The Beginning of Our Cuckolding


The Beginning of Our Cuckolding - My wife came home from work one day and after our tea as she does, she told me of events at work, let's say she looks after people who for whatever reason cannot do things for themselves.

Then out of the blue she tells me that she had hold of a black guy's cock and it was enormous ! He wanted a pee but could'nt get out of bed,so he asked for a bottle. Shall I go she asked a colleague, oh yes if it's him she said you go, but I'll come and watch, just wait till you see him she said.

My wife wondered why her colleague had a gleam in her eye until she pulled back his bed sheet, wow ! She had to get hold of his cock to put it in the bottle so that he could pee. It looked so thick and long that she cupped her hand underneath it so she could put it in the bottle, she could'nt close her hand around it as it was so thick and it was so long that she could of held it with both her hands and there would have been some to spare and it wasn't even hard ! God knows what a monster it would be if he had an hard on. She covered him and left him in private to do what he wanted.

She turned to talk to her colleague but she had gone, the last time my wife looked at her she had a big grin on her face and her eye's were nearly popping out of her head staring at this huge black cock ! As my wife was returning to the staff room she heard a movement from another room that she thought was unoccupied, the door was slightly ajar so she peeped in and there was her colleague laying on the bed, her top undone as she was playing with her own tits and squeezing her nipples and her other hand was down her knickers, rubbing her clit hard and at that moment her body started to twitch and thrust as she brought herslf to an orgasm ! My wife quickly moved away from the door and into the staff room, when her colleague returned after tidying herself up nothing was said between the two of them. It was then the end of my wife's shift so someone else went back to deal with the aformentioned guy and my wife came home to tell her tale.

I was just stunned, not only by the story but the fact that it was my wife who was telling it and here's why :- My wife has never had sex with anyone else but me, apart from in the bedroom she does'nt like or want to talk about sex, the only male adult naked body she has seen is mine and she has'nt seen another naked female let alone one playing with herself ! And here she was telling me all about a big black cock and a woman wanking off !!

She then came over towards me turned around removed her knickers, bent over the arm of the settee and asked me to fuck her, so although still shocked I obliged by pushing my cock deep into her already very wet pussy and gave her a good fucking from behind. I just said to her (while fucking) you're thinking of that big cock aren't you and she said yes but she would love to see it hard, she said it was so thick and long it was unbelievable but if it was hard as well !! I'd like him to fuck me with that she said and at that I shot my load into her pussy. I almost fell backwards too ... I couldn't believe it. Nothing was said afterwards but I think this just may lead to something I had always hoped for but didn't know how to start.

I thought I was married to a quiet shy girl but I've just found out that my wife is a horny cock loving hot wife who wants to be fucked by a big thick, long cock !! Wow!!



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