The Look in her Eye Scared Me



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I am suppose to be taking a break from all of this cuckold talk but some stories on here sparked a little something in me to write about what happened with my girlfriend Ava-Clare.

Yesterday, I was waiting for Ava-Clare to come back from school. I watched some movies and washed her sheets. I love doing things for her. I have always done that and I will never stop. It is just one less thing on her list of errands. I sent her some pics and sexted her a bit. To be honest I don't even remember watching the movies. I was zeroed in on sending Ava-Clare these pics that the movie meant nothing to me. A couple of hours later she came home.

Just hearing her open the door made me instantly hard because I hardly ever know what I am going to get. Either she ignores the fact that I am horny or she looks at me and my hard dick that is obviously visible through my sweats. She looked at me and my dick and licked her tongue and bit her bottom lip like she wants to suck it. I honestly love it when she does that. She hops on top of me in cow girl position. Keep in mind that we both still have our clothes on. Her pussy is right on top of my dick that's pressed against my stomach.

She starts grinding my dick with her pussy. She asked me, "Why is daddy horny?" I said, "because of your sexy pics." She laughed. I said, "I wonder if this will ever happen?" (as in cuckolding) She said "I don't think it's a matter of if now... it is more of WHEN it is going to happen." I was so hard and taken back from what she said. I said "seriously?" She said "We'll see." She smiled and hopped off and ran of to do something. I don't really remember the time frame. But the look in her eye scared me, like she was on a mission to do this and I already lost all control.

What I do remember though was receiving a message from a dating site we're active on from a guy who told me how he would love to take my girl and fuck her in front of me. We chatted a bit and all I could think of was my Ava-Clare. I stopped chatting with the guy. Ava-Clare came into the room. I took off her leggings bent her over and pounded her as hard and as fast as I possibly could. I flipped her over and said, "Someone told me he wanted to fuck you in front of me." She said, "Yeah what did he say?" I said, "Do you want me to show you?" I did exactly what the guy told me in the message. I fucked her as hard as I could I was so driven by what the guy said that I felt the need to take it out on my slut. It was such a rush I have never felt anything like it before. It was awesome.

I have told Ava-Clare before that I will not be stroking my cock from here on out. My dick is now hers and she can choose when I can or cannot cum. In a way I think she likes to have that control over me. And boy did she make me understand that tonight. She made me fuck her hard and rough until she came. However I on the other hand was not allowed to. I was barely able to get her off once. She started to tease me and said things like, "Don't you want to cum in this pussy? How bad do you want to cum? You want other men to fuck this pussy?" I was so turned on by her dirty talk. I nearly came but had to pull out. After several tries I was able to get her off. She got up and got dressed said, "Lets go to the gym."

After the gym we both showered. It was late and I needed to head home because I had something important to do first thing in the morning at school. We were laying in bed. She asked if I would let other guys cum in her. I said, "No, they have to have a condom on. I don't want you catching something." This is important to us. I mean it is all fun and games but in all seriousness STD and STI are no joke and I do not DO NOT want Ava-Clare catching something.

We did however talk about having guys tested and maybe we might have him fuck her raw. Still I would not want to take that chance. She started playing with my dick. She got up and sat near my legs and pulled my dick out of my sweats. She started kissing, licking, and sucking my head. Edging me for who knows how long. She talked about how long my dick was. Licked the parts that I liked and told me about it. She was teasing me the whole time. She started sucking my dick and boy did that feel good especially when she squeezes the base of my cock.

The way she looks at me as she is sucking is hot as fuck. She loves seeing and hearing my reaction and I have to be honest she gives great head. I asked her, "Would you suck a bull's cock?" She said, "We will see." I asked "Ii this was a bull's cock right now how would you suck it?" Her whole body language changed. She grabbed and stroked my dick as she was sucking it. She slurped and gagged on my dick. I saw her spit drip down my dick. She quickly stopped it from dripping down to my balls with her hand and started stroking my dick hard. I had to tell her that she was going to make me cum. She stopped and deep throated my cock. I was amazed at the change of pace. She does suck my dick a lot but rarely does she go cock hungry slut on my dick.

She took off her pants and told me to eat her out. I did without hesitation. She then sat on my face. I was going to town on her. She then started grinding her pussy on my face. She kept me there, pinned and enjoying making me eat her, with no choice. I flipped her over and ate her out afterwards. After a while she grabbed my dick and stuck it in her pussy. I fucked her up until I was going to cum this went on for 30 minutes. To the point where I would thrust 2 times and the urge to cum would come back.

She wanted to cum so bad but with my urge to cum I failed to do so. She said, "I want you to pound my pussy if not I will have someone else do it for me." I honestly tried but couldn't. She made me grab her dildo and vibrator. I used the dildo and fucked her as hard as I could with it as she was about to cum she grabbed my dick stroked it hard and fast. She pulled me closer to her and shoved my dick in her mouth. She sucked my dick as I was fucking her with the dildo until she came.

She made me eat her out again. She just wouldn't let up. Forcing me to lick every inch of he pussy and around her lips as she spoke of someone else fucking her. She made me do this for another 30 minutes. This time with a bit of a break I was determined to make her cum with my dick again. I fucked her hard but only with a short duration. I would take breaks and start up again. Every time I tried she got closer and closer to cumming.

I fucked her as hard as I could until I almost came. I pulled out and squeezed my dick as hard as I could to prevent me from ejaculating. Fortunately I was able to stop myself from cumming. I then went back in and after another few tries I was able to get Ava-Clare off. She came hard. With a big smile she looked at me and told me she loved me. She kissed me and with my still hard and swollen dick told me to put my pants back on and told me to go home. I was really hurt she wouldn't let me cum after serving her fo so long. I needed to. But she loved me and was in charge now.

As I walked out the door I told her, "have fun talking to other guys tomorrow slut." I then told her, "were you thinking of other men when daddy fucked you?" She said "mhm." I then followed up with, "how they could do a better job than daddy's performance today?" She said "maybe" We laughed and I drove home.

So here I am... horny as fuck. I still have the scent of her pussy all over my mouth and nose. I will have a hard time sleeping and waking up in the morning. God babe I fucking love you...

Good night guys...





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