My Wife Fucked a Stranger


Stranger Sex - I thought I would share our first cuck experience! My wife is a smoking hot and very petite woman. She is five foot one, 103 pounds, sporting perfect hand size tits with an amazing ass!

We would occasionally talk about another man joining us in bed to pleasure her. The conversations always turned me on and she seemed to enjoy the "idea". As time went on she agreed to have me set it up but always gave me a hard time saying I would never make it happen.

Roughly two years ago when she was 28 I started an ad on an adult website where every man wanted to fuck my wife, lol. I found a prospective man that was, at the time, 44 years old. He had a pretty large cock about 8+" and maybe 6" thick. I'm your average sized man so he was larger then me. He stands over six feet tall and husky built but not fat. In contrast, he was enormous when compared to my petite wife. We planned a meeting without my wife ever knowing that we were talking.

My wife worked swing shift getting off at 11pm and I scheduled Pat to meet us at our home at midnight. I called my wife and told her to hurry home I had someone coming to visit us when she got off. She thought I was still full of crap. When she got home I insisted it was really happening! She still didn't believe me but jumped in the shower, shaved her legs and pussy smooth kind of playing along.

Getting out she put on some sexy and tight boy shorts and a spaghetti strapped top. We lay there in bed as I caressed and kissed her all over until I received a text message that our guest had arrived. I showed her the text and she was shocked, to say the least. I told her she was to wear a blindfold and she will never meet or see who is fucking her. She agreed, put on the blindfold and crawled under the covers while I waited at the door.

I met Pat for the first time when I opened the door. We briefly spoke and he followed me to our bedroom where my wife lay waiting under the covers. Pat got undressed and I pulled the covers off showing her nervous but beautiful body.

Pat and I laid on either side of her and began to kiss and rub her all over. We took her top off and took turns sucking, biting and caressing her tits as her breathing deepened and she relaxed. I told Pat to pull her shorts off and have a taste of her sweet and tight little pussy, he quickly obliged. He pulled her shorts off and began lightly rubbing her glistening lips and occasionally flicking her clit which increased her panting. Then he slid one and then two of his large fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy and she raised her knees and arched her back to take his fingers in her. Then his fingers were matching her hips rotating as he licked her clit.

I asked her if she was ready to feel his cock and she moaned yes. Pat crawled between her legs and spread her legs apart but not back, just enough to allow his very large frame between her petite legs. Remember Pat is over six feet tall with a very thick and long cock while my wife barely over five feet and very slim. I was extremely aroused!

Pat's giant cock was right in front front of my wife's tight little pussy. This man was going to fuck my wife, bareback. He slowly pressed his giant cock between her soaked pussy lips and easily slid the tip of her cock in her and she gasped and took him. He slowly fucked her with just half of his cock until he felt her relax and then slowly slid all of his cock balls deep in her. I thought I was going to explode hearing her gasp for air, whimper and moan all at the same time as watching Pat's cock take full deep and slow strokes in her tiny pussy while glistening with her juices.

Soon she had her heels against his ass pulling him in deeper with rhythmic motion and gasping breaths of pleasure. I was shocked and amazed that her tiny pussy was taking a pounding from his monster cock and she was pulling him in deeper.

Pat then flipped my wife on her tummy and continued to bury his cock balls deep in her, then doggy, they her on top. Man this guy was hammering her without skipping a beat! Again Pat rolled her to her back, this time lifting her legs over his shoulders and slowly slid deep in her pussy. He had his shoulders and her knees to her shoulders and reached around and under her butt cheeks, spreading her pussy wide. He was grinding so deep her juices were squirting out and dripping down her ass. The sound of her pussy squirting, moaning, breathing and whimpering was AMAZING! He continued to grind deep in her until he came deep in her, which seemed to last for minutes.

When he was completely drained he pulled his cock out leaving her pussy lips stretched wide open. He quickly got dressed and left without a word while she caught her breath. Then she rolled back on her knees and told me to fuck her.

I slid my cock into the wettest, warmest and most stretched pussy ever! The feeling was amazing and I fucked her as deep as I could until I came in her and felt both Pat's and my cum running down my balls.

We both collapsed to catch our breath. She was shocked that I really went through with it. She said she was way nervous when she heard us but obviously enjoyed it while it was happening and then we continued to fuck another three times.

Pat continues to join us about once a month and my wife still wears a blindfold. Two years this total stranger with a huge cock has been fucking and cumming in my wife and she has never met or seen him!

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