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So last night I sent a picture I had of my wife on my phone to her phone (see first picture attached). My wife ended up sending that to a coworker that she has played with and he was pleasantly surprised by it. But that's not the coworker she fucked! She went out with a group of guys she works with. Kind of a going away party for one of them. I called her the next day when I usually do and she immediately says she fucked guy x! It was a shock cause it's no one she's mentioned playing with or having any interest in before. Before she had gone out she was very scriptural that she was going to do anything. The coworker she had played with wasn't there. But she went out and was playing pool at a local bar. This is what she told me happened...

She was out drinking. And getting sexy looks from most the guys she was out with. She said she went to the gas station with a friend to get some cigarettes. They then were sitting outside the gas station and talked for awhile. Out of now where she told him that she had just got waxed that day.

And she could notice him getting turned on by this. Before long she blatantly asked him if he'd like to come over and fuck her. Of course he said yes. They went back to the bar to join the rest. But soon said they were leaving. Splitting a taxi to drop him off, then take her home. But he didn't go home. They get to our house and sneak up stairs, her brother is staying with us and didn't want to wake him up.

They get into the room and start making out. Soon they are undressing each other then he begins to go down on her. She said it felt great and soon was telling him to fuck her. Both of them couldn't cum from being drunk, and she felt gross from smoking.

She said they got in the shower and he started fucking her from behind while reaching around and playing with her pussy at the same time. She said they fucked for about 20 minutes in the shower.

After getting out, still not cumming, they get back in bed and fuck until they are to tired. They fell asleep. Then around 6 am they wake up and pretty much immediately start fucking again. She goes down on him and starts sucking his cock. She said they fucked doggy style while he grabbed her ass and played with her pussy.

She also rode him cowgirl. Then spun around reverse cowgirl. He leaned her back and playing with her tits and pussy and fucked her like that for a bit as well. She said he finally came while fucking her doggy style and came all over her back.

It was a huge load. At some point he also ate her out after fucking her. I believe in all they each came twice but fucked a total of four times. She told me that in the moment they didn't use rubbers. And fucked bareback the entire time.

She was so happy the next day and said it was some great sex. She had planned on him coming over again the next night and fucking her but those plans fell through.

After fighting the idea so hard to fuck someone else she finally did and I think she's hooked!

She plans to make him a regular fuck buddy.

Jeff & Ash




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