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I had a cuckold fantasy with my first wife, but we never did it, however my second (and current) wife was originally my mistress, and I her lover, while I was married to my first wife (by that time I had learned that my first wife was a monster, and I wanted out of the relationship---but we still fucked like rabbits. She was having an affair with a European consulate and we only met on weekends as I started working in Tokyo and she stayed in Osaka. She tried to keep it a secret, but I was good friends with the consulate, and secretly brought them together. But she was very careful to not have sex with him after Thursdays and thought I did not know what was happening---but it turned me on incredibly. Anyway...)

I met my second wife in Tokyo and we quickly fell in Love---she was also in an unhappy relationship. After about 4 or 5 months we couldn't stand it any more and started having sex. One night she too apologized, and I asked her why. She said, "My husband used me this evening. Do you still want to do it?" It really turned me on knowing that she had just pleasured another man. As I started doing her, I found her to be especially wet and slippery, as if we had squirted a glob of K-Y Jelly up her pussy. As I pushed in and out her husband's cum was making our groins wet. She wanted to go wash out her pussy, but I was fascinated and aroused by the sensation and insisted that we keep screwing. During our affair, this happened several more times, including one night when I waited in a hotel room abut 5 minutes from her apartment, as she finished servicing her husband and then took off to 'meet a friend.'

Eventually our spouses found out about our affair and we both got divorced and married. The sex was great for a number of years but eventually it became somewhat routine. She was from the States, and each winter we would travel there and stay too long, usually till we were broke. One time we returned, completely broke. She had a boss in Japan that really wanted to get into her panties. We would sometimes talk about him doing her as a fantasy, and we both enjoyed it. This particular time, when we got back to Japan, he did not have an opening for her. But he offered to take her out on a date and pay her. It made us both horny to think about it, but she didn't want to actually do it. But we talked about it and she decided to just go out, but not allow him to do anything. But she didn't return home until 4:00 am and I knew what happened. She denied it, but she wouldn't let me have sex that night. As we laid in bed, I knew she was very horny. I was too, and pretended to be asleep but put my hands all over her. After a while she couldn't stand it anymore---and once again I entered her cum-filled pussy, all lubed up as another man's seeds swam up and down her womb. I told her I knew what happened, and that it turned me on, and she promised never to lie to me.

A year or so went by and we relived that night over and over as she went through the details of how they fucked twice and both times he came a huge amount. Then one day while we were in Manila, she was jogging at a park near our house, when a man asked if he could jog too. She rarely wears a bra and he obviously liked what he saw, as she bounced around in her t-shirt. He was a doctor. On this occasion I had to leave for Tokyo a week ahead of her to renew my Japanese visa. She told me about this guy and I asked if she would see him while I was waiting for her in Tokyo. He had been trying to get her to go out, but she refused. I told her that if she wanted to go out with him, it was ok only if she would share all the details, and tell me when and so forth. She thought about it after I left and finally decided to go out. Over the phone I helped her pick out what to wear---a very sexy dress, and that night, as she was on her date, I could not stop jerking off thinking about them. I even got a magazine with pictures couples having sex, and tried to picture her in them. The next day, she told me that after going to a disco and her getting tipsy, they ended up at a love hotel and spent the rest of the night and the next morning making love. They tried every postion they could think of. A few days later she was scheduled to fly to Tokyo, so I asked if she could do him before she flew back so I could enjoy her freshly poked pussy. She agreed, and that morning, right before going to the airport, she went to his house where he deposited two loads of cum in her. After a four hour flight, and almost an hour bus and train ride, she was still wet and slippery as we re-enacted their lovemaking.

A few years later, we moved back to the States and we often fantasized about her doing some of the men who would hit on her but nothing ever happened. One time we shared a hot tub with a friend and she wore only her panties---not even a swim suit panties. She gave him quite a hard on, and she even told him how she likes to do it, and she hates condoms, and how nice he smells. I told him how she can squeeze her pussy muscles in between her partners contractions as he cums, to make it feel like she is sucking the cum from his dick (a Japanese technique called kinchaku (golden purse)). We were all staying in a condo in the mountains, and to make matters worse for him (or better depending on how you look at it) she was very vocal as we made love in our room after getting out of the tub.

A year later as she worked in a casino as a cocktail waitress, one guy in particular kept flirting with her and coming to see her. Again we talked about what if she did him. He was very tall. Eventually he got her phone number. After she quit at the casino, he called her one time and asked if she would go out with him. We talked about it, and decided that it would be cool.

At first she didn't plan on letting him do anything---but he got her tipsy, and again she stayed out several hours later than planned. But he only got to play with her titties and then convinced her to let him eat her out. He took her out again on probably 4 or 5 or 8 more dates, but that's all she would let him do. She came home as horny as hell and we had great sex, but I told her it was ok for her to go all the way.

So finally she allowed that, and I discovered, after she got home that night, that his dick was so big that it left her very loose, in addition to being slippery with his cum.

Over the past 10 years she has been seeing him, usually once a week, sometimes more. One time she went travelling with him for 4 or 5 days (and when she got back she was so loose that, if I remember correctly, two days later she was still looser than normal). Once in a while she will spend the weekend with him too. About 8 years ago she started using this trick where she would pretend to charge her cell phone in the bedroom, and I would listen to her screwing him---she vocalizes, as nonchalantly as she can, what they are doing.

He has slept with her, after I have cum inside of her, sometimes knowingly, other times not (on those occasions, she made the excuse that she was so horny she was really wet).

One time I felt like she was getting too close to him so to keep it as a sexual game, I suggested introducing someone else. The following weekend we went to dancing and afterwards to a diner, In the diner there was a young kid in his twenties that was completely infatuated with her. She gave him her phone number and they went on a date---she was dressed in a real short skirt (So short you could see her panties if she bent over even a bit), fishnet stockings held up by a garter, and a low cut top. They went dancing and it wasn't long before he (or she) had them in a dark corner with his hands down her panties and under her bra to her nipples. They soon left for his apartment for some great sex. When she got home, after accidentally leaving her bra there, I found her panties soaked with cum.

She never saw him again, but last year, as we got bored with her regular lover, she took on a lover from the gym she works out at---another young guy about 30. She just suggested that they get together, and did not tell him he was going to get lucky. They met at the gym and then went to a restaurant. She excused herself and went to the ladies room where she changed into a long red dress with a slit going all the way up almost to her under arms, and held together by three metal clasps down the side. Under that she only wore a red garter belt, red panties, and red fishnet stockings. It was very obvious that she had no bra. The slits afforded a nice view on each side of the side of her torso, a bit of side boob, and the sides of her garter belt, panties and the stockings. His eyes about popped out of his head when he saw her. She told him that she did not want to start an affair or have someone fall in love with her, but if he could just have sex with her when she wanted it, he could be her lover. He agreed and they immediately went back to his apartment. With her phone trick I listened in on two very noisy sessions of sex. And he too really filled her with cum.

He knows about her other lover, and has had sex with her several times after she has been with him. The first time he too was surprised how loose her other lover makes her. She has not let him listen in to their lovemaking (she reserves that for me), but she did offer to call him before she has sex with him so that he knows, and that turns him on too. She has done the phone trick with me, as we screwed, and let him think that I didn't know about it.

In March or so, he then introduced a customer of his, a Japanese guy, and after a little prodding she had sex with him----that night she fucked three of us---the Japanese guy (who is amazed at her lovemaking because his wife doesn't do much), her young lover from the gym, and me.

But I could never get her to do a threesome. Her lover from the gym wanted to take her to a clothing optional hot springs up in the mountains for a two day stay (We go there every now and then, and he had never been to one before so was curious), We agreed and so he rented a cabin there and said he had a surprise. As soon as they got there, they started fucking---as they laid there spent and naked, the Japanese guy arrived---the surprise. My wife agreed to let them both use her, but separately as there were two bedrooms. She proceeded to take the Japanese guy to the other bedroom and after a bit of lovemaking she yelled out if her other lover wanted to watch. He immediately came in, and before long she was doing her first menage a trois. They ended up staying in one bedroom, and even fucked on the living room couch, and on the table. At 2:00 in the morning they went to soak in one of the pools. Since there was no one around, and it is a clothing optional, they continued to fool around in the pools a bit. Later as they walked back to the cabin, and she had both of them in her arms, they passed some guy in a pool, who said, 'Damn! You guys are lucky.' She turned around and said, I'm going to fuck their brains out.

She was sore when she got home the next evening, but she still allowed me to have her as we relived what she had done.

She has since had one more threesome with the two of them, and I have had a threesome with the Japanese guy twice. We limit male touching as much as possible, but it is hot to actually see her in the middle of ecstasy as she pleasures another man, and to see his cock actually pumping come into her vagina.

She fights with her other lover every so many months and then she doesn't want to see him anymore. But after a few weeks or a month or so she misses his big cock, and they make up and have some incredible make-up sex.

Our sex life is fantastic and very active.

Even little details turn me on, such as---typically a man deposits 4,000,000 sperm in her womb (or was it 400,000,000? It's too late, I can't remember. After about 5 minutes they are swimming all over in search of an egg and within 15 minutes some of the sperm are even swimming into her fallopian tubes. And so forth. Also the reason that she gets so slippery, is that the seminal fluid which comes out more gel like (to initially protect the sperm) after about 5 - 10 minutes, becomes very slippery and similar to a KY Jelly, to enable the sperm to swim around more. Also, according to Master's and Johnson, as she becomes sexually excited during the act of lovemaking, the back of her vagina hollows out so as to create a well---the seminal well, to trap as much semen as possible right near the opening of the uterus. I can verify this as there has been times where I have started screwing her after a session with a lover, and she is not that wet or slippery, until I start pushing in deeper, and my penis opens up and releases the trapped cum in the seminal well----and then she quickly becomes very wet and slippery.

We have done tantric sex, and still do occasionally---several hours of close intimate contact in a spiritual setting treating each others body as a god/goddess. And there have been periods recently where we just kind of backed off of her seeing lovers for a while.

But it is definitely a very enjoyable part of, and probably our favorite part of our sexual repertoire.






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