My Wife Strips and Fucks 3 Men at the Same Time


My Wife Strips and Fucks 3 Men at the Same Time - My wife Vicky wanted to go to her office's christmas party, but she said that partners were not invited. I said that she could go, but if anything happened then she was to tell me everything. The party was being held in a downtown hotel, and would mean an over night stay.

When she came home she was very tired, and went to bed straight away, but she did say that she had some things to tell me that she knew would turn me on.

When she woke I made her breakfast and over coffee she told me about everything that had gone on. They had arrived at the hotel about 4 o'clock (there was 6 from her office) and they found their rooms, settled in and got ready for the evening. She told me that a previous boyfriend of hers, who now worked in a different branch of the bank, was there and was talking to her, and saying how much he missed her, he had taken her virginity and was hoping to spend the night with her again.

As the evening had progessed people were getting more drunk, and some of them were pairing off and going up to their rooms. Eventually Vicky said that she went upstairs to the room she was sharing with another girl from the office, but found this girl had a visitor and Vicky walked in on them to find them in bed together. Vicky walked out to see her ex-boyfriend in the corridor just going into his room and he invited her in for a drink. She accepted and went into the room and sat on the bed.

She said that they sat had a drink and talked about old times for a while then there was a knock on the door and two of his friends came in to see if he was coming down to the bar, he said that as they had drink in the room they might as well stay. After half an hour, Vicky said as every one seemed to be getting off with each other, why should we miss out, and she said would they like it if she done a strip for them. Unsurprisingly enough they said that was a good idea, and she slowly started to take off her clothes, first her long black evening dress she pulled the straps off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor where she stepped out of it, she was now just standing there in stockings and a black thong she wasn't wearing a bra and she covered her breasts with her arms.

She turned her back to them and slowly pulled her thong down her thighs, bending over from the waist she pushed the thong down her legs to her ankles, then stepped out of them. Vicky had her back to them, but she was naked and she said really turned on. She knew that I wouldn't mind if she had sex with the three of them, and she invited them over to the bed.

Her ex was the first undressed and he walked over to the bed, where Vicky was laying, got hold of her ankles lifted her legs up and open to expose her cunt and said to the other two "look I told you she was a true blond", and still holding her legs up he pushed his erect penis into her.

The other two stood either side of her and she grabbed their cocks and rubbed and sucked them in turn. She said that she was then turned over, put on her hands and knees, and one of them was fucking her from behind and she was sucking another from the front. After they had cum in her cunt and mouth her ex boyfriend then declared that as he had never had her up the ass would she mind if he had her that way, she said " stop wasting time and just do it", he then turned her over pushed her legs up to her chest to expose her and pushed his penis into her butt.

For a while he fucked her with increasing speed until he came inside her, and when he pulled his penis out she said that all his cum just gushed out of her. The rest of the night she said was just a long procession of sucking, fucking and having her cunt and ass filled with spunk. No wonder she was tired when she came home, and although she was sore we spent the rest of the day fucking and reliving the previous night.



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