Wife Cheats on Anniversary


Wife Cheats on Anniversary - My wife Tricia and I were treated to a weekend away at an expensive hotel by our children for our 20th wedding anniversary. My wife is 45 and I couple years older. Tricia has always looked great and she always cares about her appearance. We have always been totally faithful to one another and to the outside world she would appear possibly aloof and narrow minded when the subject comes round to sex. Often avoiding office parties or events where fellow workers tend to step too far. However in the confines of our home she is extremely liberated and we share lots of fantasies and exciting times.

Having arrived at our hotel on the Friday evening, we prepared for the evening meal and had a drink in the bar beforehand. Tricia looked simply gorgeous in a above knee black dress with matching black lingere (Stockings, suspender belt) with elegant black high heels. The heels were a surprise to me as she very rarely wears them. After the meal we retired to the bar to continue drinking. I had to pop into the toilet and whilst in the cubicle I heard two men enter and the conversation shocked me somewhat as they were briefly talking about some of the females in the hotel and it was quite obvious when one of the men remarked 'the woman sitting on the corner couch with that guy is so horny and I could swear she is wearing stockings' was talking about Tricia. After the men left I made my way out and rejoined my wife with no idea who had passed that remark as there were mainly couples but once I saw a table with 4 youngish men I guessed it was possibly one of them. However I did not say anything to my wife even though secretly I found the remark a real turn on.

When they anounced that the band would be playing and couples who wished to dance please do so I was somewhat surprised when Tricia said come on and lets dance fully expecting her to retire to the bedroom. The dancing room was fairly crowded and we found ourself a table to sit and drink. Then out of the blue one of the chaps (Steven) approached me and asked whether I minded having a dance with my wife. Not wishing to be a party pooper I said if Tricia agreed okay. Much to my surprise she agreed. After one dance the music slowed and they continued. Then another chap took over from Steven and he came and joined me. Whilst talking to him I had noticed that the guy dancing with Tricia was not just keeping his hands to her waist but was not only carressing her back but also her bum. Tricia then joined me and the remaining 3 guys joined us. We explained why we were there and one of the chaps ordered champagne so I fely somewhat obliged to stay and chat whilst the guys took it in turn to dance with Tricia.

I noticed how touchy they were with Tricia, something that she would normally never allow.

When the band stopped they insisted we joined them for a night cap in their room and after much persuasion I agreed. Once there they turned some music on when Graham insisted Tricia danced with him. I suddenly remembered I had to get something from the car, I said to Tricia it was time to go and explained the reason when I seemed to be outnumbered with 'it's much to cold for Tricia to go outside' and one of the guys joined me as he had to also collect something from reception.

I made my way back to the room alone where the door was slightly ajar and all I could hear was Tricia saying 'I don't know if I should' I quietly stayed outside when one of the guys said 'come on one kiss' next I heard a cheer and to my shock instead of barging in I stayed outside and listened. I gently pushed the door open and could see off the reflection in the mirror my wife kissing this guy. I then noticed another guy stepped up behind her and slowly pull up her dress to her waist whilst I noticed my wife mumbled some tones of 'hmmm ohhh' The reply was 'just relax' and she was pulled down onto the bed where her dress remained around her waist and her knickers pulled down swiftly and hands immediately started stroking her stocking legs and up to her pussy.

Despite hearing mumble conversation from her I could also hear her say 'fuck me fuck me' and all 4 men took it in turns to fuck her and all I could hear were each of them egging each other on to give her one before her husband returns. I retreated out of the room and much to my surprise my wife left and found me within 10 to 15 minutes.

All 4 of the guys had fucked her and judging by the state of her dress probably all wanked over her also. The rest of the stay had us at each other like animals. This incident happened in Jan and my wife assures me it will never happen again. I hope it does ... we'll see next anniversary.



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