A Very Pleasant Mistake



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This is about one morning my husband left for work and I jumped quickly in the shower. Of course, it didn't drain again so I took a plunger and gave it few quick pushes and it started to slowly drain the water again. As soon as I finished, the door bell rang.

"Damn, he forgot his keys again, locked himself out and came back for the keys!", I was little upset and stepped out of the shower and ran naked to the door, turned the handle, opened the door and walked back in the bathroom:

"Get your keys and lock the door behind you again!" I screamed and turned the hot water on.

I heard the door closing and soaped my face and my body. The hot water felt great and after I washed off the soap, I spread my legs and started to wash my pussy.

The stream of the water hit my clitoris and I held the shower aimed at my pussy a little longer.

"Maybe I should finish myself to orgasm, it would be nice to start my day like that."

I turned around with my back to the wall and opened my legs more, left hand on my breast and right hand moved the shower closer to my clitoris. I rubbed my breast and then my hand slid to my pussy and I pushed my finger between my labia. I opened my eyes for a second and I screamed. In front of the shower stood a stranger and kept looking at me.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in? Please leave!!"I was really scared.

"Well, you let me in, I rang your doorbell. Last night your husband called and asked me to come and repair your shower drain, it was supposed to be plugged. He told me you'll be home and I should take care of the shower."

I was still standing naked in front of him and strangely, I was relieved. The shock wore off and I didn't attempt to cover myself. As the mater of fact, I was getting upset that my husband didn't tell me about the plumber.

"Well, it was plugged, but I cleaned it few minutes ago."

"Well, maybe I should check it again, so it will not happen again."

His eyes were looking at my pussy and I realized, that I didn't shave it for a week and my red pubic hair were very visible. Also little strip of them I usually leave in the middle was longer then usual.

I was standing straight, aware that he is looking at my pussy and I took a side step to have my legs more apart. I didn't cross my hands over my breast, just stood there and let him see me all. After few seconds he looked in my face.

"Did you masturbate with the shower?" It was unexpected and I didn't know what to say.

"You were watching me? How long you were here before I saw you?"

"Well, I walked behind you when you opened the door for me."

"I didn't know it was you, I thought it was my husband." The whole situation was getting quite bizarre. I was still standing naked in front of him and still didn't try to cover myself and I realized that I am excited when he look at me.

"Do you shave your pussy often? Does it excite you when your pussy is shaved?" The question surprised me and it was exciting , when he talked about my pussy. I hesitated for a moment and I started to talk without thinking,

"Well, I had my pussy shaved first time when I had my labia tattooed and it was very exciting."

"You are joking, you have a tattoo on your labia? Was it your husband's idea? What do you have there? Your husband's name or initials?"

"No, I have a small heart there, and my husband doesn't know about it, he never saw it." This time he didn't try to hide his excitement,

"How come he doesn't know? Doesn't he look at your pussy?"

"No, he is often gone, traveling for his company and doesn't have much interest in sex."

"You are joking, your pussy looks great to me! I don't want to be to impolite but may I see your tattoo?"

This time he was really excited, I saw his crotch and it was obvious that he had a big erection. By then I was excited maybe more than he was, "Well, it is here!" My fingers were shaking when I grabbed my labia and pulled them apart. He bent over and looked.

"I don't see it well, it is s bit dark here." I stepped out of the shower and walked in the bedroom. I sat on the bed, facing a window and spread my legs. He kneeled in front of me and stared directly at my labia. I pulled it open and he finally saw my tattoo. He touched my labia with his finger in disbelief.

"It is for real? I love it!" His finger kept rubbing my labia, he still didn't believe it was a real tattoo and tried to rub it off. Then his arm dropped down and I saw his shoulders moving and he pushed his face in my crotch. I felt his tongue touching my clitoris and I laid on my back, letting him lick my pussy. After a minute I felt his hands lifting my legs and I opened my eyes. He stood up and his shirt was gone and his pants dropped down to his ankles. His cock was erect with his red and big gland at the end of his shaft. I sat up and took his cock in my mouth. My pussy was terribly wet but I wanted to prolong the excitement. He kicked off his pants away and he leaned over, looking for something in his pocket. I looked up to him and saw his cell phone in his hand.

"Suck my cock, I want to take picture of you!" I didn't say anything, just took his cock deep in my mouth and he snapped a picture.

"Now pull my cock out and just lick my cock head!" I kept doing what he said. He took few shots and then he pushed my shoulders back on the bed and opened my legs. I held them spread and he opened my labia and took more pictures. I was horny as hell and what he was doing excited me a lot. I lifted my legs higher and he pushed his cock close to my open pussy, and took another picture. I didn't want to wait anymore and pushed my pussy against his cock.

"Fuck me hard, I want your cock!!!!"

"Just another minute, then I'll fuck your pussy like you never had it before!" He took a few shots of my pussy with his cock half way in, another deep in and another with just his gland between my labia. My legs started to shake, just because I wanted so much to get his cock in my pussy. He laid his cell phone aside and I felt his cock ramming deep in my pussy and I would do anything to have it last for the longest possible time. I lost all sense of time, it was just my pussy and pounding of his cock in me, nothing else. His tempo suddenly quickened and I felt his cum squirting out of his cock deep in my cunt. My body was still shaking and I felt spasm in my pussy. He pulled his cock out and it was shiny from my pussy juice and his cum.

"Did you cum inside of my cunt?" it was exciting to talk dirty to him.

"Yes, I did, can you push some of it out?" and he grabbed his cell phone again.

I felt his cum running out of my pussy and he was busy taking pictures. Then he kneeled by my head and stuck his cock in my face.

"Suck me again, lick my cum off!"

I felt his cock in my mouth and few small drops still got on my tongue. His cock got hard again and he was ready for the next fuck.

"Let me to shave your cunt now, ok?"

"Yes, you may shave me, just get a razor from the bathroom!"

He came back with my husband's soap brush. "Your man still uses this?"

"Yes, he does, he likes it."

"Great, I ll soap up your cunt with it."

I laid on my back and let him to soap my pussy and closed my eyes. It felt great, he ran with the brush over my labia and clitoris and I felt that another orgasm would come soon. When he stopped, I felt a razor on my cunt and he was playing with it very slow, just to make sure I stay horny. He cleaned the soap from my pussy with a towel and got his cell phone again. "Your cunt looks great shaved, have to fuck you all over again."

I sucked his cock again, but he took most of the pictures of his cock, penetrating my shaved pussy and I didn't even realize he shaved my pussy completely, even the little strip of hair I usually leave in the middle. We spent over two hours playing before he had to leave. He was putting his pants on, when my phone rang.

"Hi, I forgot to tell you that I called a plumber to fix the shower drain. Did he show up?"

"Yes, he did but it was not a big deal, he fixed it, it works now. But next time you let me know earlier!"

"Did he clean it good? I don't want to get it plugged again and call him back. How he did it?"

In my perverted mind I started to talk, basically describing my fuck with the plumber, but a way it would sound like I am describing his work while the plumber was dressing up.

"Well, first he looked at it for a while, then he asked me some questions, than he poked in it and said he will take some pictures before and after and started to work. I knew from the way he did it, that he knows his job well and he pushed his tools in in real deep, then he flashed it with some liquid, cleaned it and did it few times over and kept taking pictures of the progress, it was very interesting how he worked and I really enjoyed watching him. I think he did a great job!" and I hung up the phone.

The plumber listened to our conversation and had a big grin on his face.

"Wow, you are such a tease!! You basically told him how I fucked you and played with you and he thinks that you were talking about my work on the plugged shower. You are one cool wife."

He pulled his cock out again. "Suck me one more time, I got all hard listening to you!"

I grabbed his cock and in two minutes his cum shot in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

The plumber left, he took about 40 pictures of us, fucking and he was still excited, sticking his finger in my pussy, before he left.

"I have to see this guy more often!" I thought. Or maybe not!

Two days later I had a latte after work in a pub close to my office. Next to me were two guys talking about women and one of them pulled out his cell phone. "Look what Charlie sent me. He got some redhead when he came to repair her shower and sent me some hot pictures."

Both of them were looking at the pictures and I leaned a bit to see it, too. Sure enough, it was me sucking a cock, my pussy spread wide open with my tattoo visible, with Charles' cum running out of me, catching Charles' cum in my mouth and all of naked me with my legs up and my cunt all soaped up, with Charles shaving me.

"What a son of a bitch!" I thought and started to leave.

I paid for my latte and the bartender looked at me funny. I walked two steps to the door when I heard the bartender.

"Hey guys, the redhead you are looking at is the woman there!"

They turned around and looked at me.

"Well, at least you enjoyed the picture, right?" and I walked out of the pub.

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