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Hello all, it's my first time sharing as I've never really had a sex story worth sharing until now, but here goes!

I'm Michelle, I'm 31 years old and have been married for 5 years. My husband Brian is an an engineer for a large private military contractor so we have had to move several times over the last few years. I've always been kind of a hopeless romantic type. I'm an english teacher and an avid writer, though I have not been able to work during the last two years because of our moves.

Our sex life has dwindled starting from about the time we got married. We have both only had two partners in our life times. In fact, my only other partner was someone I was with twice while Brian and I were broken up for a couple months just after college. I have a huge sexual....imagination...but have never quite explored many of the things I'd like to. I've always been sort of a quiet type who is just waiting for someone to bring the inner animal out of me but unfortunately my husband is similar so we've always been a bit timid together.

We have always been able to talk fantasy together though. Of all the things over the years the thing we've talked about most is a threesome (MFF). However, we've never quite been able to make it happen. We're both not great at approaching people about things like that because it's so...awkward.

About 6 months ago my husband brought up something that initially repulsed me. The idea of me being with another man. While he watched. We were having sex on the couch and he leaned in and said something about how hot it would be "to watch me suck another man's cock while he fucked me." I actually said "No I don't think I could do that..." out loud. The idea scared me and made me feel so wrong. I came so hard hearing him say that...after all we've been together a long time and he'd never mentioned that idea.

Well several weeks later he mentioned it as we were just having some foreplay. This time I let him talk about it a bit more. Him watching me play with another man's cock...playing with both of them at the same time...sucking the other man...then eventually letting him have me.

Suddenly I felt dangerous...hot...taboo. He ate my pussy and I got off thinking about him and another guy taking turns with me, using me as a sex object, fucking my brains out. Yet, I never thought it would happen.

We continued to make this a tradition, him talking dirty during sex about me and another man. It never felt like anything concrete until one night he was fucking me, talking about another man fucking me, and whispered, "I can make this really happen if you want."

Holy fucking shit. I didn't know what he was talking about at first. He went in great detail. His friend from college, Sam was coming to visit in a couple weeks. He told me that during their guy to guy conversations Sam had told him how he'd been in MFM and MFF threesomes before and done all kinds of different kinky things over the years so he knew he was really open minded.

My husband had decided that if I wanted to he'd like for Sam to join us for a threesome the week he came to visit. It turned me on like crazy. I came 4 times that night just dirty talking about it during sex. But making it happen would be another thing.

The day Sam was to arrive I was nervous as hell. My husband and I had talked everything through. He'd talk to Sam and see if he was interested, we'd have a nice relaxed night one night, then go to the bedroom and see what happened. Brian told me the only rule he had was that he wanted to be in the room but otherwise I could do anything I was comfortable with. I told him I'd probably add 1. No kissing, 2. Sam could not cum inside me, 3. I wanted to be with Brian again afterwards. We agreed.

Sam arrived late in the afternoon and the two guys hung out. I had a lot of errands that day and had been running around all day. I got home and found the two sitting at the kitchen table. I had met Sam many times but had not seen him in about 3 years. He was so hot it almost took me aback to see him sitting there in real life.

Sam is tall, 6'0, and muscular with an athletic build. He has incredible arms (my favorite feature). He's got short dark hair and blue eyes, kind of a unique combination. He's a very confident type, someone easy to talk to and that you can end up in a 2 hour conversation with and have no idea how you got there. He makes you feel at ease. Brian has always joked that even other guys Sam hangs out with develop "man-crushes" on him.

Brian on the other hand is tall and lean. He's 6'1, dark hair and dark eyes, thin with very little fat on him but not a lot of muscle either. He keeps in good shape though and runs quite a bit. His cock is just under 6 inches when hard. Not small but definitely smaller than the one other guy I've been with.

Anyway, sorry about the quick awkward description but I suppose it's necessary in these stories.

So the first night the boys drank a bunch of beers and we had a fire. I got tired and realized nothing was happening that night and excused myself to go to bed.

Two hours later I woke up when Brian entered the room. He cuddled behind me, spooning me, and said: "It's on, be ready to fuck Sam tomorrow night." As we fucked he told me that they'd discussed it and Sam was taken aback but agreed to do it.

That night we went out and grabbed dinner at a local brewery. I wore a short red dress, did my hair the best I could, and treated it like a date. Sam was wearing a loose white subtle v-neck and jeans and looked amazing. We grabbed a bottle of wine on the way home and opened it around the fire. We made general conversation, Sam interjecting a few jokes about, "later tonight" here and there.

By the time I was feeling tipsy enough to be daring Sam asked, "so how long have you guys been planning this? Tonight?" And I kind of stammered and just said "What do you mean?"...Like a total idiot! Like we didn't ALL know what he meant. So cringey. But he said, "planning for me to fuck you Michelle..."

And the ice was broken. We talked for a bit before Brian announced that we should take it to the bedroom.

We got to the bedroom and the boys got on either side of me. Brian kissed me while Sam kissed the back of my neck, his hands beginning to explore my body over my clothes from behind. He initially kept his hands on my belly and hips, avoiding certain other areas. As Brian continued making out with me and Sam kept kissing my neck and shoulders, he finally got more daring and began feeling my breasts over my dress, and running his fingers over my shoulder pushing my dress straps aside. It was so sexy, in some way I was able to tell just from feel that it was a different man...his touch was just...different. And sexy.

Sam was not afraid. I kind of thought he'd be more tentative and check things with Brian but I suppose he'd gotten the clear as soon as my husband told him he could fuck me. As he continued kissing my neck he reached for the bottom hem of my dress and lifted, slowly pulling it over my head, breaking Brian and I's kiss.

This left me in only my matching black bra and thong which I'd had on under my dress, which judging by the quick and soft spank of Sam's hand and an audible moan he let out he really enjoyed. Next came off the guys' shirts, then my underwear, and suddenly we were all nude together.

Sam pushed me onto the bed, getting on top of me and playing with my boobs. He'd suck on one and use his hand on the other, then switch it up. Brian was still kissing me. Sam kissed his way down my body until he found my freshly shaved pussy. "Oh my god you're fucking beautiful" he said when he arrived between my legs, looking me up and down. I could see in his eyes how turned on he was and how much I believed him...how much I believed he wanted me and found me sexy. And it made me incredibly fucking horny.

Sam teased me with his tongue, him being much more deliberate with his moves and spending a LOT more time on foreplay than I was used to. Brian was already rock hard and sat up to watch Sam go to town on me.

Sam finally found my clit with his tongue, sending a lightning bolt through me. I spread my legs more so he could have better access, moaning out loud as his tongue quickly began flicking at my clit.

His technique was amazing, his strong hand around my thighs while he dug deeper on my pussy, his lips putting pressure on my clit and occasionally pushing deeper inside me.

Brian was playing with my tits, pinching my nipples and sending me even closer to the edge. Sam lifted my legs and ass a bit, pushing his tongue inside my pussy, taking a few laps there and then moving up and going quicker on my clit. His strength and the way he was just...taking me over...was such a turn on. His tongue would dive all the way down almost to my butt and then back up over my pussy and end on my clit.

I could feel the orgasm building. I was moaning loudly. Normally I'm fairly quiet in bed, at least recently anyway, but I couldn't help it. Sam was going like crazy. He could somehow sense and feel that I was close and focused on my clit, flicking his tongue incredibly fast.

I grabbed the bed sheets. Brian pinched my nipples as I moaned out, yelling and then holding my breath as my orgasm pushed through in waves. Sam began to slow down, matching the rhythm of my fading orgasm. "Oh my god," I said outloud, laughing somewhat sheepishly as I looked at Brian then looked at Sam as he stood up. "Glad you enjoyed..." Sam said.

And then I saw his cock. Oh my. He was hard now and was a full 1-2 inches longer than Brian's and what appeared to be twice as thick. He moved up and got on his knees on the bed. Brian took my other side.

I knew what Brian wanted, he had often talked of me playing with two cocks at once and how hot it would be. I took Brian in my mouth and right hand with Sam in the other hand. I began stroking them both and sucking my husband. Brian was moaning and going crazy. I could tell he leaned back and he was watching me...naked on the bed and sucking his cock and playing with his friend's.

And that was it. Brian grabbed my head and grunted. I don't know if the moment got the best of him or if all the build up over 6 months just exploded. Brian began to cum in my mouth, spurt after spurt. I swallowed and finished the last few pumps with my hand. I wasn't quite sure what to do next, as I was still stroking Sam slowly.

Sam and I both looked towards Brian, unsure if he wanted to continue after cumming so fast.

"I wanna watch you fuck her..." was all Brian said.

Sam looked at me, "You still good to go?" he asked. It made me feel so comfortable, just the communication going on. I nodded yes.

Brian moved to the side of the bed, standing and watching.

"Go slowly," I said to Sam, somewhat worried as I'd never taking a cock as big as his. He moved over top of me in missionary position, grabbing my legs at the calves and spreading them apart. I was already soaking wet from when he went down on me and he was rock hard. He grabbed his cock at the base and pushed towards me.

I could feel the caliber of how thick he was as soon as he pushed the head in. He was thick and it felt amazing but didn't hurt. It was tight and there was some pressure at first but it felt amazing. He leaned over me as the last inch of his cock went in. "You okay?" I nodded my approval again. He began to work in and out of me very slowly.

I looked over at Brian. He was standing by the side of the bed watching. I grabbed his hand and our eyes met. The feeling was indescribable. The hotness of being with a new partner, someone I knew, someone who was so....good. "Let loose baby," Brian said, "I want you to have what you want..."

Sam was seemingly inspired by this. He picked up the base, biting his lower lip as he began thrusting in and out of me firmly and a bit faster. He had one of my legs up over his shoulder and a hand on my belly. He felt amazing inside of me...so much more than how my husband feels (I hate to admit it).

He picked up the pace even faster, his eyes catching mine. He leaned forward and grabbed my breasts at the same time and continued fucking me. He brought my legs together, making the fit even tighter. "Fuck you're so sexy Michelle...you're so tight..."

I thought this meant he was going to cum. I could feel my own orgasm building. He was grunting and fucking me so hard and fast. I moaned out-loud. My hand fell out of Brian's as I gripped the sheets and screamed. I closed my eyes tight as the orgasm washed over me, Sam's cock pounding me deep.

As the orgasm stopped I saw Sam pull out. "Flip over..." was all he said. I was so sure he had cum that I was confused for a second. Brian rarely can go that fast without cumming I honestly haven't experienced something like this in a long time.

As I rolled Sam grabbed me by the hips and assisted me onto all fours. Without hesitation he grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me to him. This time his cock slipped inside much easier, pushing in and hitting my g-spot. Doggy style has always been my favorite position and I knew I was about to like it more.

Sam spanked me firmly, asking Brian "Does she liked to be spanked?" (YES!!). "Do you want to watch me spank her?" He began fucking me firmly and more quickly than he had started in missionary. It was so good. I began moaning immediately, my legs weak from the ecstasy making me fall foward a bit on the bed.

Sam's grabbed me with his strong arms, pulling me up again and playing with my boobs as he reached forward. He used one hand under me on my breast and placed the other on the back of my neck. He used this hand to rub down my back as he fucked me harder and harder.

My voice would crack in the middle of my moans from Sam fucking me so hard. He rared back and grabbed my ass again, spreading my cheeks and fucking me harder and harder. Before long I knew I was going to cum again. "Oh fuck...SAM...!"

And I could feel it. A g-spot orgasm. Which I've only had a couple other times with a vibrator. I began to shake. I reached back and grabbed Sam's hand on my ass and pulled him into me even tighter. He slowed down and very firmly pulled my ass towards him and pumped in and out of me just a few more times as my orgasm settled.

"I want you to ride me baby..." Sam said, Brian nodding in approval at the request.

Sam fell back on the bed, looking at me and admiring my body as I admired his. He really was hot, his chest and arms just so masculine and...ugh. I love my husband and am very attracted to him but there's just something in a girls blood that gets going with a guy like Sam...

I straddled him and leaned forward. I grabbed his cock from behind me and pushed my butt back, pushing him into me and wiggling my butt so I could get him all the way inside. It was so sexy I physically shuttered.

I've always like to be on top because it just makes you feel so sexy. To be in control. To have your body over a man and have him looking at you, touching you. Sam was clearly enjoying it. He reached out and rubbed his hands over my hips, around to my belly, and up to my tits. "Your body is fucking amazing Michelle...goddamn...and you're, ugh, so good."

I was doing my best sexy hip sway, just riding him and letting his big cock slowly pull in and out of me, still rock hard. He worked his hands to my hips and we began moving together in perfect unison. I leaned forward and began rocking my hips to gain a little more speed, taking his dick almost fully in and fully out, now leaning with my boobs and face nearing his face.

And I couldn't resist. We just felt so close, and it felt so weird to be having sex with someone like that...moving slowly and grinding together in such a hot way....I leaned forward and kissed him. It was one quick kiss at first, then our tongues met and our mouths opened.

I moaned softly into his mouth as I started riding him harder, my tits beginning to bounce slightly. Our tongues were intertwined and we had a full on make out session. I could not believe what I was doing or how it felt but it felt so fucking right.

I rocked backwards a bit and leaned back on my arms giving myself more leverage on top of it. I began riding him even faster, now bouncing up and down on his cock. He was groaning and running his hands up and down my body. I grabbed one of his hands and brought it to my boobs and then up to my mouth. I sucked on his finger as I grabbed my own breasts, playing with them.

I was so close again. I was now back on my haunches and riding him like crazy, showing off my best talents. My orgasm was getting closer when I heard him whisper, "I'm getting close Shell..." I looked at Brian. I knew I said I'd have Sam pull out but I just...couldn't. Nothing is hotter than cumming with someone and we were so close.

I smiled at Sam and grinded on his dick firmly and quickly. He squeezed my waist so tight and pulled me onto him. I moaned loudly but was cut off my his kiss. We kissed and moaned together as he came inside of me. I could feel him pushing his thighs up, pushing his cock as deep in me as he could and cumming over and over again.

My own orgasm subsided as I collapsed onto him, the two of us continuing to kiss each other with him still inside of me...two lovers in our own world. I almost forgot Brian was even there until Sam finally broke our kiss and I came back to the real world.

"You're an excellent hostess..." Sam said, laughing and spanking my ass.

I rolled off of him, happy that he would be our guest for another 5 days.




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