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I had a girlfriend a few years back (see attached images) that was into playing games. I had the fantasy of being cucked and we even went so far as to buy a chastity device, at the time a CB-2000. Many times I would wear it. She would have the key and be in total control of my orgasm. It was not comfortable enough to wear for any extended period of time, but I would wear it for a day or so. Even sleep with it on.

She was very good at teasing me. She could make me drip incessantly. On the occasions that I was forced to wear it out in public I knew to wear black jeans so the wet spot would be less noticeable.

She would frustrate me beyond belief. I would lick her to as many orgasms as she wanted. Sometimes she would reward me, sometimes not. The idea that she had complete control over my orgasm was intoxicating to me. Over time we both learned that I became very compliant while wearing the device. I became very eager to please her in any way she demanded.

One evening when I arrived home from work she asked that I put it on. Always willing to be the sub, I agreed and put it on. I knew the games were about to begin. What I did not know was that I would get way more than I bargained for. Once in it she had me strip naked and she produced a pair of panties.

She told me I was going to wear them and to put them on. I did not hesitate to put them on. My cock was trying to burst out of the CB, but the thing would not let me grow harder than the limited space allowed. She had me wait on her, bring her drinks and the like. She also had me lick her to several orgasms. Doing this always made me so horny, because I was not getting anything in return.

As the night progressed I was so hot and bothered that I was quickly losing any will of my own. She told me that if I let her tie me up I would get some relief. I complied. She tied my hands behind my back, had me kneel next to the bed and tied me in such a way that my chin was as high as the mattress. I was then tied to the bed frame and I was immobilized. I could not move up, down, forward or backward. I was just there. Still caged, still pantied and frustrated. She stripped herself and sat down on the bed. She proceeded to move right up to my mouth and grabbed the back of my head. I was forced to lick her to her heart's content. When she came she would pull my head into her pussy and grind on my face.

After one of her orgasms she got up and grabbed the cordless phone and sat back down on the bed. She told me not to make a sound. She dialed the phone and talked briefly to her ex husband. I heard her tell him she was coming over and all she wanted to do was fuck. My head was spinning. Hearing her say those words to another man while I was right there was a tremendous mind fuck.

She got up and dressed. I asked her if she was really talking to her ex and she just laughed and said yes. She told me she'd be back in an hour or two and I had better be ready to taste cum.

She left the room and I then heard the garage door open. I heard her car start and go up the driveway. She had actually gone. I was dripping badly and my panties were getting very wet. I couldn't stop leaking. My poor penis was in terrible need of relief and no relief was in sight. After awhile I began to think that this was all a bluff on her part. Maybe she was sitting in a coffee shop somewhere relaxing and laughing to herself at how naive I was to believe the whole charade.

On the other hand, I knew her pretty well and thought she was very capable of doing this. And calling her ex knowing it was a sure thing that he would not turn her down made it all seem too plausible. All I could imagine was that horse dick of his (yeah, he was very well hung, about 10 inches and that is no exaggeration, I had seen pictures) pumping in and out of my girlfriend's pussy.

I had no idea how much time had passed. I was kind of sleeping, kind of dreaming of her being fucked silly when I heard the garage door going up. My mind again started racing. Did she really do it? Was it all a bluff? Would he be with her? I had no idea.

She came into the bedroom and started stripping off her clothes. She had a big shit eating grin on her face. She sat down on the bed naked except for her panties. I asked if she really fucked her ex. She just smiled and removed her panties. She showed them to me and there was no mistake that they had a lot of cum on them. I was buzzed beyond belief. She shoved them right into my face and told me to lick them.

I did.

She said she had trouble keeping the cum in her. The ex didn't want her to leave and it was dripping out as she was dressing. She then brought her pussy right up to my face. She smelled like she had been freshly fucked. She was a bit stretched out. She grabbed my head and pushed her pussy into my face. She told me to clean her out and I did. I tasted cum for the first time ever. There was no mistaking that. And it wasn't bad. She came for about the 50th time that day.

I cannot begin to describe the emotional euphoria I was experiencing. It was mind numbing. When she decided she had had enough fun and enough orgasms she untied me and told me to lie down on the bed. I was not to move. She retrieved the key, uncaged me and gave me a simple hand job until I exploded in her hand and all over myself. I felt great after I had finally cum, but the mind fuck was undoubtedly the better feeling.

We never repeated it after that. Her ex started calling her and asking for her to go back to him. She thoroughly enjoyed her game that night, but she kind of felt bad about using her ex the way she did.

Me? I still remember the whole day well. My short lived trip into cuckoldom still gets me aroused thinking about it. The girlfriend is long gone (thank god) but I do cherish that memory.




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