I Fucked 2 Guys at the Same Time


My Steady Lover - I do remember the first gentlemen after Ted, I am saying gentlemen because he actually was one.

He visited us frequent in our house. Usually it was one night every weekend. All of us had dinner together and once the kids had been in bed we had our showers to sit down and relax in our living room.

After shower I use to dress up sexy and was always the centre of attention. We either talked or quite often had been watching xxx movies where I usually had been sitting between my two men.

I found these nights of the weekend always very delightful being between them kissing and hugging both, especially when their pants start bulging and their hands had been all over me. Totally aroused by the attention of two men, we never remained too long in living room and soon went upstairs to the bedroom to be more comfortable.

I usually was the first one climbing the stairs and I know both of my men had been staring at my ass and shaved pussy while we had been walking upstairs to the bedroom.

In bed I also took my position between my men to continue the foreplay we had started in the living room. And I have been very attentive to both of them and to have both of them ready for me with their dicks hard and waiting for me.

Due to the frequency of these events the two had worked out a good timing for themselves. When one of them was about to cum he withdraw from me and the other one slipped in-between my legs to penetrate me and to continue. At times this drove me quite nuts, when I was just about to cum and he pulled out for the change. On the other hand I had been fucking these two for long time and I honestly sometimes lost count how many times I reached my climax.

My husband told me once that I get so excited fucking two men, that his balls are totally wet while riding him.

My first double penetration I had during this relationship.

As I usually took the middle in our King size bed, during foreplay my boy friend and me had been kissing, hugging, touching and heating up for each other.

At this time my attention was totally with my Lover since I wanted him first. During foreplay we had been kissing deeply, caressing each other, my husband had been caressing my back, my legs and my ass.

I felt that he start lubricating my ass quite a lot and slowly penetrated with his finger my ass starting to expand me by inserting another finger into me. As my boyfriend had also meanwhile his fingers on my clit, I spread my legs wide open to accommodate both, while I kept kissing deeply my boyfriend and rubbing his hard dick.

My boyfriend got meanwhile pretty hot and wanting to fuck me as he ask me to sit on his dick. I followed his wish and my husband pulled out his finger from my lubricated ass. I mounted myself in to of my boyfriend to lowered myself onto his hard dick and let him slowly glide deep into my very wet pussy. Immediately I start moving my hips forward and backward to fuck him.

To my surprise my husband position himself behind me trying to penetrate my still lubricated ass. Bending forward I helped him by guiding his dick in into position as he started to push slowly into me. In the beginning it did hurt, but once my muscle expanded to his size, it was easy and my husband penetrated deeper into my ass.

With both of my men now inside me I found this feeling beyond description and really got exited beyond description. My heart start racing and I had the feeling I am running out of breath.

It felt like this two must meet somehow inside me. I straighten up my position again as far as it was possible and I felt both of them slipping deeper into me. Both of them had been lying now on their back, their balls pressed against each other and I kept moving my hips forward and backward and with every move I made I had been fucking both.

Initially my moves had been careful, I did not want any to slip out of me. Both of them worked with me by pressing deeper into me and against each other, when I picked up on speed and moving my hips faster and faster. This feeling drove me wild, I found it totally mind blowing.I had been only thinking one thing “both are inside, both are inside”.

“Oh Dios mio” I am able to fuck both of them in the same time. My boyfriend whom I was facing had been massaging my tits and nipples and looking into his eyes, I had been massaging my clit like wild and so was my climax- fast wild and long. Also both of them had been cumming inside me and short on breath I told both that we have to repeat that later. (which we did – standing )

We had a wonderful relation for only 6 month and my boyfriend had to leave and move to another country.

On his last day, wishing him well, we actually ended up in bed. It wasn’t planned at all. It was just the situation that he arrived in our house and my husband sends him upstairs where I was in the bedroom sorting out our dressing room.

As he arrived, knocking on the half open bedroom door to say hello for the last time, we had been kissing each other and the kissing turned to be more passionate.

As we start touching each other and now with my blouse open exposing my tits, I thought what the heck and pulled him towards the bed where we undressed each other quickly.

Lying in bed now naked he kissed my body and hugged me, he kissed my hands and my feet, telling me that he will miss me so much. He slowly moved between my legs to caress my wet pussy and grabbed my ass hard with both of his hand to lick my clitoris driving me to my climax. While my hands are in his hair, he caressed the lips of my pussy with his lips and penetrated me with his tongue to drink my juices. I pushed his head into my pussy and he drove me again to my climax by sucking my clitoris and massaging it with his tongue. This was the first time I really made passionate love with him and this without my husband’s presents.

I enjoyed this moment deeply making love with him, with my legs clamped around his body, to look into his eyes while he was slowly gliding in and out of my wet pussy.

This was the first time I made passionate love to another man and this without my husband’s presents. With my lover between my legs him slowly pushing his penis in and out, I did realize what I also will miss will him and that is this is what I really want.

I do want my husband because we love each other and we support each other. On the other hand my husband offers me to have a lover and I am able to have both – my husband – and my lover. I am able to choose how I want them, either individual or both of them together and this without causing any stress situations in-between the 3 of us.

The thought in this moment and making love to a good friend / lover exited me so much that I felt my climax creeping up on me. I whispered to my lover that I am about to cum and as we both reached our climax he released his sperm for the last time into my pussy which I felt running down to my ass.

There was no wild banging to get into a climax – this moment was a moment of passion between me and my Lover.

My husband was waiting downstairs for us to finish. As I walked downstairs, dressed only in a bath towel, my Lover in the bathroom to take a shower, I kissed my husband who was sitting on the couch in the living room.

I admitted to my husband that I will miss my Lover. Sitting next to my husband with my feet up on the couch, I took his hand between my legs for him to feel my soaked pussy where still sperm was flowing out and told him that I made passionate love to my boyfriend as we usually do ( my husband and I ). To receive oral from me it was always my husband’s privilege and I also told my husband that I have been kneeling in front of my Lover giving him a blowjob the time I pulled down his pants.

He ask me if I liked it; on which I replied – Yes I liked that I had my moment alone with my Lover making it felt absolutely great-

That was the last time I did see my lover but we had been in contact over the past years thru e-mails. On few occasions we meet on line and he is watching me, making love to my husband.

There was a break which lasted about one year when my husband and I decided to change the concept a bit and look for a new lover for me. We set eyes on another guy…..

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