-blowing.

She rode my cock until I dumped my load in her as well. When we were done I made her spread her pussy for me to see both of our cum inside of her.

I'm not a novelist, so I guess that's my first submission in writing.

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