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I guess it's about my role as a bull. So this all started last year when I began my new job. Everyone I met was nice and friendly and I was thoroughly enjoying my new job. I was however pretty young compared to everyone else I worked with, as the closest person my age was this girl about 5 years older than me. For the sake of this story I'll call her Sam As time went on at my new job we worked quite a bit together and one night towards the end of our shift she ended up asking me on our way out if I wanted to grab a drink with her.

I of course said yes and we went out and had a few drinks. She got kind of tipsy pretty quick into the night and asked me to take her home. She couldn't really walk to well since she was kinda drunk so I helped her into her home and then we just sat and watched tv for a bit. She came onto me and I told her no since she was drunk. The next morning though, we ended up screwing throughout and the next day to. This isn't who I was a bull to, but it is relevant to the story.

Anyways Sam was pretty close to my boss, they talked almost all day at work. The thing with Sam wasn't a long term thing, it was actually done by the end of the week, and we only had sex a few times after that. On the other hand my boss was starting to act different to me. She was from the beginning very friendly, but after the sex with Sam she acted even more friendly until I realized it was more like flirty behavior. We ended up working together quite a bit and got to know each other pretty well.

She was attractive despite her age (she was about 16 years older than me, I'm in my early 20's) with nice curves and such. I had been working there for about 4 months and one morning she asked me if I wanted to get a cup of coffee with her (we are all given each others phone numbers in case we need to call someone in to work) and I said sure. She picked me up from my place after she dropped her kids off at school and we went and got some coffee.

We had small talk for a while, she asked me how I was liking the job and if I liked the town as I had just moved here. Then she asked me if I was still dating Sam and I kind of chuckled and told her that we only were a thing for about a week. After that she dropped me off at my place and we worked together later that night. She asked me if I wanted to get coffee tomorrow morning too and I said sure and it had become our thing. We got coffee every morning for a couple of weeks before one change.

After a couple of weeks of getting coffee together one day there was a drastic change. The nights at work prior to this she was acting more and more flirtatious but I thought it was just her acting friendly as there was no way she would cheat on her husband with me. Then that next morning she asked me if I wanted to have coffee with her at her home for a change and I said sure. When I got to her home she was happy to see me and welcomed me in, I walked in and took a seat at her kitchen counter and we had our cup of coffee.

She was wearing this pair of yoga pants and a nike compression shirt sort of thing im not too sure how to describe it but it was tighter fitting and really looked well on her. Usually she wore jeans and a regular blouse so this caught my attention. She asked me how things were going and if I was seeing anyone. I told her that things were fine and that I wasn't seeing anyone. We were getting to the point in our morning coffee where I would go home and that's when she told me as I was about to walk out that she wanted me.

I gave her a shocked look and she told me that she had been trying to give me signs that I was apparently not picking up that she was into me and we sat back down and had a discussion. After the discussion I said to her so what now? She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom and we started to make out by the bed. She pulled away from me and pushed me back and I fell back onto the bed and she got on top of me. She continued to make out with me as my hands made it to her ass and tits. Just then, I looked over and saw a wedding picture of her and her husband and thought it odd, but she seemed into it and I had the strangest feeling that perhaps the husband was too. I wasn't about to stop though.

So as this continued she lost her top and yoga pants and was just wearing panties at this point. I took off my shirt and unbuckled my pants and she slid her hand down and grabbed my cock. She started jerking me off and I was just in disbelief in what was going on. She started sucking me off and grabbed her phone to take a selfie with my cock in her mouth. After that she bounced on my cock, then she rubbed my cock a bit with her tits until I came.

We got into the shower together and continued it with me banging her into the wall of the shower and by the time we were done screwing she grabbed her phone and I asked her what she took the pictures for and she said "for my husband". I was really just shocked at this point and she explained everything to me, how they agreed that she could have a bull due to conditions she didn't want to discuss. Anyway she sent the picture to her husband while he was at work and then she had to pick up her kids from school and meet me at work later on.

That's basically how my role as a bull started. I guess i'll post more iterations as I have more to tell.

Thanks for reading and enjoy her pictures.





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