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So it has a few weeks since me and girlfriend last talked about the whole hotwife/threesome thing which I initially brought up. It seemed she had forgotten about it or something, but yesterday she tells me that she had a dream about 2 guys (including me) fucking her. I was turned on and intrigued so I asked more and she only said that we both took turns and "used her like a hole". I got super hard at hearing this but we had to go to our work places soon so we cut it off then.

After work was over and we met at home I brought it up again (obviously! :D ). She was sober (i.e not horny and neither was I) so it seemed like a good time to talk about it like adults, mature and considerate. She asked if I would like it for real, if we had a threesome (yeah we're still at threesomes in our talk, not full blown hotwifing yet). And honestly, I was conflicted but said the hotness would overcome the weirdness so yeah why not. She smirked and almost rolled her eyes as if she knew what was up haha. But we continued talking.

She told me that she won't like a stranger but I suggested someone we meet for 2-3 times at a pub or restaurant and she liked that idea a lot. She said she would be only comfortable to include a guy which she likes as a person (which I also want). So this was all good and balanced talk (much needed) but then we started getting into the "hot" territory.

And this is where she point blank asked me, "I know I would like it, but would there be anything in it for you? I mean would you do this just for me or would you also like it?" Now here I got a bit flustered cause I wanted to say, "Hell yea! I would love it" but somehow I restricted myself and said "Yeah, I'd definitely find it hot but I would also be crazy jealous when the other guy fucks you."

I think I saw a slight smirk when I said that but she retreated, "Oh, then I would feel guilty if you are jealous and I am having fun... it won't be a lot of fun."

I could see that she wanted to go further so I added, "But I feel that the hotness would be more than the jealousy and I'd like the whole thing overall." That was all she needed to hear apparently cause she immediately blurted out, "So it's a win win then! I'll get to fuck a new guy and you'll like it too."

Oh god, my cock shot up instantaneously but I had to hide it cause we were supposed to be just talking lol. I just replied a short "umhmm" and continued to probe. I asked her why she would like it and she said, "It would be hot to feel a new guy, the newness and new sexual energy would be very hot." She also added, "Since there won't be anything more to be expected except sex I would enjoy it more freely." (cock jolt number 2 for me lmao).

I asked her what does she think I'll be doing when the other fucks her and she said, "Direct him and tell him how to fuck me, or tell him what he can and can't do." (cock jolt number 3, goddamit)

Then she said something that was too hot for me to handle. She said "After he fucks me you would fuck me and it would be so hot... like you're re-taking me or something," and I blurted out "Reclaiming you." She smirked, "Yeah yea, you would reclaim me then, it would be such a manly thing and I think you would fuck me harder too cause now you would want to prove something." God that was so hot to hear and I had to adjust my raging boner. Which she saw, oops.

She saw me adjust my pants and saw my hardness poking out. Her eyes lit up like she had found some secret and asked me, "How long have you been hard!?" I had been caught, in a way so I just told her, "Since we started talking about you and other men," and she couldn't stop her ear to ear grin lol.

She walked up to me and sat down next to me. We kissed intensely but briefly and she unzipped me and my took my cock out. It was super hard and red, throbbing like crazy. I think it was one of the hardest she must have seen me. And to my surprise she just started stroking me. She locked eyes with me in between sometimes but then turned to my cock and then back at me and stroked it silently.

No words, just her stroking my cock after the conversation we'd had and all I could think of her acknowledging my fantasies, mixing her own in it and we were sharing this together. I lasted 10 mins and spurted thick ropes of cum, thicker than usual and much more viscous.

Either it was the talk or de-hydration but that was unusual for me lol. She bent down and sucked it up and swallowed it all. And then gave me a peck on the lips and went to the bathroom.

Jeezzz, I thought, things are not the same anymore. And we haven't talked about it since then.

It feels everything is normal as it was but I suspect she is now very much into the idea and I think we would need to talk about it very soon!

She loves the idea that much I know, but she's slow to move when it comes to things like this so it will take time and so we'll continue enjoying the talk until she feels ready ;)

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