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My move towards cuckolding has been with me for as long as I can remember. Even in my youth I found pleasure and arousal in the thought that the girl I was dating might also be dating another guy at the same time. Although these feelings were very much covert, it did cause me to be in a number of strange relationships that involved cheating by either myself or my girlfriend.

The first time that it really came close to the surface was with a girl that I dated for a short period of time in my mid-twenties. Our relationship was doomed to fail from the very outset, as she had been dating someone else when we started hooking up...but that's another story...

So the story goes this way...my girlfriend and I picked up a mutual guy friend and went out for the evening. Dinner, drinks, etc. I was driving my car, my girlfriend was sitting up front and our friend was sitting in the backseat. On the way to drop off our friend at home we begun discussing things of a sexual nature. Turn ons / turn offs, etc. On an impulse I pulled the car off the road and down a lane by a golf course in our area so that we could continue the conversation. I parked, took off my seat belt and turned to better engage in the talk. My girlfriend did the same. Our friend in the back had started to regal us with some stories of his sexual conquests and both my girlfriend and I were listening with deep attention.

A few minutes into the stories I felt my girlfriend move closer to me. Her leg pressed up against mine. Her jean skirt was up above her knees and I innocently enough put my hand on her leg. She laced her fingers through mine. I almost imperceptibly felt her pull my hand up her thigh. Ever so slightly. I moved it of my own strength slowly up. Her legs separated and she pushed towards me. Sexual tension was in the air. I could barely breath. She was turned towards him. Listening. Staring. I slid my hand up to where I could touch her underwear. She did not resist. I felt her push her pussy against my fingers. Her panties were already wet! Our friend in the backseat had no idea mind you. He was slightly buzzed and just chatting away. I slid a finger into her and then pulled it out to rub her wetness on her clit.

After about 10 minutes the conversation drifted on to other things. I started the car and pulled away, drove our friend home and dropped him off. After I did I casually brought up the fact that I thought that he would like to have fucked my girlfriend. She laughed and didn't deny that she thought the same or that she minded the thought. I drove back to the same place by the golf course directly and we fucked in the car. I said we should have done this earlier. She came beneath me and agreed.

Nothing ever came of it with that girl, but the desire was firmly lodged in my mind. And I could never shake it. I carried it with me into my marriage...which is the story that I really want to tell.


My wife and I had been married for about 6 years when my desire to see her fucking other men really came to the surface. But I wasn't sure how to really "make it happen".

My wife is beautiful, innocent and sweet. She is not an aggressive woman. She is not overtly sexual. She enjoys sex and our sex lives have always been healthy and slightly experimental in the bedroom. At no point in our relationship had I ever mistrusted her or thought that she was seeking a relationship with another man.

So the first problem I had was the same as many others have encountered...how to get their wife onboard with cuckolding or hotwife type sexual activity.

I purposely set out to make this happen, by covert and overt means. These are the elements I used:

Overt methods: - Fantasy talk in the bedroom during sex - she was onboard and would cum as she fantasied about being with another man. - Sex toys - bigger than me! She discovered she liked having all her holes filled at the same time - Honest conversation. I just told her I wanted her to experiment sexually and fuck other men. And I never joked about it. Made sure she knew I was serious. She agreed that she would like to experience other men sexually. - Created an online sex dating account for her and gave her the login and password information for her to meet guys online (this eventually payed off...but was a bit longer play) - then she chatted with some of them. I got to see a exhibitionist side of her that I didn't know existed. - Then we travelled to meet up with a guy we met on the sex site ...this worked out great and lead to our first MFM experience.

Covert Methods: (She eventually found out about these btw) - Created my own fake dating sex site account and contacted her through it. Moved the conversation from there to email and then to a new mobile phone I had for sexting, sending pics etc. - of course the wheels came off that when I convinced her (with the fake account) to meet up and fuck (which she was totally on board with!!!) - BTW this was before she had ever met another guy and I honestly think it helped to open her up to the possibility of meeting up with another guy...the crazy thing was that she was honest and told me that she was chatting with a guy online (didn't know it was me :/) and when I asked she showed me her chat etc. I obviously had to pull the plug on it so I had the "Guy" that I created make up some excuse as to why they couldn't meet...and then just left it...never told her until a long time later. By then she was off to the races...chatting to 2 or 3 other guys and emailing them, sexting etc. My job was done! :)

So that was how I planted the seed with her. I'll get to the specifics in another post in the future about how those elements played out.

Sometime after I had created an account for my wife, and she had communicated with a number of guys on there (including of course the fake one that I created and had pursued aggressively with her out to emails and messaging - I can't overstate how tedious that process was BTW. I realized that it wasn't proceeding fast enough for me/us. So I suggested that we plan a vacation out of town and put an ad for that city. She agreed. I created a gmail account dedicated to the Ad and we both had access to it. We posted a simple ad for MFM threesome and one picture of her ass. We got literally dozens of replies within the hour!!! I gave her the right to choose who she would reply to and connect with. She selected a couple guys from the dozens and emailed them back. (NB: Both guys had replied to our ad in intelligent, articulate ways. And both had replied with pictures of themselves fully clothed and showing their faces clearly).

She continued to email with them over the next few days. I could read the emails if I wanted to, but rarely did. The one guy was very laissez-faire about it. He was interested in hanging out, getting drinks then seeing what happened. The other guy was more aggressive. He wanted to see pics. He wanted to tell her she was sexy. He wanted to meet up to fuck her hard. She decided to go with the second guy :)

In the course of their emailing back and forth their conversation quickly turned sexual. Which was the whole point! We were not looking for a friend or a romantic encounter - we wanted to have a sexual encounter. She willingly complied with his request for pictures. Initially sending him pictures that we had taken over the years of her and then soon after taking selfies of her ass and tits and pussy for him. He'd ask to see her finger in her pussy. She'd do it! and send a picture. Set up her phone at the end of the bed and put a timer on and bend over and show him her ass in the air. Everything he asked for. Sometimes I'd read the emails and jerk off in the bathroom. It was working for me!

A few days in he wanted to connect with her on chat. Again we both had access to it, on our phones, on the laptop hooked up to the tv in our room etc.

She sent him her sex dating account name and her started to chat with her. Through the day, while I was at work the messaged back and forth. Chatting. Sexting. I also could read the messages on my phone. I'd come back to my phone sometimes and see it had blown up with dozens of messages. They were getting dirty! :) He wanted to video chat with her and she agreed to video chat with him later that night.

That evening messaged a few times and we finally set up the video chat. I was in the room initially for a few minutes and then suggested that they get comfortable with each other and chat. I left the room for about 10 - 15 minutes. I could hear them chatting through the bedroom door from where I was sitting in the living room. Not exactly what they were saying but the sound of chatting. I heard giggling. Light laughter. Then a period of quiet. Then a noise that sounded like a light moan. I was so curious!

I quietly approached the room and listen intently and the door. I clearly hear "Those are fucking amazing..." and "I want to suck on your nipples". My heart was pounding. I slowly opened the door. My wife had her top off and was sitting in her underwear on the bed. She kinda covered up a bit at first. I said "Hey guys how's it going". She laughed. I asked her if she wanted me to leave them alone for awhile. She nodded. I left and listened outside he door while they video chatted.

I heard as he asked to see her pussy. As he told it her it was beautiful was when she showed him and that he wanted to eat it and fuck it. I heard her as she made that moan she makes when she is getting aroused. I heard his, "fuck that's amazing". I heard her tell him she wanted his cock inside her. I heard her finally make the beautiful sounds she makes when she cums. Then I heard their conversation go back to regular things. I waited a few minutes before knocking. She was still naked. On her back. Legs open. Pussy wet. Smiling.

He and I spoke for a few minutes then they disconnected. I ate and fucked her pussy with vigor. She came hard. This guy we were definitely going to meet with. And he became our first MFM encounter...more on that for a later post. For now enjoy her pictures.




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