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This is a story about how my exhibitionist girlfriend is taking steps to make me an official cuckold.

So my girlfriend's name is Becky. She has an amazing body and loves to 'accidentally' show it off to unsuspecting men. She enjoys seeing the thrill on their faces when they realize they can peek at her body. And after she catches them, she then acts embarrassed and covers herself up. She knows I love it too and I get turned on by watching her reveal herself to other guys.

About once a month, we'll go out to a mall or coffee shop or bookstore and Becky will concoct a plan to flash herself. She is very creative and has all manners of short skirts, see through shirts, and sexy lingerie. One of my favorite experiences previously had been at a bar that had an upstairs balcony area. Becky stood against the railing on the second floor and gave a few guys sitting at the bar underneath a clear view up her skirt. One of the guys came up to talk to her afterwards and bought her a drink too. As they chatted, Becky took off her jacket and gave the guy a view of her braless nipples underneath her thin shirt. His eyes stared directly at her chest and Becky eventually acted surprised and said she didn't realize how cold it was. She then put her jacket back on and thanked the guy for the drink before returning to me.

After each of these outings, Becky and I would return home and have incredible sex. We were both so turned on. We would nearly be tearing off each other's clothes before we even got into our apartment. And while we played, Becky would ask leading questions like 'What if she let the guy touch her?' or 'Should she go even further next time?'. She knew I loved these questions and my answer was always yes. I said I'll watch to keep her safe but she had a free pass from me to go as far as she wanted with anyone. She'd respond coyly but always with a devilish grin.

Over time though, Becky got a bit braver and was less worried about exposing herself. This culminated one night at a hotel while she was looking out the window. Across the way in another building, an older man who was sitting at a desk right near the window. He was a floor above us but we had a pretty good view into his room, as did he into ours. Becky had me hide in the corner of the window so I could spy on the guy at the desk. Becky then opened the curtains fully and stripped down to just her bra and panties. She pretended to pack her bag on the bed while I kept watch and could alert her when the guy spotted her.

For a couple minutes, the guy was oblivious and didn't notice Becky at all. He got up to grab a drink though and when he came back he saw her. I told Becky that he was looking and she was excited. He sat at the desk and stared intently down at our hotel window. Becky finished packing her bag and asked me what she should do next.

I told her that he was still watching so she should give him a show. Becky took off her bra and walked around the room topless. This was already the most revealed she had ever been to another guy, albeit from fifty feet away. The guy reached down and started touching his dick. I told Becky and she got a huge thrill.

She asked if she should return the favor and I said yes. Rachel then sat on the edge of the bed and started to touch herself over her panties. The guy took his pants off and was now clearly jerking off. I told Becky and she said she couldn't believe it. She took her panties off and was now completely nude in his view.

She then laid back on the bed, spread her legs, and started fingering herself while he watched. This continued for several minutes during which Becky orgasmed multiple times. The man eventually stood up and came as well. He left his window and I closed the blinds in our room. I then jumped on Becky on the bed.

After that night, both of us were eager for Rachel to push the boundaries on her exhibitionism. I again told Rachel that she had a complete free pass from me to do whatever she wanted. Rachel accepted my offer more directly this time though and admitted that she did want to take the next step.

She has started to plan a scenario where it would be feasible for her to both expose herself to someone publicly and then interact with them afterwards. Looking forward to sharing that story in the next few months.

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