Finding a Big Cock for My Wife


Her First Big Cock - My girlfriend and I have read your site for a long time but aren't great "writers" but thought we could submit some of our cuckolding photos and you could maybe write a story that goes along with it--it would turn us on greatly to have our pics on your site :)). I will write what happened as best as I can around what has happened with Angie and I.

Anyway these are some pics of my girlfriend "getting ready" to be fucked the first time by someone else in Las Vegas that we agreed to meet up with on an Adult dating site. I was extremely excited about it as she was so against the idea and then finally gave in one night saying that she wouldn't mind getting fucked by big cock after telling me "big cock hurts too much, your the perfect size".

I was in awe, and immediately posted the ad with her that night as well as went out and bought her the "Vixskin Outlaw Dildo" which is H-U-G-E and a really hot high quality dildo at that. I was marveled by how easily and perfect it slipped in her "seemingly before this tight twat", boy was I wrong :). She enjoyed the Vixskin so much it's the only dildo she uses now and loves riding it and sometimes I even catch her by herself fucking it when I get home in the bath.

Anyway the first photo is Angie camming with the "AdultFriendFinders" guy pictures around her pussy and she's fucking her pussy with a dildo and fingering herself and taking pictures and leaving him voicemails before they go on their first "date".

The rest of the pics we took for the guy as he told us what he wanted to see from her, because he was really hot and he was reluctant at first but when he saw how nice angie's pussy was he was more then obliging. After stretching her holes for what felt like months, she finally went out on the date with "mark" who seemingly was a pretty big playboy, as we went up to his room on the strip where he had his own suite in the MGM grand called "MGM signature" where he had a pad just for fucking girls just like this it seemed.

No living accesories were in his "suite" at MGM, which made us think he just fucks girls just like Angie in this room and it's purely for adult fun. As we accompanied him to his bedroom I couldn't have been more horny and quite honestly turned on by seeing a big cock go in Angies pussy and just see her reactions. The first thing he did when he sat down with Angie on the bed was whip his dick out and it must've been like 9 inches and thick like the pics we had seen of it, I was like "oh my god" she is going to have a good night, and she did! Angie and him must've fucked for like 2 hours right in front of my eyes as I was getting SO jealous, but also felt like I was the best boyfriend in the world for letting her have this seemingly tastey treat that no other boyfriend would usually give in to.

After we left his place Angie couldn't walk for the next few days (not lying or joking) she sat on one side of her ass cheek if she was playing blackjack or in the car. But nonetheless she said it was the hottest experience of her life, and I'm glad I gave it to her. Sometimes Cuckolding relationships can be very loving--She still loves me and doesn't want to humiliate me but is just happy I gave her the opportunity to unleash her slutty side and be such a nasty little girl like she would be if she was single.

Mike & Angie - pokerforfun87 @

***From Webmaster: Hi Mike and Angie, I don't write stories I only post what I receive and what you sent was good enough. Great stuff guys!






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