I was Inadequate for Her



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I met Nicole through a kickball league. She was quiet, though friendly with me and with an amazing ass that I couldn’t stay away from. Eventually I asked her out and she agreed.

A few drinks in and the conversation quickly turned sexual. A couple of stories in and she outright told me that she is a size queen.

"How big are you?" she asked.

Rather than admit that I'm inadequate below the belt, I said, "You'll have to wait and see."

The date goes well enough that I actually get a second. Nicole wanted to get drinks and go dancing.

The weekend rolls around and we get to the dance club. The dancing intensifies later in the evening and I can't help but get hard as she ground her ass on me.

Nicole's hand found its way to the front of my pants to feel my cock. She seemed impressed until she slid her hand inside my pants and was able to completely grip me.

She shrugged and said, "It'll do."

I almost busted right there. I quickly ushered her out of the club and we taxi back to my place.

I did my best to fuck her to satisfaction. No matter how deep and hard I thrust, Nicole begged for it deeper and harder.

I kept going to exhaustion, but seeing her unsatisfied face prevented me from cumming as well. I had to go down down on her until she came.

Afterwards, Nicole turned to me and said, "The sex was fun, but your cock really doesn't satisfy me."

Desperate to keep her, I asked her what I could do.

"I always wanted to try a threesome with two guys," she responded. "Do you have any friends that would be interested?"

After I told her no, she brought up online swinger sites and explained that a married friend had used it to find a fling.

Nicole told me that she might as well cross two things off of her bucket list and told me to ask for a big guy.

"Make the ad, find a guy and get a hotel room before the next weekend," she said.

And that's exactly what I did. Feeling bold, I posted for a guy for a MFM.

My inbox was flooded with responses, though only a handful seemed like viable options. On top of that list was Alex. He was articulate, courteous and had paperwork saying he was clean.

Alex sent pictures and even when flaccid, his cock was bigger than me hard. We exchanged emails, texts and then calls until we both felt comfortable with the meet up.

Nicole said she didn't want to know anything until the hotel, so she didn't see Alex until I opened the hotel room door.

We exchanged pleasantries, and he soon walked passed me and kissed Nicole. They made out and quickly she put her hands down her pants and gasped, "Whoa!"

Nicole stopped making out with him and instantly whipped his pants off. Alex was as advertised.

She took him in her mouth as much as she could, sucking him until he started to get hard. Soon, all she could fit is the head of his cock in her mouth.

"This is the thickest cock I've ever seen," Nicole stopped and said. "Feel it."

Having never touched another dick other than me I own, I was hesitant.

"Grab it," she said in a firmly.

And I did. Even I could barely fit my hand all the way around it.

We stripped Nicole naked as we moved her to the bed. I slid my dick in her mouth and she laid back on the bed, spreading for Alex.

Her pussy was glistening wet as Alex guided the head of his cock on her pussy lips.

And he couldn't fit!

Without hesitation, I jumped off the bed and grabbed the lube. Next thing I know, I rubbed it on her pussy and his cock.

I guided Alex into Nicole as her pussy lips split and gripped his rock hard cock. Her whimpers turned to deep moans as he inched inside her.

Only half of his cock was in her when Alex looked up at me and said with a wink, "No more room."

I looked down at Nicole and see her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she grasped the bed sheets.

I sat on the edge of the bed, stroking myself as Alex picked up steam. Finally, Nicole spoke.

"Harder!" she begged.

Alex did as he was told and soon he's almost balls deep in her. Even with intensive fucking, Nicole was never able to take him all the way.

I moved over on the bed and tried to get Nicole to suck me. She quickly pushed me away as Alex shrugged.

I guess I had to be a viewer for this experience.

Alex flipped her over and took her doggy style. I saw that nice ass bounce on his dick and I was envious of Alex.

His pace quickened as he announced he was about to cum. Nicole told him to cum deep in her, which shocked me because she told me earlier she wasn't on birth control.

I see his balls contract as he unloaded his seed in her. When he finally pulled out, his cock was covered in cum and it was leaking out of her.

Alex said he needed to clean up and Nicole told him that he could use the shower. While he showered, I moved over and tried to finger Nicole.

"I'm too sore," she said.

We made out for a few minutes and Nicole said she should clean up too.

Nicole went in the bathroom and shut the door. I heard them chatting, and as soon it turned into the familiar sound of shower sex.

I couldn't handle it anymore and I stroked myself quickly to completion. About a half hour later, they both emerged from the bathroom.

Alex got dressed and left. Nicole climbed into bed and went to sleep.

The next morning Nicole woke up and said with a smile, "Well, last night was fun."

While she wouldn't fuck because she said she was too sore, she did give me a blow job.

For the rest of the day and the remaining week, Nicole didn't respond to my texts or my calls. I was getting desperate until I got a text from Alex the next weekend.

It was a picture of Nicole's face drenched in cum with the message "Thanks bro!" That's when I knew the better cock won.





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