My Wife and Her Affair with 2 Men


My Wife and Her Affair with 2 Men - These events took place 6 months ago. My wife, Beth, had a good friend named Pat who lived just across the street from us. Pat and her husband, Robert, were not getting along very well and Pat had become attracted to a bricklayer. He was married too, but they flirted around and finally arranged to meet at a small town about thirty miles away. Pat was nervous about this and insisted that Beth go with her. She got Ron, the bricklayer, to find a companion for Beth.

Pat's idea was that she and Beth would meet the guys and talk awhile. If things went well, she would give Beth a signal to leave and she could get her blind date to take her home.

The girls were at the arranged restaurant for about 15 minutes before the guys arrived. Beth recognized her blind date as a local realtor named Damian. He was the youngest of the three sons of a wealthy owner of a well know local real estate company. He was 23 years old and married to a socialite. Beth knew him from the paint store. He had been in with his wife several times and many times alone. He and Beth had flirted, but nothing ever came of it.. He was tall, solid and tan with wavy brown hair down to his collar. Beth at first worried because she knew him, but then she decided that it wouldn't matter since she was just there for Pat and had no idea that anything would happen between her and this guy.

Pat and her date, Ron, made awkward small talk for a little while, while Beth and Damian joked, flirted and laughed. Finally, Pat agreed to go to a hotel room, but only if Beth and Damian came with them. The guys checked into a "suite" with a sitting area and a bedroom. The sitting area had a sofa and a couple of chairs. The bedroom was just through a door off of the living area.

The guys had brought a bottle of white wine, a fifth of tequila and some margarita mix. They got some ice and the two guys and Beth had margaritas and Pat had a glass of wine. After two margaritas and three glasses of wine for Pat, everyone was getting tipsy and when someone suggested that they do tequila "shooters", they all agreed. After about three shots of tequila each, all had gained nerve and lost inhibitions. Beth and Damian turned down the lights and danced to slow country songs on the clock radio. Although Pat was still very nervous, she allowed Ron to lead her to the bedroom, but she wouldn't let him close the door or turn out the light in the bathroom.

As Beth and Damian danced, they got closer and closer. Although Beth had only come to help Pat out and hadn't intended to stay, she was getting quite horny and was warming up to Damian. Beth's low-cut sun dress got looser and lower as the dancing continued. It wasn't long before Damian slipped the straps from her shoulders and pulled the dress below her tits. She was wearing a strapless bra, but it didn't take Damian long to unsnap it and get it off. Damian took his shirt off and continued dancing with Beth's bare tits pressed against his chest. When the music stopped, they moved to the sofa. Beth could see Pat and Ron on the bed in the bedroom. They were talking and Pat still had all her clothes on. Beth could hardly believe that Pat was still holding out.

When Beth and Damian got to the sofa, Damian began sucking each of her nipples in turn. He soon got her dress and panties off and proceeded to get naked himself and mount her. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her opening. As soon as he felt the tip of his cock touch her pussy, he pushed and his cock entered her about half way. After a couple of thrusts, he entered her completely. He began stroking her and soon they were fucking hard. While they were fucking, Beth opened her eyes to see Pat stopped by the bathroom door. She was staring at Beth and Damian, watching them fuck with her chin dropped and her eyes wide. Beth should have been embarrassed, but the tequila had made that impossible. Damian came and rolled off of Beth. He lay on the floor in front of the sofa while Beth rested on the sofa. Pat came out of the bathroom smiling and went back to the bedroom. Soon, Beth heard noises from the bedroom and raised up to see what was going on. What she saw was Pat getting fucked by Ron. Ron was on top of Pat slowly stroking her. Pat's toes were pointed at the ceiling while Ron's ass moved up and down as he fucked her.

Beth and Damian stayed still and quiet until they were sure that Pat was finished fucking Ron. Then, they got up and dressed. Pat and Ron soon emerged from the bedroom fully dressed. They all kissed goodbye and the girls left first.

During the drive home, Pat and Beth compared notes, laughed, joked and giggled. They agreed that they would see these guys again.

Their next meeting was arranged for a Thursday afternoon about two weeks after the first meeting. This time, when the girls arrived, Damian was waiting for them. Ron wasn't there and Damian told Pat and Beth that he was tied up but would arrive within fifteen minutes.

Pat, Beth and Damian waited for over forty-five minutes, but Ron didn't arrive. Pat suggested that Beth and Damian go ahead to their room while she would drive over to a nearby shopping center and look around. She was to come back in about an hour to see if Ron had arrived. Beth and Damian agreed and went to the room Damian had rented for them. This time, it wasn't a suite, but a normal bedroom with a king bed.

Once again, Damian had brought tequila. He and Beth sat on the bed and chatted while they each had four shots of the tequila. It didn't take long before both Beth's and Damian's clothes were off. They were naked, lying on the bed kissing when someone knocked on the door. Beth pulled a sheet over her while Damian went to the door. He looked through the door viewer, smiled and opened the door. Ron had arrived, but Pat hadn't come back yet. Ron came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed at Beth's feet. Damian was moving around the room, still naked, getting all three another tequila. Ron tugged at the sheet covering Beth and asked if she was naked. She told him that she was as she held onto the sheet. The tequila had kicked in and Beth was feeling pretty uninhibited. She and Ron started poking at each other, joking around and generally playing. The sheet slipped down and exposed Beth's tits. Damian came over and he and Ron each took a grip on the sheet and pulled it off of the bed. Beth giggled as she tried to cover her tits and crotch with her hands. While Damian was giving Beth head, Ron stood up and quickly removed his clothes. Ron pushed Damian away and mounted Beth. Her pussy was wet from Damian eating her and Ron's cock slid all the way in her with his first push. He started stroking her and pushed her legs up under her arms. Ron came quickly and only fucked her for a short time. As soon as Ron rolled off of her, Damian took his place. Damian lasted much longer. He stroked her slowly and steadily for almost half-an-hour.

Beth and Damian were still lying on the bed when someone knocked on the door. Ron, still naked and getting hard again from watching Damian and Beth fucking, went to the door and looked through the peephole. He turned toward Beth and Damian and mouthed "It's Pat." Beth jumped up, ran into the bathroom and closed the door as Ron and Damian rushed to pull on their clothes. Pat had knocked three times before they got dressed and opened the door. Pat came into the room, said "Hi" to both of the guys and kissed Ron. Pat noticed Ron's erection pushing against her as they kissed, but she thought he was just glad to see her.

She noticed that neither of the guys were wearing shoes or socks. She asked why they were barefooted and Ron stammered something about their feet being hot. Soon, Beth came out of the bathroom wearing a towel. She had forgotten to take her clothes and waited as long as she could before coming out. She had taken a shower, so Pat didn't think too much about it. They all chatted until Beth picked up her clothes and went back to the bathroom to dress. Ron started kissing Pat and soon, he had her pushed back on the sofa and was unbuttoning her blouse. She sheepishly told him to stop because Damian was in the room. Ron ignored her and continued to remove her clothes. She continued to protest, but before long, Ron got her bra off and his hand up her skirt to her pussy.

Damian had stretched out across the bed and pretended to fall asleep. This eased Pat's anxiety somewhat and Ron managed to get her naked. He pushed his pants down, kicked them off, and pulled his shirt over his head. He mounted Pat and pushed his hard cock into her. He got up on his knees and began stroking her steadily. When Beth came out of the bathroom, Ron was fucking Pat on the sofa and Damian was naked again, waiting for Ron to finish. It was obvious that Damian intended to fuck Pat, too. Beth didn't have a problem with this, considering that she had fucked them both less than thirty minutes earlier.

Ron came and went limp on top of Pat. Pat had her eyes closed as Ron pulled out and rolled off of her. Damian immediately mounted Pat and pushed his cock into her before she had a chance to realized what was happening. Damian fucked Pat for a few minutes and came inside her. Beth was watching the whole time fingering herself to 3 orgasms. They all got dressed and went home. Next meeting is 3 nights from now. I'll keep you all informed.


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