My Cuckold Husband Watches Me Flirt


Cuckold Husband Watches - I want to tell you about the events which took place prior to and following on from the photo attached to this email being taken. The beach has a large nature reserve area with large sand dunes backing on to the beech, it is a popular area for nude bathing.

We were staying at a luxury hotel very close to the beach and would walk from the hotel grounds down to the beach in the afternoon. This particular day as we walked down I spotted a group of lads playing football, I felt a slight tingle between my legs when I saw them and sat down close by them leaving my husband to take a swim into the sea.

There were 6 lads all of whom I guessed were in their early 20's, they were all very tall and muscular and were all wearing very skimpy trunks. I could not believe the way that these boys filled their trunks they must all have been hung like bulls and I soon felt my tingling sensation giving way to a very wet feeling between my legs.

I stripped out of my top and wrap around skirt and sat down trying to concentrate on my book, I though I noticed the boys eyeing up my body so I started to open my legs a little for them. Soon the ball was kicked over towards me and one of the boys came running over, as he approached me I took off my bikini top, my breasts by this time were very aroused with my nipples standing right out. He seemed to enjoy the view and obviously said something to his mates because they all looked over to me, I sat up straight poking my tits out and brushed back my hair in a really provocative manner which they all appreciated.

The match continued and I got hotter and hotter, at one point I came close to stripping off my black bottoms and going nude, but thought that might be too much so decided against it. At on point I turned over onto my stomach and pulled my bottoms right up so they became a thong and gave the boys a good look at my ass. Laying on my front made me even hotter and that's when I decided to do one of the boldest things I've ever done. I put my top on and walked right by them with my bikini bottoms wedged up my butt pretending to just be sight-seeing. Then I walked back to my towel after having beed eyed many times over. Then I spotted my husband coming up the beach. I quickly made myself respectable and was a bit taken aback when having rummaged through the bag he took the attached picture of me. He saw everything and liked it apparently.

When he had left to go swim again (with a smile) I stood up and pulled out my wrap around tennis skirt from my bag and popped it on, then I slipped down my bikini bottoms and stepped out of them. I knew the boys were watching me so I turned my back to them and bent right over making out I was looking for something in my bag. I then noticed the ball roll past me and knew one of the lads would be over to get it, I spread my legs a little wider and waited for him to go past me, as he past me I squatted down and opened my legs wide, he was openly eyeing my naked pussy and I put my hands between my legs to give myself a little stroke.

I lay back down with my legs open so all of the boys could get a good view up my short skirt, a few minutes past and again the ball came towards me, this time I got up and took it back to them, I handed it to one of the boys and the others crowded around me, standing there with just a mini skirt on with no panties or bra was without doubt the most sexual thing I have done as I turned away one of the lads put his hand up my skirt and squeeze my ass, I walked off but lifted the back of my skirt showing my bare ass. I thought if I stay here I'm going to get fucked by these boys and so I slipped on my bikini bottoms and top and went to collect my husband.

Back at the hotel pool I could not get these boys out of my mind and spent about 30 minutes thinking about how they could have taken me into the dunes and fucked me in turn with their massive cocks.

I could not stand it any longer and so making an excuse that I had lost something on the beach I went off on my own back to he beach. When I was outside the hotel grounds I took off my bikini bottoms and top and strolled down to the beach with just my tennis skirt on, when I arrived back at the spot I found the boys had left, I was so frustrated and started to walk back.

I decided to go via the sand dunes in the hope of meeting up with them and when I reached the dunes I stripped off my skirt and walked around for 20 minutes or so completely naked in the hope of meeting some man but did not see anyone perhaps that was as well because I had on form of contraception and ~I was so hot I would have let almost anyone fuck me hat afternoon.

Since then I've had a contraceptive coil inserted so next time I'm on that beach I wont have to worry about getting pregnant. I told my husband this when we got back to the hotel and he was so hot he came within seconds. We spent the rest of that evening having mad sex talking about what could have happened and what we'd like me to do. I have never cuckolded my husband but this was almost my first time. We hadn't planned it either. It just sort of, happened. We now fuck every night thinking of scenarios that may have happened had I been more bold and will write in again when we finally do make it happen.



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