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I'm Bryce and my wife is Tracy. We're both in our late 20's now and have a story to tell. I've always wondered about when other cuckold's moments of revelation were. I mean when did you really know? Mine came when I was in college, 20 years old and I was living with Tracy who was my then girlfriend in an apartment we rented together. She decided to go to summer school and I had to go home for the summer to work.

We agreed that I would visit every weekend. Around the 4th of July, I was there and after some great sex, she got up to do some homework. As I lay there in our bed, I noticed something shiny and gold in the wastebasket. Looking more closely, I noticed it was a condom wrapper. Tracy had gone off birth control pills that summer and we were using condoms, but that wasn't the package for the kind we used.

I knew right then and there that another man had been in our bed riding Tracy. Part of me was mad, I admit, but part of me was fascinated and excited. I was ashamed of those latter feelings and was in turmoil that I could even think that way. I was being defeated by another man, probably one that was laughing at me while he humped my woman.

I didn't say anything to Tracy, but I did pull that condom package out of the wastebasket. When I left Sunday night, I took it with me and masturbated looking at it the rest of the week. It was right there, physical proof of my woman's infidelity and I was accepting it and excited about it.

I could not wait for Friday to come around. The first chance I had, I was in our bedroom and looking in the wastebasket. There were four condom wrappers there, but this time, they were from the kind that I used. The man was fucking my girlfriend and using the condoms I bought to do it. A wave of humiliation and excitement broke over me. The macho part of me struggled against it and said that I could not accept this.

As I sat there, I wondered how Tracy could be so careless. Maybe she wanted me to know. Summing up my courage, I went out to the kitchen with the wrappers in my hand and said, "So, what's this all about." She looked very nervous and her face turned red. She said, Oh, I am so sorry" and she did it because she was so lonely. I made her tell me exactly what happened. Exactly. She asked for forgiveness, which I gave her, afraid to tell her that I had never loved a woman more in my life than I loved her right then and wanted her more than ever.

We had great sex all weekend, with me continually thinking about what she had told me. I could not find a way to come right out and say it, but when I was leaving on Sunday, I took the condom box out of the bathroom and put it next to the bed. When she saw that, she sort of gave me a questioning look and I said, "You might need those during the week."

She gave me a big farewell kiss and I left, both of us knowing exactly what I was - a cuckold.

Bryce - sanjuan.itahassan259@gmail.com




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